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So Ark chick killed herself. When will we get another like her?

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this is a fiverr bitch

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>implying she wasn't just fishing for attention.

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What happens to someone's crypto when they die?

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she didn't kill herself

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Name and more plz

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Who's getting her ark?

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weak hands

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that is fat to you?


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I'd like to hold her ark bags

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Where can we find another chubby chick with no self esteem? Golly gee, anon, I dunno.

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She used to be fat.

This is her before/after progress pic she once shared on reddit.

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>Progress pic
>Wearing massive amounts of makeup in the after pic


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la creatura.....

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I can’t be the only one who thinks she looks like Valentina Nappi

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Does she have nudes?

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Does she have a bruise on her tittie?

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>brown eyes
She's a pump n dump.

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For virgins who have never seen a real pair of tits
You'd be dissapointed if she took this bra off. you can see fat stretch marks and i guarentee these tits sag with the nipple pointing downnnn

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she has a penis doesnt she

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She's actually gone all emo on reddit and posted 7 hours ago that shes gonna kill herself :(


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>turns mexican on death

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>all those generic offers of support
That phony shit makes ME wanna kill myself

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seems like a logical end to an ark bagholder

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Just a cry for attention. She'll attempt "suicide" by taking 10 Tylenol PMs or something. Women suck at committing suicide, just like everything else. They go in half-assed, survive the attempt, and bask in all the attention/sympathy they receive.

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Surprised this wasn't the first post

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Guessing you've never actually known a woman who's succeeded in killing themselves.

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The market hasn't even crashed, just her coin went from $10 ATH to $3 now. Wait until the entire market blows over, it'll be1929 stock market crash times dot-com bubble >>8323493

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Ark Angel had a kid. That's why she's got the belly in the before image. Maybe now that's shes gotten rid of the baby weight she'll get her teeth fixed. Well, maybe if somebody pumps Ark for a few days.

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waaaah. Theres 4 year olds getting raped with machetes right now for snuff porn, why should I feel bad for some roastie who was born more privileged that 98% of the world.

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spankchain will help them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dil7rGQMBWA

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To be fair I felt like killing myself when ICX dipped from a $12 ATH to $2.50 the other day.

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Ark bags to heavy

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is she reallyy dead?

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uh, am I the only one who sees she has a wicked herpes infection on her lips? jfc...

also>>8323877 is entirely correct. I used to fuck a girl like this with near exact tits in a bra. those tits roll down to her belly button. what a skag

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Tell her to go all in link

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Just had a nice fap.

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You think girls don't wear makeup when sex

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>this is a fiverr bitch
this. curious if the dude running the account killed himself instead.

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haha stupid idiot theres no 13th month

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>ask for a slow death instead of a quick one

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Nah valentina nappi looks exactly like
my gf though. Naked especially.

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why are you posting all of these?

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absolutely and utterly deluded

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did ark girl an hero now or not?

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She used to be fat and disgusting.

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pt. 2

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why is her name quantum grad? Does she have a phd physics or something? It doesnt seem like it, all she does is beg for attention and post lewd photos.

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Read through the post history. There are a bunch of talks about how 'numbers' turn her on. That's the best I reckon.

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Stupid attention whore. She also trolls alot. She is probably getting a lot of free crypto from betas for this.

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What happens to someone's nudes when they die?

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any actual nudes?

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> she will never wrap her thick legs around your head and ride your face till she cums


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pretty sure all the arkies killed themselves. or at least they should

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okay, while this roastie pisses me off, I do admit, she looks pretty fucking sexy here

now I'm gonna have to fap to her god dammit. Ark girl, if you're lurking, post pics of your ass and ill send you ark

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Bleaches killing themselves for the Bleachcoin.

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>she will never lock her legs behind your back so you can't move until you cum in her fertile womb

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While not confirmed. She hasn't made any more posts after posting that she is going to kill herself.

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I've never known a woman who succeeded at anything

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They graduate from college more than men.

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Would fuck both before and after.

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Hitlers Dubs!
Well fuck off, make a time machine and vote for Hilary then

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>look decently well to get 7/10 males every night
>in an attempt for attention say you are suicidal


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I keep seeing anons say she’s a fiverr bitch. Any proofs?

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>implying a gender studies degree is a success

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once again, hodlers btfo. especially shitcoin holders.

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Not really proof, why has she not posted a video where she is speaking?

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>tfw when no potato nosed gf

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She’s fucking disgusting. Posts her almost nude pics on reddit, has her retarded opinions and acts like a whore and then goes on to post about how “nobody respects and likes her” and other shit like that. Of course when she’s such a fucking whore. Chads don’t like her because she’s too ugly and ugly neets don’t like her because she’s a disgusting whore. So the only people she can cater to are absolute cucks on reddit by posting her nudes, cuz that’s all she has to offer to the world.

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los goblina de muertes..

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>uh, am I the only one who sees she has a wicked herpes infection on her lips?

Nah, it's the hottest part. I want her infection.

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no one knows, some say theres still people that fap to them in blissful ignorance or secrecy to this day

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did someone hurt you anon?

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Can you imagine what it must be like to have a hole in your body that people will pay you real money to access? To have bags of fat attached to your chest, that men will pay you REAL MONEY just to see, and even more to touch?

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I would kms

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what an attention whore, holy shit

>> No.8327562

No, I’m just tired of disgusting attention whores like her. Thinking everything is everyone’s else fault for their own issues.

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Good riddance

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Indeed, like everything else in a woman's life, suicide is just another cry for attention.

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>heres a picture with a timestamp to prove i am going to suicide
>let me make sure I do a cute face for it

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fuck, i see sergey everywhere

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Look at her post history you nigger. She should actually be hung.

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Don't worry bruh, I see him too.

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