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I hope you got out at over 1 million sats

>analysis from renowned devs show that NEO tech is an embarrassment to the field

if you haven't sold yet there is still time, this will bottom out around 600k where it belongs

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Pretty horrible for a Top10 coin.

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Damn, this fucking rustled my jimmies.
I feel so bad for my colleague who shilled NEO and ZCL to me a few weels back lmao.

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>remembers cripple is even worse

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Bought neo for 7 dollars and sold at ATH. Feels good riding the hype train and never touching this shit again

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NEO team can't even answer for the concerns brought up, asking for community advice. Its over for NEO

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buy when there is blood in the streets :)
Im gonna keep fudding, let it bleed

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Yeah this is fucked 100%

I am so glad for my AMB and LINK bags now.

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I'm riding the fud train too. Can't wait to buy when it hits 100$ again. Thanks for the help fudding anon.

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One would imagine, a top10 blockchain actually works.
Whats next lol..
>Impacts come closer

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not surprising, it's an Ethereum shittoken
with the SEC cracking down on ICO's, the public is starting to realize ETH serves no purpose than to create scam coins. the ETH and ERC-20 crash will be the black swan even in crypto which will ignite the golden bull run of BTC

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When will the bleeding stop?

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it stops for you when you sell. why are you still in NEO?

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Because the indicators look bullish

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already been explained as non-news, not something worth thinking about. neveryone knows neo has a huge way to go to actually turn into a real cryptocurrency

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For old the newfags, this thread is a clear example of /biz/ telling you exactly the opposite of what you should do: buy high and sell low.


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T.salty cuck who missed antshares

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wow that long tweet and he didnt say shit .
I hate people on twitter playing all smart ass
i dont own neo btw

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>h-heh yeah FUD my shit coin anon, this was my plan all along h-heh


~$50, no joke. Dudes were predicting this very thing happening last month in here kek.

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it's not an Ethereum token

PoW is an outdated idea

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I might buy now, I do think this coin will be worth a lot EOY. Been waiting for a dip. Not gonna go all in, but I think it's pretty safe long term.

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>ETH is a scam token
>BTC isn't

LOL. Are there people who unironically think this?

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IOTA as well. Thankfully that piece of shit got dragged out of top10 by monero.

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smell scams from one hundred kilometers away.
short neo 10x leverage go all in since last week

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>ETH serves no purpose than to create scam coins
For this reason the monetary barrier to entry for creating a dapp on NEO. I know a lot of people will argue against this, each to their own I believe it's a good thing
The language barrier is a problem with ETH that will become more apparent with greater mainstream adoption of crypto
Dividends make NEO an attractive option for those coming from traditonal markets. Furthermore, if the SEC FUD about NEO being delisted is true that won't kill NEO. 'Oh America is banning NEO because it pays out dividends? It must be good, better pick some up at this discounted price.'

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>tfw getting a shitload of money
>was planning on putting a lot of it in NEO
>money gets delayed a couple months

d-did i dodge a major bullet anons?

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just sold all my GAS and reinvested in amb and link too

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Lol eric, try harder bro

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I might be down about 30% (got in early Jan), but boy at least I know when to dump them.

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As someone who has spent years studying in China and worked with Chinese people I avoid so many bad situations in crypto just by following one simple rule:
>1. Do not buy chinkcoins.

Even if I don't see the scam, or the stolen tech immediately, I know from experience that shit is never up to code, corners are always cut, and they only think of scamming people in the short-term. The scam will be exposed eventually and it will all come crashing down.

If I look at a project and it's mainly Chinese owners or managers I run away immediately. Makes choosing coins much easier. It's fine if there are Chinese researchers or devs (as long as there is good management to check their work).

I also tend to avoid Korean coins. They're a little more trustworthy than Chinks.

I have the most trust in nips, burgers, frogs, and leafs.

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What about Russian leafs?

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>Basing investment decisions on race.
Are you retarded?

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holy shit look at that fucking sell wall
NEO going back to antshares

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any walls you see are most likely bullshit

i watch neo get to to 960k sats at once it hit the bottom, with the order books completely empty there was both massive buy walls and sell walls that were pumping hard but hidden

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Don't notice patterns! That's mean >:(

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This is the result you get when you use shitty developers. What an embarrassment.

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The biggest issue with NEO is that it's controlled by its chink devs. It's not decentralized.

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Not race. Culture.

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What about Germans? They created Iota and Lisk!

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why the fuck do you guys still buy asian shit.

3 types of coins you stay the fuck away from. pajeets, chinks, and rooskis

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What's wrong with that? Race determines a lot of things, are you some sort of emotional, salty cuck?

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Yeah, Germans, Swiss, all good of course. They're known for being meticulous.

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Im german. I avoid german projects. German teams are the worst. I worked in many teams as an agile coach. Lisk and all the other porjects in Berlin will fail. You have no idea how many german startups fail each year.

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Did he mention the breakdown of a consensus node?


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rofl chinese ethereum

eos > all

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All just baseless FUD.

A number of coins in the top 10 don't even have a working product.

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Lol biz stay poor. Do you really think Neo isnt going to ass fuck everyone here who sells in a month? NEX and ONT are coming up, Elastos will create a new internet. Literally EVERYONE knows Neo moons hard and is due. FUD is getting old. Youre literally scamming your own friends out of this years biggest coin. Stop being assholes and retarded to your fellow friends.

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Fuck off Roger.

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> renowned devs

if by devs you mean computer illiterate kid then yeah
he got destroyed by neo's council by the way

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Fudders btfo

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see >>8144014
t. worked on Korean island propped up by Chinese investment.

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Peope are just trying to accumulate before the two biggest coins of the year ONT and NEX.