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"The web has a business model that is broken. Ads are annoying. Paying directly is better. #ILP makes it possible. You can use it today." - @justmoon during his keynote at #slushtokyo18 pic.twitter.com/6UE9BxP4AE


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>Paying directly is better

No pretty sure getting paid is actually better

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whats ILP

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CRipple burning hard right now omegaLUL

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Interledger Protocol. It's a system where XRP can be used as the settlement currency for all other cryptos and tokenized assets. The smart contract system is called Codius.

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"CRipple" is currently burning up a marketing blitzkrieg around the world that no other token could dream of achieving.
Just donated $29MM to charity on mainstream TV. XRP is now a household normie name.

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I'm honestly holding both BAT and XRP. So i don't really care.

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