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Get in or get out.

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seriously tho

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Coinbase is going to make the announcement after bitcoin crashes. The people need to see a crypto that has a real use case scenario for every day life

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Comfy hold

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>creator of bat is creator of java script and cofounder of mozilla firerox and now runs the brave browser as well which is in many ways superior to chrome safarari and mozilla
>Coinbase CEO brian armstrong has a tweet in march of last year that specifically states BAT is the exact sort of token he wants to see added to coinbase and its partner GDAX..
>is actually a good idea an would benefit youtuber twitchers bloggers and everyone else who makes a living off the internet and advertising industry
>would also benefit everyone who partakes in the ecosystem as they will literally earn money for watching ads they watch for free
>market cap is very small, barely in top 100

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