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now that the normies are gone and the chainlinkers are slowly killing themselves, we can start having some quality discussion.

What do you think of ELA? It supposedly has Bitmain promising to mine it with 50% hash power.

I locked up 1000 ELA for 2 years but that was before market looked like it will be in bear mode for the next 2 years.

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I wanna increase my stack before the market goes back up. $40 seems to be the floor for this

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I got my buy orders at $5

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I've been watching it close. it tested 46k sats when we dipped to 8500 the firs time last week, and recovered well. even since BTC has gone lower and volume dropped for ELA trading it wont go below 50k sats. I agree that the floor is 50k sats. Apparently its trading for 130 bucks in china atm.

I'm only worried that BTC tanks and the dollar value plummets. could have got in lower if i didn't lock it up. i have some extra unlocked might sell it we'll see. It's got a tether pair so easy to do.

apparently there is a big conference tonight.

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What's the purpose of this coin?

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DotCom Bubble : Amazon
Crypto Bubble : Elastos

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It's a very complicated thing to sum up. It's essentially the utility token for a new operating system which is hack proof and virus proof. It's already a working product with a blockchain and wallet, but was not open to western markets till a month ago.

the mainchain is a host for DAAPs which cost ELA to open. then it uses endless side chains for the daaps so mainchain never gets clogged up. Its also aiming to make digital content valuable through ownership like physical goods rather than the "license" model we have today.
Essentially they have already made a runtime version of their OS which can be use don IOS, android and windows. The team have already made a version of android completely rewritten in C++

This project has been in development for 18 years believe it or not.

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buy chainlink, $1000 EOY

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yes sir

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chainlink is doing fine sir

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When i see pictures of the developers with trump It kinda makes it seem surreal that nobody is talking bout this at all

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>billion mc already

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you realise Eth was 1 billion last January?

Also market cap is 280-350m right now. only 6.5million ELA is circulating.

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kek this just makes me even happier to hold ELA

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Only about 6.5mill circ cap

282.035mill market cap

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who else /comfy/ waiting for those sweet sweet airdrops?

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I’ll still accumulating, don’t mind the price being this low for awhile.

At 250 ELA, goal is to hit 300

You think the ELA wallet will also hold our DAPP tokens?

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Only got 40 I wish I could accumulate more at this price but everything is so down and no more fiat aAHGHH

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Not sure, unfortunately I think they will have their own wallets because they are "sidechains"

I'm sure something is being discussed though

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Is the wallet simple enough to use? Got too many fucking wallets for shitcoins which I've now sold off.

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I kinda fomo'd in before this landslide and traded my btc at $11,700 to ELA when it was $78. Could be holding a bigger bag now had I just waited over the weekend.

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Online wallet, just save and encrypt a json file and you're good

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happens bro. I almost did the exact same thing when i wanted to buy some more after lock up. but when things are at ATH they always pull back at least somewhat. so got a small number of them and waited to buy more.

That 150m daily volume was insane for a 500m market cap coin at the time. just proves that once we hit Binance and this gets on peoples radars its a guaranteed double form here.

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have bags until it bleeds to 10$. circ supply 30 mill+ ...overvalued as fuck

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dollar value might bleed if BTc shits the bed back to 2,000 bucks but sat value isn't going anywhere. if you don't know waht that means you are a brainlet.

how can it be overvalued when nobody even knows it exists? 30m total supply 6.5m circ
I know you want to fill your bags still but normies and stupid chainlinkers are gone from biz now bro, nobody care about crypto. ppl buying here will make no difference to price movement anymore.

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Today Elastos is having a dApp conference where apps that make Ethereum look like a little punk bitch are being announced.

Zapya (500mill+ users)
Origin Agritech Ltd (one of the largest agriculture companies in China)
United Nations backed solar panel and clean energy project

What does eth have? BAT? Memes?

ELA is REAL FUCKING BUSINESS. When institutional money comes into crypto where do you think it is gonna go?

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I was just going to post this. ELA is the real deal. All these platform projects don’t mean shit if no enterprise is actually building on them. ELA is like the final form of ETH

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source or faggot

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great, thank you

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exactly. mfw Ethereum gets nuked by the only Dap that ever was used on a semi large basis and was just for a fucking crypto kitty game.

ELA will not have this problem due to side chains and the fact that it has no scaling issues.

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It's logo is made of pyramids... hmmmm?


$1000 EOY

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looks fake desu

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all smiles.jpg

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We'll see. The founder of the project was a lead developer at Microsoft since the early 90s. I'm sure that contributes to the fact they already had in depth meetings with them. Keep your eye on this.

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what do you expect from chinke fakers. ela is running on misleading info...fay li has to be fired for misleading community about actaul circ 30+ mill vs lie 6.5 mill circ

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>ELA is REAL FUCKING BUSINESS. When institutional money comes into crypto where do you think it is gonna go?

yes..but u have to give private key to their web ui wallet.. they cant even build wallet properly. dapps.fuckking kek

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HAHAHAHA here he is everyone, the classic pajeet english ELA fudder

this picture is fake too? >>8362356

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I wonder if there's going to be some minimum amount for staking, but I suppose we'll hear more about that by the end of the year. Currently sitting on 205 ELA, so hopefully it's not gonna be 500 or something.

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bro dont be afraid, i know ur out of fiat but you still have time to fill your bags too

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The Discord Pump group that is unstoppable./

https://discord dot gg/pbN4G73

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I am not brainlet like u noob faggots to fill bags with out knowing circ supply, unless i see how many they locked in blockchain(not fay whore lies) i dont touch this shit. if cmc updated with 30+ mill it would drop below 5$...have heavy bags faggots.

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thats better, ty

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braindead, I know this shit from day one. i will buy this shit below 10$ in couple of weeks. remember what happened to icx for mainnet/conf....njoy dumping after conf and fake dapp launch

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this is a different class of coin. It doesnt have to go through that stupid mainnet phase. its also got no shilling so hype is minimal.

lmao wtf u talking about. you are going to buy it after fake dap launch? why the hell would you buy something that has "fake daaps".

nice try but as always you idiots drip up over your own arguments

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>this is a different class of coin. It doesnt have to go through that stupid mainnet phase. its also got no shilling so hype is minimal.
>lmao wtf u talking about. you are going to buy it after fake dap launch? why the hell would you buy something that has "fake daaps".
>nice try but as always you idiots drip up over your own arguments

retard, i know its reasonably good project but they faking about circ supply. and team saying they locked coins with out actually locking using smartcontracts. imagine if cmc updated with 30 mill circ supply...price will tank below 10 $, also note and come back after a week from dapp launch ..price would be below 20$.

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I wish you all the best for the road you've chosen.

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they locked without smart contracts? i never saw that posted. where did you find that information?

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I am in their TG from day one. every one know they didnt locked using smartcontract(esp 16.5 mill airdrop they promised earlier and back tracked sent most of them to dev funds which are in unlocked state), they saying verbally. which turned me off...this is the reason CMC not updating their fake numbers.