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uh oh..

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Okay guys.. That's really bad news for us link hodlers. Time to move on some better project now.

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this is just another bait title. what this article describes is the difficulty in applying the technology to a particular problem, caused mainly by the inability of the players to change their own infrastructure fast enough. That does not mean the blockchain is dead, it means that the POC for this particular use case was not successful. That's all ....

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Weak FUD

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it means that chainlink failed

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Swift was the only thing investing money to chainlink. Now I think there is no reason to hold this anymore. There would more partnerships if it would have work with collaborating with swift but this is really bad..

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The article is 2 days old...when did the Link shills start this week?

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Lmfao. As a holder of 24k link I must say that the project is unironically, unequivocally, kill

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Where in the article is chainlink mentioned

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>He's still holding
"Post the SWIFT FUD"

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Psssst! Hey kid, ya wanna buy a REAL coin?

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Please, someone who is not a brainlet like me explain why this is not bad for chainlink

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LINK is intrinsically worthless. Node operators can be paid in existing cryptocurrencies. Just look at the testnet right now, it only accepts ETH instead of LINK lmao. It means that ETH can easily be substituted for it, that is, if someone wants to fork the token to accept ETH (an established cryptocurrency instead of some fucking ERC20 token made with a two-man team), LINK is basically useless. That is besides the fact that everything LINK aims to do can be easily done by cryptographically signing the data from the API source.
>muh next ETH

Link, 5 months in: 35 cents (3.5x ICO)
Ethereum, 5 months in: $5.50 (17x ICO)

Uh oh, pissed stinker incoming HAHA....

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Former LINK supporter here, it's hilarious seeing it crash and burn but seriously we can't let Steve get his hands on the oracles

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How stupid you are really?

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Chanlink's sole existence has been in the nostro PoC project with SWIFT. It's the whole reason LINK ever 'took' off. AB probably knew this shit was dead weeks/months ago and continued to shill it knowing full well you idiots would buy more so they could dump on you.

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It has nothing to do with ChainLink, for one thing.

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2) “While the DLT application could provide a platform to share the information, there is significant work and investment required by all banks to upgrade their back office applications to feed the platform with real-time updates”.

Sounds like a use case for Chainlink?

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There were two big market sells (40k and 60k LINK) on the ETH trading pair on Binance. Is this real?

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>there is very little (approaching zero) chance of the technology ever being useful in more complex situations in modern finance.



What a shiiiiiiit FUD attempt

1/10 made me reply tho

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Ok now show where the article mentions chainlink. Oh wait, you can't. Also the article is 2 days old and the price hasn't dumped in that time, so clearly it's a nothing burger.

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Chainlink never had anything to do with the gpi/nostro.

The PoC they're talking about was Fabric.

Also, the article is bullshit. It makes a bunch of inferences that are never stated explicitly by Swift.
Lumens/IBM are doing pretty much the same thing (nostro/vostro), and this system is almost instantaneous.
Meanwhile Swift's gpi takes about a day to complete transactions.

But once again, this has NOTHING to do with Chainlink.
In fact, back in December Swift had already made some lukewarm statements about using DLT for gpi/nostro, so this fud is absolutely ancient.

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Chainlink is for derivatives. The nostro accounts was ripple's job

So... You fucked up

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also read the comments, so why only linkies btfo? They say IOT and blockchain connection is a joke. So pretty much the entire space is a joke. So, fags, whatever you hold amb, eth, eos ripple, walties, vechain. It's shit according to what these boomers discussed there.

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Utterly retarded fud. The news from swift is like 3 weeks old and this retard now decides to take his own spin on it.
Has even less to do with Chainlink, since the nostro poc is not the one CL is involved in.
Swift never said blockchain is a dead end, that is on the retarded blogger
>SWIFT concluded that blockchain/DLT was (in my, not their, words) a dead end.
>“It is a strategic priority for Swift to work with new technologies like DLT and incorporate them into key solutions like gpi”, says Stephen Gilderdale, chief platform officer, Swift. “We are already working on new PoCs and will continue our R&D efforts to ensure that Swift customers will be able to leverage their existing Swift infrastructure and connectivity to benefit from blockchain services, whether offered by Swift or by third parties, on a secure and trusted platform.”

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Sounds like good FUD to me, the article basically states blockchain has no future.

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I thought LINK was not intended for the nosorto / vostotro POC?

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ChainLink failing to settle Nostro accounts is them literally failing at the only thing SWIFT contracted them to do...
Maybe the mainnet launch can still go OK at this point with just ZepplinOS using it but at this point i doubt it

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oh gawd
ripperoni pepperonio

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>nosorto / vostotro

Its not though

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Chainlink has nothing to do with the nostro Poc.

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Concern maxim.
Feel like a hoe AB dumped on his load.
Fuck y'all bros.
Link $0.01 eow.

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correct me if i'm wrong, but aren't both of these "problems" things that Chainlink will provide/solve?

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Aren't they developing SWIFT's smart oracle solution? I don't recall anything having to do with nostro accounts.

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$1,000 eoy confirmed

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>any big group wanting to get into blockchain
>ANYBODY actually wanting to buy at market value

yeah right. this is just FUD because they want cheaper.

>its going to zero!
>starts buying

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1.That poc did NOT involve chainlink
2.It was a big success
>PoC successfully delivers business functionalities
• DLT instance meets governance, security and data privacy requirements
• ISO 20022 data model and UETR pivotal to improving Nostro processes
• DLT a strategic priority for SWIFT

OP is very literally a paid fudder

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this thread BTFO Link

upvote my thread guys where I BTFO Blockchain


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Almost got me op. Fud before mainnet moon... Nice try bogs

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honestly fuck swift
dinoaurs like them are the last ones to adapt to anything new anyway. Fuck the banks, the institutions, LINK will moon on the hype os smartcontracts alone

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Nice try mate. It wasn't about Fabric. Point me where it says they talk about Fabric?

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It's spelled UTeR.
With lowcase e.

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are you some kind of retard? Swift is putting a lot of time and money into researching blockchain.
You didn't even read the article posted or the Swift final report, did you

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No Linkers are fucking disgusting.

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So given the chance, you would pass on bitcoin at 1$ right now, because it has no future.

makes sense

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Not a paid FUD or someone who wants to buy cheap. But I just sold 2/3 of my stack.

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i am falling

i am fading

i am drowning

help me to breathe

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they say they are happy with the PoC here:

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exactly fren
$1000 confirmed

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how is this "weak"?

its actual factual evidence that threatens chainlink

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i just market sold 100k ;) thx op :D

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“We can’t do it, so it won’t work.” Understandable, from the incumbent point of view. However, Chainlink is but one example of a very real competitive threat to the status quo. History is replete with examples of entrenched industry on the verge of obsolescence attempting to save itself through proprietary opinion.

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This post gets more Jewish every time you post.

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>Chainlink never had anything to do with the gpi/nostro.
>The PoC they're talking about was Fabric.
This. Chill out everybody. Er I mean REEE I'm market dumping all my Links whaat the fuuuuckkkk

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>falling for the link meme

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the linkedin guy is FUDing. the link to the SWIFT report:

>“Although the PoC demonstrated DLT could improve Nostro liquidity management and reconciliation processes, it also revealed that the pre-requisites will have to be met before banks can enjoy the full benefits of switching to a DLT process”, added Vanderveken.

this is the harshest line in the report.

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They are happy with their proof of concept because it basically works.

But it won't be used for reasons mentioned in the OP.

It's basically when you invent an car that can fly, yet no one can afford the car.

Awsome, but not usefull

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This is actually incredibly bullish. So SWIFT's Innotribe's department did PoC's with two separate blockchain related projects, ChainLINK and the Nostro accounts. They officially killed the latter, but no announcement for the other? Really makes you think.

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Old white guys fudding crypto...

What a surprise

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you're thinking of hyperledger fabrico uno punto zer0

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golden m8

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Absolutely fucking this. Learn to research you retards. Nostro has NOTHING TO DO WITH LINK.



In all seriousness though let's spread this FUD to reddit to keep them off /ourcoin/ until after mainnet.

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>pre-requisites will have to be met before banks can enjoy the full benefits of switching to a DLT process”, added Vanderveken.

You should read between the lines, above text means that banks have to do big projects/investments before it's beneficial to use DLT. Anyone who works for a large bank knows that changes business processes or IT could take years and millions.

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What? It's a problem with how the services report and process information. Chainlink isn't going to just magically solve this problem. It needs to be solved at the servicer level.

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you are a maniac

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If Swift views blockchain as a dead end...as the article says...how is this not bad news for Link?

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You are all retards, this is not chain link fud it is ripple and lumens/hyperledger fud.

This poc was for the transaction medium, and is specifically reffering to the problems banks would have integrating with their current systems .

Sounds like a job for custom Oracle middleware tailored to individual banks systems. Guess what product helps with that?

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>SWIFT concluded that blockchain/DLT was (in my, not their, words) a dead end. Nowhere else to go but turn around.
>in my, not their, words
>in my words
>not their

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$1000 eoy

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Oracle middleware isn't going to transform nostro servicer from batch- to realtime reporting.

Just because LINK deals with integration doesn't mean it magically solves every integration problem out there.

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Quick sell everything..

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I unironically market dumped my stack of LINK yesterday and put it all into Mobius. I'm sorry but the lack of updates, developments, communication and quite frankly the tasteless overshilling of LINK around these parts has ruined my enthusiasm for it. I don't really think Sergey has his heart in Chainlink anymore. Something changed along the way, I can feel his enthusiasm for it waning similarly to how he just up and left NXT like a thief in the night. He probably had a great time raising millions of dollars with the ICO and being a famous celebrity on biz, and I'm happy for him, I really am, but he lost his hunger for success along the way and now he's just hungry for Big Macs. The Bitcoin superconference will likely be a total shitshow. I've no doubt the price will dump within minutes of Sergey staggering off stage after another tedious regurgitated speech where he doesn't even mention Chainlink. He's probably just going there for the free buffet, alcohol and hookers. Look, I really enjoyed holding LINK, it was a pretty cool bag to carry for a while, but Mobius is definitely the new wave of oracle tech and has all the momentum now. I can't let it pass me by.

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The end of the article is basically an endorsement of Chainlink:
>“It is a strategic priority for SWIFT to work with new technologies like DLT and incorporate them into key solutions like gpi”, said Stephen Gilderdale, Chief Platform Officer, SWIFT. “We are already working on new PoCs and will continue our R&D efforts to ensure that SWIFT customers will be able to leverage their existing SWIFT infrastructure and connectivity to benefit from blockchain services, whether offered by SWIFT or by third parties, on a secure and trusted platform.”

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you should at least keep a small stack of Link for suicide insurance though

>> No.8551788

ChainLink can’t compete with Ducatur...the Swiss Knife of Oracles.

>> No.8551789

>it doesnt mention chainlink so its unrelated!
>oh buy this passage that doesnt mention chainlink either is an endorsement

how retarded can one be?

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1000 eoy

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This isn't LINK FUD. This isn't even XRP FUD.

This is like Blockbuster releasing a statement that says video streaming will never be adopted so they won’t even bother.

Load up gentlemen. The next few years are going to be good.

>> No.8551844

The end of the article is where the guy starts quoting the supposedly horrible findings of SWIFT, which aren't so at all.

The guy is FUDding big time. He's probably an academic that is highly entrenched in old ways of doing things. He really said that realtime payments aren't needed.

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nah livestream suicides are fun

>> No.8551847

zeppelin os

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This guy

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I'd 100% let him fuck my wife.

>> No.8551926

Insecure Nigger bringing up race
What a surprise

>> No.8551935

Literally Blockbuster Video.

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>> No.8551951

Let's trust young black people then. Or ancient Latino men. Or asian kids. What does "Old white guys" have go to do with anything? kys

>> No.8551962

the guy is funny:
>They will tell of the man who did the right thing by writing out his private keys, putting them a plastic bag, so they didn’t get wet, and storing in his safe. He lost all of his money because he happened to be dyslexic.

Nevertheless, he is awfully salty thorough his other articles.

>> No.8551968


/u/fergly confirmed with Rory that the ChainLink-SWIFT PoC related to Bond Coupon Payments.

There has been a lot of misunderstanding within the community regarding which PoC is related to ChainLink.

SWIFT has multiple PoCs being conductd at once, including ones that involve distributed technologies - this does not mean ChainLink is involved. Nostro reconciliation and SWIFTs gpi initiative is not related to ChainLink's PoC.


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>lost all of his money because he happened to be dyslexic
sounds like a case of survival of the fittest

>> No.8551984

This. Chainlink requires nowhere near the investment over overhaul represented by this other PoC. It's essentially replacing the clearinghouses SWIFT banks use, and just triggers off chain payments in the exact same way that they are doing currently.

Rory explicitly said they would tell us if anything changed with SWIFT and promptly responds to shut down anyone saying that relationship is over or has changed, something he doesn't respond to with regards to other implementations. This isn't concerning in the least.

>> No.8551997

>New games will be created. Instead of colours, Rubik’s cubes will have numbers on each face, the game is to arrange into a private key for a particular transaction – might take a long time to unlock. Monopoly will be reconfigured to play with crypto-currencies (e.g. Ripple, Monero and Ethereum). And new games like ‘Create your own ICO’, will be developed. Piñatas and Christmas puddings will have pieces of paper in them that may or may not be real private keys. It will give a whole new meaning to the popular game - Craps.
>Bitcoin exists and will continue to exist for a very long time, only its economic purpose will change. It will go from a joke – to a … joke.

>we are reaching saltiness levels never reached by man

>> No.8552015


"Normally any media report that combines SWIFT and Blockchain in the same sentence has the chain-sphere in a frenzy. But not apparently, the Final report produced by SWIFT on its much-ballyhooed Nostro Proof of Concept (POC)."

>SWIFT has multiple PoCs being conductd at once, including ones that involve distributed technologies - this does not mean ChainLink is involved. Nostro reconciliation and SWIFTs gpi initiative is not related to ChainLink's PoC.


>> No.8552022

So this is bad news for XLM/XRP?

>> No.8552025

Nostro reconciliation and SWIFTs gpi initiative is not related to ChainLink's PoC.

>> No.8552028

Black "ppl" smell like shit

>> No.8552040

If anything this is all very positive for chainlink

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Double check...make blockchain great again

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The guy has been fudding blockchain since december 2016
>Blockchain – Still on training wheels?

He's the archetypal salty nocoiner

>> No.8552100


Chainlink is already too far along development to shift course to make oracles they way the market needs them. First mover will be a big disadvantage for them.

>> No.8552107


>> No.8552130

Swift never said that
The author of the article did

>> No.8552171

So do you think Bitcoin is not anymore on training wheels? Everybody is speculating on the use cases, but irl Bitcoin didn't do shit for business and consumers for the last 9 years.

>> No.8552185

No but it shows that the industry is not ready for big innovation. And even when they would innovate it would take years.

>> No.8552206

LOL.. Mobius does not take care off the need that Swift has. In fact as AB said it is DOA.

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>Wait a minute
>Holy fuck
Well, it's dead in the water

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Mobius fud has been out of style for 3 months faggot.

>> No.8552269

Unironically responding to pasta from before the bitcoin superconference

>> No.8552302

DLT solutions are being rolled out basically daily. progress in that is also done daily.

The quote was showcasing what the authors general tendency was. To show that he isn't likely objective in his pondering. 1/4 of his articles are basically blockchain FUD

>> No.8552305

That does sound fun though

>> No.8552350

cope intensifies
I only bought Link for the Memes
Sorry to any of you guys though, if you went all in you are retarded. What a fucking gamble to think link will be a $100 + coin. Yea the tech sounds good on paper, doesn't mean they will pull it off.
>2 man team

>> No.8552397


mass biz suicides in the next 2 years likely.

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and again

>> No.8552483

How so?

>> No.8552492

Nigga that's Ryan gosling bottom left

>> No.8552521

who gives a fuck about ass blaster?
Listen close you autist, don't ever go all in on a coin because a person on fucking 4chan told you to. They can be deluded cucks

If i recall there was someone well known on biz that mega shilled DBC. It was still when it was like 10 cents. I think it was assblaster, if it wasn't it was still a well known fag.

Anyways he guaranteed DBC to 100x
He shilled it with all the buzz words and bs.
>Everyone in the thread bought
We all know where DBC is now, wish i took a screen shot of that thread. Point being
>Assblaster said Link is the best duuhrr
>i buy Link now
I'm not saying Link will fail with certainty. I'm saying buy some for the memes but don't go anywhere near all in

>> No.8552586

you're literally one of the dumbest trips i've ever seen
why do you keep posting? nobody likes you

>> No.8552651

I'm sorry did i hurt your feeling? Kys bag holder.
Probably still have a stack of DBC

>> No.8552784

i'm literally green in every single position i have you faggot
why do you feel the need to prance around in your retarded little trip and post idiot responses to every single thread?

>> No.8553012

Because i talk that real shit
The shit no one wants to hear because it goes against their hopes
Basically in a sea of deluded moon boys, i'm one of the few who brings a reality check of what is more likely to happen

>> No.8553031

There is no reason you can’t have a 100% ETH based decentralized solution, you can pay the decentralized nodes via ETH fee’s for their data transfer (a simple Ethereum based side-chain). So in it’s current iteration ChainLink as a token for me, doesn’t have a great value proposition. With just Ethereum support, I find it very annoying that you have to own ETH (to trigger the log event) and ChainLink (to pay for the data request) to receive a simple HTTP request.

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fucking knew it, linklets BTFO

>> No.8553130

Literally who

>> No.8553327

>Cayman Islands
people used it as FUD but I'll be laghing my ass off when all their burger-based projects get shut down by the gobernment while LINK stays safe

>> No.8553555


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>> No.8553677

LINK is /biz/ crack, plain and simple.

>Plausible but overly technical use case that makes people investing in it feel smart
>Plausible relationships between coin creators and an existing industry that make people investing in it feel smart
>Plausible "industry insider" LARPers who come to /biz/ to divulge SECRETZ, which convinces the aforementioned wannabe-smartypantses that they're part of something revolutionary that has flown under the radar so far

Truth is, the decentralized oracle problem doesn't have a market yet, and won't for many years.

We're at a phase where smart contract adoption will happen regardless of centralized/decentralized oracles, because smart contracts solve several existing business problems. No one gives a fuck whether their oracle is centralized or decentralized yet, and when Linkies realize they're investing in the crypto equivalent of the Sega Dreamcast, LINK will dump faster than anything you've ever seen.

The Wojaks will be delicious.

>> No.8553704

Dont you have a street to shit in, rakesh?

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File: 1.14 MB, 272x360, bully slaps asian.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8553878

>Swift has officially selected Hyperledger's Fabric codebase for use in its most prominent blockchain project.
>Designed to simplify the nostro-vostro accounts banks held to facilitate international transactions

You're a retard for not doing your research.

>> No.8553916


When (not if) a centralized oracle service is compromised, every retard using a centralized oracle service will flock to a decentralized solution. And we all know LINK is that solution. Kys.

>> No.8553927

>banks want to try blockchain to improve the actual system
>blockchain doesnt work with swift system
what am i gonna doo??

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>> No.8554076

The Nostro account is something different than Chainlink - Confirmed by rory.
Chainlink was contracted to do BOND PAYMENT, something completely different.

Both projects show interest in DLT, but are different for sure.

So in essence this proves nothing.

>> No.8554152

There is no reason you can’t have a 100% ETH based decentralized solution, you can pay the decentralized nodes via ETH fee’s for their data transfer (a simple Ethereum based side-chain). So in it’s current iteration ChainLink as a token for me, doesn’t have a great value proposition. With just Ethereum support, I find it very annoying that you have to own ETH (to trigger the log event) and ChainLink (to pay for the data request) to receive a simple HTTP request

>> No.8554362


>> No.8554542

Even it did prove anything the source is unreliable as fuck and beyond biased. The whole point is contradicted by the fact that the POC was actually a success, it just required too much compliance from different parties. Even if had anything to do with Chainlink it wouldn't mean blockchain is a "dead end" like this dumb boomer is claiming

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