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(((they’re))) really gonna change the internet, aren’t (((they)))?

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> Eich
> (((they)))

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>implying big brain brendan deserves echoes

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this shit could seriously be the foundation for a dystopian future where droves of folks mindlessly consume content to be paid in menial amounts of BAT. This shit could essentially be....universal basic income.

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My bags are ready

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Whoah guy, its a good coin but its just an erc20 token.

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internet will never work like this, everyone will promote content with their own tokens, therefore the incentives of receiver and publisher will be aligned

the same way you do 'like for like' or you used to post addresses here for free airdrop

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Yep - might as well pay the generation of internet addicted drones that have been created. All the NEETS can browse and shitpost to their hearts extent; they won’t starve to death and they won’t hurt anyone.

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better than google or the zuck giving everyone UBI

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you’re not seeing the bigger picture. BAT will be donated, traded, speculated upon on exchanges, and rewarded for attention. It’s very likely at some point a marketplace will be introduced. In the future you will be able to buy a house sized 3d printers with BAT. It’s going to be THE currency of the internet.

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BAT isn't really intended to be a means to earn cash.

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You are not seeing the /bigger/ picture.

The currency of the internet is already here and its just thousands of tokens.

Why would I advertise content with BAT, if I can do it with ETH? We're falling into the same trap as with google - aggregated all the data within one vertical relevance and buying higher positions in ranking with dollars. The only difference is that this times there are thousands versions of dollars, not one BAT.

What if you could advertise LINK with LINK? You spend it on advertisement, but the value of it grows, people that see the content have it aligned with their economical incentives.

In the era of deep fakes the content is merely important, the connection to it and incentives behind it is what matters (Why clickbaits? To be ranked higher by Google / Facebook etc.)

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1k BATlet here

What's your eoy predictions? $10 or so?

inb4 $1

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tldr because normies can't be bothered with buying eth. its easier to just drop them BAT automatically for opting in to ads.

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BAT being its own token is integral due to the blockchain of user data.

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almost all of these tokens are going to zero. doesn’t take much to realize this. I’m betting that BAT survives the great purge. If you consider all of the facets, it’s not a hard bet.

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Easily $10

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Honestly Bro I haven’t a clue. I’m just excited to be along for the ride. Brendan Eich is full of indignant rage and is a bonafide genius, and already has a working product unlike literally any of these other dumb ass projects. It’s easy to see where this shit is headed. Just look at that 24 hour volume.

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yea, if you don't own tokens then your incentives will be aligned with the publisher, ie. I go to Iloveether.com and the content there is promoted with ETH

imagine all the web 3.0 native: 'oh, I received some ETH - better convert it to BAT and look for publishers that accept BAT!'

no, they will want to advertise directly in ETH, even with decentralized exchanges on the way - just because their users have ETH

> 1 million metamasks already installed

just imagine if you could assign content to the address using particular token

you have all the interactions and incentives behind every possible content and connections between those addresses

addresses will want to be public soon, people will want to post proofs thats they're holding ETH since 1$, that's the social proof - the same way you do with photos of your food right now

BAT will never be mainstream, just because it's wrongly identified problem with old system solution

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I’ve mentally prepared myself for $10, but I think $30- $50 is possible, especially if Coinbase happens. There are people who sincerely believe it will, but could say that about a lot of coins

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> literally CIA nigger incoherency

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think further, what if BAT could be used to actually connect publishers and advertisers? what if connections are happening with native tokens, but the way you discover them happens with BAT? That should be the case

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where exactly

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What if Bill Gates drove his herd of nigger cattle through DC?

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Literally every post of yours is indecipherable to me. Im quite tired but im relatively sure it's unintelligible.

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me too dudeeee

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glory is near

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BAT will be $50 eoy easily. It will revolutionize how the world works, and if you don’t see that I feel bad for you.

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Yea, sorry. What I've meant is that IMO BAT will never see mainstream, as it's an old advertising model. People will want to use currencies native to their dapps, and those dapps will have very different tokens.

How BAT solves anything except for 'have money for staring at ads'? It's not about ads, it should be about misalignment of incentives between publisher and advertiser.

If I own ETH I am more aligned with guys own ETH - they are sort of my 'economic friends'. These addresses will also want to be public sooner or later - think about trading influencers or whatever and their token balances / movements around the address. It would create a scenario of thousands of bubbles, but we'd be aware that we're in bubble as the receiver - publisher connection is aligned with each other's incentives.

I used Google / Facebook as an example because dollars can buy you relevance in their networks. They aggregated data (google in terms of documents, facebook in terms of social connections) and ranked them using their own algorithms. You can buy higher position in ranking using dollar, that's it. BAT is kinda the same, but decentralized - that's why I think it's 'new solution' to 'wrongly identiied problem'. It does not matter if it's BAT or dollar, that's what I'm saying.

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I'm pretty tired / drunk but it does make sense, read more about attention economics and think if it's the content that matters or the incentives behind the content in terms of distribution / aggregation

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Twitch and YouTube implementation were huge but when the roll out the reddit integration shit is really going to blow up. Those fags love jerking each other off.

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Im sorry you've still lost me.

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BAT's the coolest hold because you can watch the project unfold before your eyes, and actually support its growth through Brave and Brave payments.

I've already donated BAT to YouTubers, and now Twitch just got integrated. They'll probably have more BAT giveaways, and once the advertising viewing part of Brave comes into play, it'll be a game-changer.

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BAT is convertible to other cryptos and fiat in a way that is more seamless than Coinbase.

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i sent 100 bat to a brave wallet and noted down the key but no wi cant read it anymore. how much will i hate myself in a year?

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currency fungibility will make it impossible to promote your own shit with your own token

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Youll be out $5k

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If you posted a content that shills ETH, I want to see that you hold ETH. I want you to have 'skin in the game'.

Instead of one / two huge rankings across the Internet (Google / FB) that thrives on dollar, we will see thousands of rankings that thrives on many different tokens.

I could not care less. It's not about 'buying' ads. You can do that with dollar. If I see OMG shill, I want to see that shiller owns OMG. Even if it (address) posted a message that says OMG is awesome and does not have OMGs he still needs to spend OMG to do so, needs to show 'skin in the game'

If I run a dapp that receives FuckToken, I want to advertise in FuckToken, I don't want to transfer it to BAT and 'advertise' in a way that I can do with dollars. Why would I?

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>>its intended to be a means to earn bat, which is convertible to bitcoin >>8072901

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like 1.5-3 and a stable price in bitcoin compared to now would be an amazing market recovery

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Even if, I spent my tokens to change to other tokens - therefore I already have 'skin in the game' and as an advertiser I need to align my incentives to people that watch this content.

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This is nonsense, your complaint boils down to "People don't want to use more than one cryptocurrency" which is nonsensical.

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No. I am saying that there has to be a way to align incentives of receiver and publisher, and this one is not possible with one cryptocurrency.

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You opened this thread just because you own BAT or you are interested in buying, it's not that difficult to understand that the incentives will be more and more important, especially once deep fakes hit seriously.

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I'm here to say negative things about BAT, however the only guys that has to be pay for it is you by your lost time. We don't have aligned incentives - there is no 'skin in the game' from my side.

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Have you just banged 4g of ritalin and are about to have a fatal heart attack?

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>align incentives of receiver and publisher
"Receiver"? You mean the user? What are you even talking about?

Once again, you're just not making any sense. Maybe come back and post when you're not drunk and see if we can actually have a conversation.

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Im trying really hard to understand what your ultimate point is. The reasons “one” currency is needed (BAT) are wide ranging. The easiest one to understand, is that it creates economic incentivizes within a semi closed ecosystem.

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Yea, there is one guy that advertise information, second one that receives it.

Yea, I can't see whyt this one ecosystem is needed. I just can't see why I can't 'advertise' with token of my choice. That's why I keep babbling about incentives misalignment and 'skin in the game'.

To have "skin in the game" is to have incurred risk (monetary or otherwise) by being involved in achieving a goal.

In the phrase, "skin" is a synecdoche for the person involved, and "game" is the metaphor for actions on the field of play under discussion.[1] The aphorism is particularly common in business, finance, and gambling, and is also used in politics.[1]

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how about reading the white paper you fucking schizo

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I read, what exactly about that?

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Do you understand how the advertising industry works? You, Joe crypto holder, are not the targeted group to advertise to Brave users. When Mercedes, Nike, whoever chooses to advertise on Brave, they pay in fiat, not BAT. Mercedes doesn’t have ETH lying around that they want to use for their ad budget. When Mercedes spends fiat, it converts to BAT, and I as a end user or content creator get some of that

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What a retard. if anything the BAT model is liberating. All the ads and javascript crap is removed by the explorer and, LOCALLY, statistics are made that are send anonymously. It's the best of the models for internet to keep working given that A: companies need advertisement, B: mining in Javascript is an enourmous waste.

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Another FUD thread? You should have bought when we told you, retard.

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Man, you really are oblivious of how BAT work.

Take a look at why half of the team is an expert in AI. There are ways to see if your behaviour is really browsing or just "staring at ads" or running a bot.

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save the key (scan it if you need to) and crack it only when it becomes valuable enough to do so
if it's partially readable you can recover the key

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How did you mistake OP's post for FUD?

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I own 10k dingus lol

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Quick question on BAT, so only content creators get paid when you use the Brave browser right? I mean the user of the browser doesn't get to keep the BAT they get from browsing, they have to donate right?

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The point of BAT is to also have users paid in BAT for enabling and viewing ads, hence why by default all ads are blocked. It's just not implemented quite yet, needs actual advertisers willing to work with the new model.

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BAT is going to fucking explode this year. Comfiest hold.

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Calm down. There will be an upper limit to how much a verified account can collect per month. Wouldnt want bots and Pajeet farms would we?

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This guy gets it.

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Not true in any capacity.

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No - eventually you as the user will be able to exchange out of your browser wallet into MEW/etc, as well as cash into fiat if you want

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75% of my stack is in BAT. My body is ready. My money is ready.

Big Brain Brendan (BBB) gonna change da world!

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You know it!

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Unironically $20 eoy. As soon as advertising is implemented poor news sites are going adopt and shill the shit out of this.

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