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I’m didn’t think partnerships would be announced next week but holy hell the writing is on the wall. Here are Tom Gonsers comments after last years SXSW

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/C O M F Y/

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"Partnerships" is a meme word in crypto. Lesser projects use it to generate empty hype.

Read what the guy is saying; he's a major player and he's basically describing Chainlink's use case.
And in a few days he'll share a stage with the guy behind Chainlink. The same guy who owns the domain name "smartcontract.com".

This speaks for itself.

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Yup. Check out these comments

>What I do at Seven Peaks is focus on new and innovative companies in spaces that I know
>For me, from an investment opportunity perspective, it’s natural to be looking at who’s inventing these new things, whether that’s ... the innovations on blockchain technology, smart contracts, payments — those are all areas that I’m pretty familiar with
>It’s kind of natural to be looking at those markets and those companies and also looking at this from a DocuSign strategy perspective, so they fit together pretty well

Read this carefully. It really sounds like Seven Peaks Ventures are invested in LINK, and also that Docusign is working with LINK. Although he's not head of Docusign anymore, he still sits on the board and has influence on the long term strategy of Docusign.

Plus look at what he's said about the upcoming SXSW panel, he wrote this post on Linkedin:
>we’ll hear from Sergey Nasarov, CEO of Smartcontract.com about the importance of oracles to get data in and out of smart contracts securely.
>Where will the data come from to connect smart contracts to the data they need to make decisions? How will we know we can rely on these data sources?
>Do smart contracts require a decentralized "trust-less" block chain to operate? Or can these same contracts be built on ‘trusted’ networks?
You know the answer to these questions. The answer is LINK.

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Just days away folks

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it's coming

we will make it

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I really hope someone will livestream it.

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He fucking misspelled sergeys last name, meaning he never read it before. This is a sell signal.

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This. I have no doubt Chainlink has stronger ties with big people than other cryptos. Other cryptos will have a meeting with mid to low level employees at a tech company and announce on their page they have a partnership. Sergey actually talks to big people.

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>Do smart contracts require a decentralized "trust-less" block chain to operate? Or can these same contracts be built on ‘trusted’ networks?
To avoid confusion: Chainlink will work with both types of blockchains.

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You can't seriously think this.

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I hope we get something sweet out of this talk.

The people themselves are pretty big deals, and SXSW is nothing to balk at. I hope Sergey uses this opportunity to really get the word out and generates some buzz. This is Link's chance to get noticed. And it seems like Sergey is ready to make that next step, seeing how he's been slowly uncorking the bottle on all this.

14k Linker, poorfag minimum wage kek hope we all make it.

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Perianne Boring the fucking president of the chamber of digital commerce is going from Hosting the DC Blockchain summit to sitting on a panel with Sergey and these guys. I feel like I have failed my family and friends by not making sure each one owns 10K link

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price of link goes down forcing link to get spammed hard

>like clock work

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The conference we're talking about is in four days.

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no shit sxsw

its a bullshit festival for music

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LINK sat value has been the same for 4 days . 5050-5150 and repeat.

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The man who owns the domain name "smartcontract.com" will be part of a four-person panel with the topic title "smart contracts".
The other people on this panel are these three people. Look up who they are, I dare you.

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They have a startup & tech conference, retard. It's not just a music festival but also a bunch of conferences on different topics. Look at this list, there must be hundreds of events related to blockchain/tech. That's the category Sergey will be at.

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how big is this company really? never heard of it before

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There's like 25 events about smart contracts scheduled.

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>he knows about the music festival
>he doesn't know about the tech conference
just goes to show what a fucking normie you are moron

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This m'lady for instance just hosted the DC Blockchain summit.
She's a Washington insider, on the chamber of digital commerce.

And she's republican.

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Does anyone have the link to a thread where the "partnership" between docusign and link got known. I want to know the story

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>By the end of 2010, the company handled 73 percent of the Saas-based electronic signature market with 80 million signatures processed

>Through July 2011, DocuSign had processed a total of 500 million pages

>In July 2012, Business Insider reported that about 90% of Fortune 500 companies had signed up to use DocuSign., and that the firm reached 25 million users who had completed 150 million signatures in 188 countries

>In 2016, DocuSign was ranked #3 on the Forbes Cloud 100 list
>In 2017, DocuSign was ranked #4 on the Forbes Cloud 100 list
>The Wall Street Journal reported the round was based on a company valuation of $1.6 billion.


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CTRL + F > "Smart Contracts" > 1 Result

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One time I didn't buy LINK because I saw a misspelling on their website. They misspelled services. I should have just contacted them like an adult would have and made them aware of it. Instead I made a huge deal and made my entire decision not to buy over a misspelled word. Don't be me.

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Holy shit, type smart contract into the search bar you retard. There's fucking loads of blockchain events happening at SXSW.

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>And she's republican.
Of course she is, she actually looks fucking respectable

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jesus she is hot. looks like sergey scored

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Bet he connected his external data adapter to her DLT. If you know what I mean.

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lol, there are like 3 events where smart contracts are mentioned, one of which is a shilling event for Wanchain, which I never heard of before.
Either way, the only one really focusing on it is the one with Sergey, but I wish there were more, because smart contracts mus succeed for chainlink to moon.

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heh, alriiight

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There’s way more dummy

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I don't think any "partnership" or anything like that will be announced. However, it seems very likely that Docusign and LINK are already working together.

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literally 1 with "smart" in the title

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You are moving the goal post.
First you said smart contract, of which the only useful panel is the one with Sergey in it.
Then you said blockchain, of which there are obviously going to be tons of talks and panels, but it's not the same.

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HOLY FUCK IT JUST HIT ME. A Docusign form that will output field (name, address, signature, etc) to an API.

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In 2015 it was valued at 3 billion, 2014 was 1.6 billion from what I see on a rudimentary level

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>I don't think any "partnership" or anything like that will be announced. However, it seems very likely that Docusign and LINK are already working together.
Exactly my point.
"""Announcing""" """partnerships""" is for hypebeast promisecoin scams.

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Holy shit what the fuck does it matter.

The point is that SXSW is not just a music festival, there's a whole conference about blockchain tech

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i actually agree

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Today, as a result, a total of over 300,000 customers and more than 200 million users worldwide leverage DocuSign to create, upload, and send documents for multiple parties to sign electronically.


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They will be combined. Legal document + smart contract.

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>I'm didn't

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What don't you're understand?

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>the memes were real all along

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Kek, we need more coin memeballs.

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>very likely that Docusign and LINK are already working together.
lol no. People talk a lot of shit

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lol linkniggres (british englis spelling)

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obama & rick ross to show up on sergeys stage as a surprise guest, do a joint rap concert, debut their new song "Links on my Chain" and shill link to all the normies.

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>bought chainlink at 0.52c last week
>it's 0.44c right now and decreasing
did I fuck up?

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I bought from 0.45 up to 0.85 and down to 0.5 again.
Put my largest amount of fiat into it right at 0.8. If it really goes to $100 and $1k, it will hurt a bit knowing that I pissed away half a million or whatever for buying a few weeks too early, but timing the market is impossible, so it's useless to think too much about it.

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>did I fuck up?

Only if you sell. Trust in Sergey, be set for life

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SAT value is still the same probably

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nah, no one has a crystal ball and these things are so volatile that its hard to predict the perfect buy-in time. when in doubt just hold.

when it's price is exponentially higher than when you bought in you won't regret it.

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Sergey is a pretty big person himself.

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>but timing the market is impossibl

having the foresight not to buy after something goes nearly 4x in a month isn't timing the market, it's just not being a compete and utter retard.

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I see.
Of course I am holding my coins, but I am a poorfag who got into the cryptoworld 2 months ago. I read all kind of stuff before reaching /biz/ and after reading the white paper and other stuff related to ChainLink, I am kind of convinced the project is actually solid but this is RL and even biggest projects has a risk of not delivering/failure.
Too bad I am a wagecuck poorfag holding 432 tokens right now.

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it went x1.5 in satoshis, and bitcoin price movement is completely unpredictable (like the goxxing fud right now). With the info at that time, I would buy again and I don't regret it.
Hindsight is 20/20, but I didn't buy ETH when it was at $18 because I waited for it to fall back to $12, which it never did. Won't make the same mistake again, missing out on a project that I believe in just to maybe squeeze a few more % roi.

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what price did you end up buying ethereum at

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quit moving the goalposts you dumb nigger. You stated USD price in the first post.

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You're holding an eventual $432,000.00

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Didn't buy at all. Once it went from $18 to $40 in a few days and then on to $80, I felt sick to my stomach and ignored everything crypto for a year. Eventually came back and bought a few NEO at $40. It took me a long time to come to terms with my retardation.
The point is that had BTC not tanked, the $ loss wouldn't be 50%. It was unpredictable, which is why regretting it is useless.

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for you

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Hardly unpredictable that the price would go down significantly after literally going parabolic. Just admit it, buying in January/December after the crazy mooning was stupid. There's nothing to be ashamed of, 90% of current /biz/ users did the same thing.

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hey poindexter, what does this mean in english

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I see Zeppelin, smartcontract and REquest network :)

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Zeppelin is gonna use chainlink.

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5 days.

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What man :D

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Jerk me off chanbro xd T 3 4 M L 1 N K

Suck my cock and jerk my ass fgt

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this was announced months ago ffs

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Lol what man. Suck my ass nigga

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great brainlet pic one of the best ever honest to sergey christ

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I think the ZeppelinOs endorsement I way bigger than Docusign in the grand scope of things at it flew out of the radar completely. Why nobody Is hyped around that, other from the /biz/ autistic crowd?

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because it's just one framework among many for one smart contract platform with a lot of very obvious flaws that will likely be superceded, and even though they allegedly are being used for smart contracts with 4.5 billion dollars 99% of that is for useless scam tokens, ponzis, and gambling.

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Lol yes. Look at what Gosner has said about smart contracts. It’s called “buy the rumour” I believe. Read between the lines.

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You don't think ZeppelinOs will take off?
Why? Serious question.
I Always DMOR and didn't see anything particularly wrong about it. Perhaps I'm a brainlet. I DMOR on Verge and Tron and stayed the Fuck away. Missed 20x and 30x gains.

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There's nothing necessarily wrong with it, just that it's long-term success in a huge way is in the same sense as speculative as any of the tokens we gamble on in /biz/. That's why it's not the earth shattering news some people make it out to be. It's not on the level at all of something like React for example.

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>because it's just one framework among many for one smart contract platform with a lot of very obvious flaws
name one, faggot. you're talking out of your ass.

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>its a bullshit festival for music
this. people that don't actually know what sxsw is think it is some giant stage with bands playing for millions of people. The reality is a bunch of small venues all decide to have a show for out of towners on the same night. It is literally nothing special at all. Nothing worth getting your hopes up for at all.

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But zeppelin is a tool to make development easier, not a shitcoin for trading. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be used if it makes things easier for start ups. Just like link

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Yeah I thought that it’s not a framework or a platform but just tools to make smart contracts and dApps easier to develop

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You're dumb. Fucking Obama had a speech at SXSW in 2016.