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Does anyon here actually holds link or everyone is just shitposting?

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shitposting how new are you?

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$1000 EOY

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Link poster here, I have a small stack but my biggest holding rn is JNT. Its just fun to collect and post the LINK shadowfork pics and memes.

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Holding 20k.

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Check out our latest ChainLink music video -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzWjpjnRf-s

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No one holds any of the coins shilled here. We are all just larpers trying to get people to buy overpriced shitcoins destined for failure. We secretly get off to the pink Womack threads the inevitably come when our chosen shitcoin inevitably fail.

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It's all ironic. LINK is a scam

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Childhood is understsnding that link is a meme. Adulthood is realizing it doesn't matter

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Holding 800k

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Unironically hold a little under 5k. That's my limit.

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Everyone here holds LINK. The fud is the shitposting.

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My portfolio is
>50% LINK
>50% DBC
>505 TRX

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Only LINK I have is from COSS dividends.

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you have to be a moron to not understand LINKs potential and think this is all a meme desu senpai

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show me your bags

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Fucking awesome

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Jesus anon
Catchy line though

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how did you get link..literally like $0 link volume on that shit exchange

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Yea. 221k

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Kek, please make more chainlink vids. This meme is getting better by the day.

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The idea of Link is great but the product is weak.

Maybe HODL in hope of some update...

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holding 1.5mil here
all in baby

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You have to hold COSS

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t. unironically holding 300k

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Cashed out 20% and bought 1m link. don't give a fuck about short term fluctuations.

The comfiest.

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this is an old meme

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Got 4k now, aiming for 5, no link is not a fucking joke, best memes tho.

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OMG 150%.

Link 1050% by Sept!

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82 k. You’re s complete ham if you even have any suicide insurance

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This is cringey as fuck

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This. It took me a while to see through it although people are now making it obvious with shit fud. Research it yourself though bro. I think biz should stop the fud after this low and start a new era of biz.

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No one has bags from link really...There's way more shitcoins out there that have been fucked beyond belief and you guys kept shilling them.

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i hold 10k
gonna borrow 20K from parents to buy the dip

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what site is this?

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Fake as fuck, how new are you faggot?

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holding unironically 330k

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Obviously not as new as you. That began around December and I’m up to 4K link from the threads I’ve started alone

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Laughed hard

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Don't wanna start a new thread but for fucks sake, when will this coin actually do something beside gain and lose the same 5 lollars?

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Oh anon...

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I bought link at what i thought was the dip and its still the worst investment ive ever made. Im down the most money i have ever been

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Anyone who unironically holds link deserves to lose all their money. Jesus christ, look how its shilled on this board. All that "we are in this together, we're all gonna be rich" shit. If you feel like its a good idea to invest in the same tech these idiots like....you deserve to be poor.

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How many sats did you buy at

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>being paid for shitposting
a man can dream

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All in on link.
LINK is going to be the biggest thing ever, Sergey is love, Sergey is life.

$1000 eoy of year! CHECK EM

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No one here actually owns any LINK, we’re just memeing this hopeless shitcoin to redditfriends.

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REQ is using LINK.


But ohhhh nooo LINK is just a meme

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it seems we're failing in that endeavor

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>Ill stick with Th XRP senpai on twitter

I’d rather spend my time with autistic fags any day

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TALKING with chainlink

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I hold 25k

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>wears hat backwards on a sunny beach

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they didn't even bother mentioning other solutions

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Hoping to get 100k fiat into it before it moons, but i don't move that kind of money around at once.

Going 20k fiat into it next week

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How do you not see the need for decentralized oracles?

The only thing that can fuck it up is if sirgay has a heart attack or (((they))) get their shabbas goys to illegalize the use of smart contracts

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Holding links is for faggies here's my Chad portfolio

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Solid gold anon.

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nice..im 50k link 5k req.

I also have some shitcoins may consolidate.

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currently top 100 wallets in link.
Its obvious this is the next ant shares/eth/btc
this is the coin that will push me to a billionaire once im done accumulating

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OP have you seen the video of the screeching kid? yeah id say you got memed. also take note that these are the type of people you are posting all day with and asking for opinions. this place is full of darkness and people with major issues. people here are not smart people. highly dysfunctional human beings. sell you link for xmr and just leave crypto for good. best advice i can give you. This board has ruined LINK forever there's no turning back its fucking over. Good job.

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You're a fucking retard. Don't you see the people you're talking with? Did you not see what this board has done? Link is done. It can not recover from that video.

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Dang dude GL to you and me.

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I’m here just for the memes

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Bought a small bag of LINK just for the memes

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>half baked dapp working with link
Wow! We moon now boys!
WOW! Smartcontract consulted SWIFT! But there is no integration! Nothing!
Whoa! Another half baked project! Much moon!
Wow! How dumb do I need to be to believe IBM would outsource an oracle to an outside company?? Dunno lol, to the moon!

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18k link here

I wish I had a lot more..

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/biz/ has above 50% of all LINK tokens. We even managed to cause trouble to Binance, a few months ago, by withdrawing our tokens

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1+ million Link here

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I bought link so I can enjoy the memes

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buncha jive ass turkeys hootin and ah hollerin

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1.5k Links

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please donate 50k sir thank u sir

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lol that was hilarious. It was when bizlinkies were fed up with the IOUs binance was trading and we made them hit their cold wallet up lol.

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Holding 115k LINK

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Saw these same brainlet """"arguments"""" posted in some other threads?
Why are you so nervous noLinker?

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