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Nobody will ever use this coin, but it IS a brilliant marketing ploy on the part of Brave. No better way to market your browser than to use crypto lmao. Brendan Eich may be a jesus freak, but he def knows how to run a business.

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Your right. Sold all of my bat

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I agree that nobody will ever use BAT. It would have been smarter if they built a wallet into Brave that supported 100 different coins with Brave taking a tiny fee per transaction.

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They've said on the Subreddit a built in Eth Wallet is on the way.

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Been thinking about swapping my BAT for ICX but wondering if I'll regret fomo'ing in at this rate.

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you really have no clue do you?

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ads haven't even launched yet and you faggots think this token is done

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Nobody is going to pay for them. They have a small audience to begin with, and only a fraction will even opt in. There are far better places to put your money.

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you are stupid as fuck

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>Nobody is going to pay for them.

lmao. did your superior intellect lead you to that conclusion?

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Nah, just common sense. Brave could do this project without crypto. It is all a marketing ploy.

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That being said.... You can't find a better swingtrade coin that can make you 5-10% gains every other day. Whales love this coin because of the low volume that they can control.

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it makes me laugh that BAT shills dont even use the brave browser, but get hurt when you tell them it's a dead project

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Being with more than $1 desserts the purpose

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Yeah, the coin will never truly moon. The company heavily sells into upswings to suppress the price.

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>the success of your coin depends on the success of an obscure browser that no one uses because it's an incomplete mess
Good luck.

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They're right you're a fucking retard

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>no advertisers yet
>no users being paid to browse yet
>1.6m+ downloads
>25,000+ publishers

Fomo later this year brainlets.

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It's got 2 million regular users.

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