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we all agree Bitcoin is the greatest Ponzi bubble in humanity and a grand meme

BUT there is a meme to surpass even this greatest of all meme...BLOCKCHAIN

The normals paint Blockchain as the 2nd coming of christ. Ask any software engineer and he will tell you Blockchain is garbage/outdated and outperformed by current ledgers


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I'm a software engineer and you're talking bullshit.

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I wonder who could be behind this post

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blockchain has the potential to upend jewry, blockchain IS potentially revolutionary

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The internet was 60 years old before mass adoption

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“We can’t do it, so it won’t work.” Understandable, from the incumbent point of view. However, Ripple is but one example of a very real competitive threat to the status quo. History is replete with examples of entrenched industry on the verge of obsolescence attempting to save itself through proprietary opinion.

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I'm a time travelling specialist and I say you're wrong.

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cool, bought 100k

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REDD PILL ME BRO! Blockchain is stupid AF! Everyone thinks its magic though so I shill it to everyone and tell them all to buy my bags!

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Couldn't have said it better.

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