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Did you see the raise in price and volume the last couple of days? Let me explain to you what happened.

The CEO of BAT, Big Brain Brendan Eich (BBB) the fucking inventor of javascript and creator firefox (who killed the internet explorer monopoly) went to a talk to the world mobile congress on monday, other people in this discussion were such as the head of R&D of the Santander Bank.
WMC lasted 3 days, and suddenly at 7-8h in the morning on thrusday price started going up steadily.

Let me chew it for you a little more: people went, saw him, discussed the project, went back and: started buying for thenselves/convinced their companies to buy.

There is some pasta around explaining how with a 2% of the ad market BAT could do a +4000%.

With this I consider my karma to /biz/ settled, I wont shill another good project again.

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I've unironically got 333,333 BAT right now. I accumulated most of it around 1500-2000 sats back in December. Net worth almost reached half a million in January and then plummeted down to about $70k a few weeks ago.

I have been watching this very closely now for three months and I can tell you with great certainty and confidence that the ride is starting again. Please make sure you have purchased your tickets. You don't want to miss this train.

P.S. the one-two punch is this:
>SEC highlights BAT as a model ICO and Perkins & Coie as a model law firm for crypto
>Coinbase then lists BAT
>then Polo
>then Robinhood
>then Wall Street

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There's still plenty of time left, fag.

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Quite a bad post you've made

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will 10k BAT be enough to pay off my fucking student loans?

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Yes of course but if you had that money you wouldn't be in debt anyway LARPer

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Have I told you about HORSE btw?

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Whats that, pysche don't care about gay Horses

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>$3 - $5 in Q1/2
>$7 - $12 in Q3/4

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Is this the Token that you need a special browser for

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No actually it got listed on the Pajeet exchange and now is getting a pump. It will return back to it's previous price of 0.33 in 24h hours.

The very same thing happened with REQ a few days ago.

Nothing more. The correction has already begun, if you are holding you should have sold already so you can buy back in on a lower price. If you are planning to buy wait another day or two to buy.

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>mozilla extension
>site integration

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For now yes, best browser by far.

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For now, yes.

You are a brainlet if you don't see this getting extended to other browsers.
>Brave is built on chromium: chrome extension out of the box
>Eich set up FF: extension

Safari is the only one to require extra work.

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Wait, does this mean they will be paying people to watch their stuff? I have to ask, is this sustainable?

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Not only that Bat is being integrated into Mozilla at a base level, users will update firefox and BAT will be there

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I have to ask, were you dropped a lot as a young child?

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lol 10k BAT is not much at all....
I'm in fucking college.
I'm not a fucking poorfag duude.
I do internships at RND departments
and I suck cock every summer
10k BAT is nothing nigga
It is barely enough to wipe my ass with

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Im assuming it's not your entire portfolio though.

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BAT is a time bomb

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Its pumping right now on binance.