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HODL gang for the win? lol

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Why the fuck you posting this dickbag again? Are they comfy?

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Holding your balls is much like holding crypto. warm, mushy, damp, erect

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does that fucking look comfy?
seriously.. ask yourself... does this look comfy?

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If it's the right size, I'm sure it could be a very comfy alternative to traditional underwear.
You just need something to cover your butthole in the back, and you're golden.

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Where can i buy one of these

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i doubt you'd be able to buy one for as big as you need

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People have worn codpieces literally for ages. They can't be too bad.

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Yes, I purchased one for the beach instead of getting swim trunks. My family seemed okay with after the initial noggin scratching wore off. I bought one for shits and giggles obviously, but ended up wearing one on the daily until the threads wore bare. I think these could catch on and would be interested in hearing /fa/'s opinion. They look appealing on men. Be sure to get the correct measurement for your testicles before placing an order.


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youre fucked in the head, kenneth

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Dickbags are the new yoga pants

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So who here laughing their ass off and just holding? OT and all? lol

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Came here to post this

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>tfw those are too big for my penis

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Me holding with a ton of ether. I will never convert to dollars for hodling; only sell for when I need it. Feels good being unbanked.


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>2021 minus three
>covering your butthole
Really anon?

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I always keep my butthole covered when out in public. Is there a problem?

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>wanting random strangers to see your butthole
>not saving for you one and only boy that you love

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I found it on Amazon but it's $10 and I'm poor since I lost all my money in the crypto ponzi. Anyone know here I can get one cheaper?

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I guess it all comes down to a matter of personal preference
Well I mean it's not like you go intentionally spreading your cheeks for just anyone unless you're that type of dude. Just nice to get some open air on the button every now and then

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suck 10 dicks

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is this fucking bait?

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fucking "explodes." too good

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Matching buttplugs sold separately

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Alright guess im the only one holding, thanks dudes! buying 3 of these, one for each ball

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but buttplugs are not comfy at all

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Nice. I am holding 4 as I have 1 more ball than you.

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my penor would not fit in that

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i unironically think it looks comfy as fug

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Is it legal to just wear this in public?

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Too small?

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Your butthole must be covered.

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Holy shit underrated

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But buttholes are their own covering

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>But buttholes

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you're still required to cover your anus

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I found it bros! $2 on Aliexpress! I'm ordering.


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I'm buying a dick bag and an elephant thong. Will take pics when they arrive in a few weeks.

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>hot gay men underwear
haha GAY

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Yeah but I'm not gay though.

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Fuck your asshole with a baseball bat until it prolapses and then put it in another little sack.

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I for one take my penis bags very seriously, and deeply question the professionalism of the seller.

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>babbb bbab bbook bomfy
>babba... booie babba... bub bis book bomfy

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>auaojmm heheehehe blulouopo... .. gaahrucheeaippphhbb.. ... .. oauffafmmm oamm.. beramilt.png