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Suck our dicks for $1 each

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shill them chainlink
would suck if you're cute

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I dunno dude, how many of you fags are even on here? Not gonna make a mil if there are like 2k top

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We're all broke now, so best I can do is $.35 to suck my dick. And by that I mean you give me a quarter and a dime, then suck my dick, you Guido Wop faggot.

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create a shitcoin based on oracles
pay spammers
pay pajeets to make memes
pay actor to play as dev

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What kind of cheap whore do you think I am!?

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Yeah, and have my ass beat to a pulp by Sergey (Annihilator) Nazarov>

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The kind that buys me a Chainlink token, and then sucks the Alfredo sauce out of my Irish manicotti.

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We all shitposted pretending to actually buy ERC20 earlier. You could have bought cheap ERC20 then participated in the shill

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Correct anon. Let's do this then.

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Post reverse fud to throw the trading bots into a buying frenzy

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Can't cry over missed opportunities now.
If only everyone on /biz/ would send me a couple of link, I'd be set

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Oh wait.. is this begging? Fuck, please don't ban me mods. I'm just a lonely girl looking for a bit of love

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Meet me in the park by the swing set at midnight. Bring rope. And a shovel.