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in october this shit will be worth roughly the same as it is now. we missed the fucking ship anons

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Where did you buy your cristal ball? I have a magic eightball and it has been fucking me over at every turn.

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Bitcoin will die this year. Bets are on what crypto will replace it.

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Even in a completely sideways market you can still turn 4k into over a million within a year
2% a day compounding my man

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hurr i draw lines

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I just hope you don't HODL, my man.

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The most realistic answer is Ethereum, as of now. Other than that it's just guesses.

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Speak for yourself in still up 400%

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>getting 2% a day is easy
lol ok

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you do realize how heavily manipulated the whole market is by the majority holders?
You do realize crypto currencies are just a way to usher in total control by the govt right?
You do realize they cant scare the general pop by having a flippening

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What makes you say that? It's been swinging wildly for almost a year. You think it's gonna be steady from here on?

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It is. Scalp 4 times at .5% and you've got it

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>another "its all over guize" psy-op thread
Crypto has come far

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I reckon it's gonna be all the bitfinex and tether bullshit that is going to make bitcoin implode. about time tbqh.

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you just go all-in every day? you'll get trapped in a coin guaranteed

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>scalpers don't use stop losses

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yep... brainlet detected
bitfinex and tether are fine.
you realize that most of the population in the world aged 55+ hold the majority of the wealth.
they wont touch this stuff with a 10ft pole, they have the most to lose.
Buffet/Soros are told what to say, if you think anything different you are just another sheep in the herd.

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Depression<---You are here


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>set stop loss
>lose money when coin dips
nice strategy faggot

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2% guaranteed profits on a volatile and manipulated market like crypto.


It's not even worth wasting an insult on you.

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yep. i got started in late december. turned 300 bucks into 9 fucking grand in three weeks. lost 8 grand before selling because i was such a newfag i believed in the hodl meme. have been sitting on the sidelines for 2 months just studying this shit.

but holy fuck the feeling to look at a blockfolio and see 9K out of fucking nothing was glorious. i'll never forget it. i thought i'd have 100K by June easily. probably half a million by end of year.

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buy high sell low nigga