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My taxes are getting out of hand. I want to hire a CPA, but how do I know who's good and who's not a fuckup?

Do not read the pic

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That was a great story.

As for a CPA, I don't know. Being a CPA is kind of like being a doctor for a hypochondriac who never really gets sick. The person you're tending to doesn't really understand what the fuck you're doing, but if you keep up a good front and make things as smooth as possible for them, then you'd never know the difference. And one can be doing the best job in the world for you and the next can be a massive fuck up, and you wouldn't really know. And since there are thousands of them, well, no one is going to tell you, either.

The CPA test is hard. You're not going to pass it and be an idiot, but you're not going to pass it and have real world, applicable tax knowledge, either. If you took a computer guy and tested him on hardware (he knows all the ins and outs, how to work this, build that, but it together, etc.), it doesn't mean he's going to be a wizard on the software side. CPA test for the hardware (basis, foundational understanding), but there's all these real-world situations that don't get brought up in your education, so honestly, you end up with a lot of idiots placed in positions where they just don't have the knowledge. They have knowledge, but not the knowledge you need, but it's customary and regular to bullshit through it.

The best I can tell you is this: price isn't going to dictate the best. Avoid the most expensive and the cheapest, both are doing shit work. Interview the CPA. Do not get someone fresh off the exam or even 5 years out, and do not get some old fart that doesn't keep up with his education (or accepts how much has changed). An engaged, interested 35-ish year old would probably be ideal. Ask about experience, background, and real-life education and experiences (who was their mentor, internship, etc.). And don't go somewhere where you talk to the guy with his name on the door only to be handed off to the intern CPA who's working for him. Though I'm saying this with the assumption your taxes are difficult.

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If your taxes are not particularly difficult, then you can get by with an Enrolled Agent or other experienced tax person for a cheaper price. What are you having difficulties with, OP?

>sorry about the mistakes, it's late, I'm tired

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I've just gotten deep into investments. H&R block online isn't gonna cut it

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I'm studying for the cpa exam right now, specifically for FAR. Honestly, the level of knowledge they expect you to have to take this exam and the questions they ask you pretty much demands a decent level of real world knowledge.

Just look into your local accounting firms. Most of them have good personal income tax departments. I know that in the New England area, PwC is the absolute best firm in terms of 1040 preparation for "high net worth individuals" and have a very good reputation, but they are not cheap. You were not specific about your financial situation, so I don't know how much money you have to spend. But if you actually feel the need to hire a CPA, I would assume you have plenty.

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that pic tho. i pray that this is real

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not in new england, and i just have more complicated taxes now

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I hope you don't mean simply equity trades.

If you have a shit ton of MLPs then I can understand your need.

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