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We always talk about "whale this" or "whale that" or "whale manipulation", but I have to ask, where are these supposed "whales"? I have never seen someone claim to be a whale with actual proof, and I've been on this forum for a while.

Can we have a question an answer thread with an actual whale? Like, can someone provide complete evidence that they have thousands and thousands of BTC or something? I know some of you have to be on /biz/, reveal yourselves! If not, then whales, in my opinion, are just fabricated excuses for random fluctuations of the market.

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Whales don't come up for air that often.

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they hide in the depths of the Discord Sea

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>implying that whales give a fuck about posting on /biz/

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All the time? I doubt that. If someone has a bunch of money they make it known to people, even if its just neckbeards on an imageboard. It's not like you had to be smart or exceptional to be come rich from crypto

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I am whale, but who was phone?

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Not very smart are you

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They don't want to get targeted by hackers

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Biggest one is an autistic Romanian named Mircea Popescu who probably has an IQ in the 180-250 range

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Again, whales don't have to be that smart, considering crypto is vastly just luck, and it's not like posting on an imageboard anonymously with some proof of your worth makes you THAT vulnerable to hackers.

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An open letter I just posted: >>8593924

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I read your letter, but who is it directed too? Like...what whales? I'm looking for evidence of whales

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They're out there, somewhere. Whether it's individuals, groups, cartels, or the exchanges themselves, they are watching at the very least.

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You say whales watch but wtf. Its not like they are a secret society that all collaborate to not communicate with people. If people had that much money not all of them would be smart, some would walk around with their dick out, and I don't see anyone doing that.

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They coordinate in private telegram and discord groups.
Why do you think that things moon in succession every day? Sell walls are put up on everything but what is chosen to be pumped at any given time, and then the next thing has the sell wall dropped so it can moon, and so on, so they can maximize their profits by not missing out from having multiple things mooning at once. And they know the order that things will be going off, while those outside of the paid groups do not. This is a lot more money than some shitty little discord pump group, there is another layer to all this.

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Why would they coordinate in private groups? If money is all that is needed to manipulate, they shouldn't have to hide in private discords, they can just have pump groups on regular forums. I've never actually seen a fucking whale ever

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If the whales drive all the normies from the market who will they sell their bags to?

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They are more effective if they work together. Can't have one whale trying to pump something while another is trying to suppress it, although that does seem to happen sometimes.
Never seen a whale? Just look at a big fuckoff wall in an order book. Somebody is behind that.

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you don't tell people when you are wealthy, especially on the internet

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Especially on the Internet? As opposed to what, real life? If there's any forum that you can publicly tell your wealth and be safe it's this one, as long as you aren't a fucking retard. People love to show their wealth and walk around with their dicks out, even if it's just showing it to neck beards. So that begs the question, why haven't I seen any public evidence of a discord pump group or any particular group or individual with thousands and thousands of btc or millions in other cryptos

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is mr green a whale?? or was he larping???

i know he called huge pumps and dumps several times and he was spot on

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Whales charge you just to talk to them. Smells like kike to me.

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Blue whale here wassup

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whale here

you are all retarded because we are all as fucked as you

just because there isn't a clear a explanation for a market movement doesn't mean that insiders/whales/manipulators did it

it's the favorite boogeyman of people unwilling to cope with their lack of understanding of market movements

get good, dumbfucks

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/reddit/ spacing, the whales are so fucked

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