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This is the greatest browser OF ALL TIME. And soon we’ll be getting free BAT that we can dump on Binace, just for using s browser. It’s fast and ad free. What’s stopping you?

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how do u get the bat

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Not sure

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The browser is buggy and tends to freeze up during certain times. It's also not that fast.

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Chromecuck detected. You can’t fud brave, it’s unstoppable.

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enjoy having your browsing history (usernames, passwords etc...) permanently recorded on the blockchain

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payments aren't live yet, you can donate to content creators though,

>create website /youtube channel
>sign on as publisher with BAT & uphold
>view your channel with no vpn
>free BAT

When payments are here youll get BAT for using the browser, nothing required to rack it up only when you want to withdraw

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You're an idiot. DYOR

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Lmao does every coin have its own uniquely wrong FUD? This one is pretty funny I’ll admit it.

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Best FUD against brave browser is poor polish in weird, interstiticial ways.

Tab performance for one, total chore to browse this board on desktop compared to FF. Ctrl-h doesnt open history, havr to click a new tab to get it, is not in a menu. Deleting a tab and not having it in history is too common. Torrents don't run and have to be manually opened.

On mobile opening a new tab draws this frame which is super annoying. Whish there was a backbutton and not just the hardware one like chrome.

Playing jewtube in background on mobile performs better than in FF.

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This. I don't know how much any of this will really bother normies. I tried it for a couple months but It drove me nuts. I still use it on mobile though.