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Fuck you

/muh shitty browser token
/muh over $1 defeats the purpose
/muh i already have adblock
/muh who would watch ads for crypto

seriously if BAT doesnt make it all your shit is fucked, might as well add a small stash so you don't feel shame down the road

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I own 500 now
ty anon
brave is ok just clunky

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Lel fucking tards

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Twitch support is nothing compared to whats bout to go down later this month.

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wat is it my frien

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Well it isn't google like that larping faggot was saying last week. I wont get too specific but I will say this: doomsday is coming for almost every ico token out there, BAT being one of the few exceptions.

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why is doomsday coming? please elaborate, I'm close to $1m would hate to go back to oblivion

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Cuz tezos is gonna assrape?

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Not even out of alpha yet, its time will come.

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If you dont cash out at least 75% of that you're a retard. Don't get greedy.

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When will Brave not be so shitty? I really want to support projects within crypto but brave is really bad right now, I just can’t use it.

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Yes, take some gains bro

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the SEC subpoenas are no joke. Its going to get really ugly. There's a reason why Eich had a lawyer by his side during every step of the ICO process. It's the same reason why Sergey has never shilled his coin on twitter and has never said shit to comfort "investors". Think about it

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Telling him to cash out while the market is still down over 40% is why you guys won't make it.

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How'd you know what he bought and when he bought it at?
Didn't say cash out all of it, asshole.

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What is everyone's obsession with this token?

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I am not holding any shitcoins. I am in some ICOs though, that could fuck me over.

what tokens ran their ICOs to regulation? what is the safe haven

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Cant say i really understand what you are saying but BAT is unironically the best project in crypto right now.

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> Mozilla/ javascript founder
> Insane investors
> Actual working product
> Brave browser
> Great team
> Right environment for its usecase
> Not shilled/ no pajeets

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Alright what is this "above $1 defeats the purpose"?
if it won't ever go much further than $1, why should a poorfag invest?

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Are you actually retarded or just pretending?

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Thats just a meme, when ad services come in summer then it will rise to $5-10 by summer 19.

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>above $1 defeats the purpose
this is a copypasta meme used frequently on here lol

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I'd be 100% surprised if we didn't hit that price target by mid year 2018.

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Think I might download this shit cunt of a browsing, I'll be using bat while I'm batting! Thanks OP!

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Forgive me if I'm misunderstanding something, but who the FUCK still watches ads in the current year, when adblocking is becoming commonplace? How does BAT have a future, when internet companies are looking for other financing models and moving away from ads?

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Mobile and tablets. I'm too lazy to get adblocker for my phone.

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deluded batties

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Twitch already have their own coin, its call BITS. i donate them to boobies streamers all the time. enjoy your bags.

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It doesnt. Sell it

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Millions upon millions of normies. Normies with disposable income, and families, and jobs.

Normies that will watch one or two highly targeted BAT ads a month, and use said BAT to pay for shit online. Their spotify, netflix, or hulu membership.

Maybe they'll give it to their favorite online cam girl? who knows!

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Not feeling it. Sell
Grats, it's pumping right now. And how long was it bleeding for?
I can assure you the pump won't last

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It's quite literally an answer to ad blockers and they must think it's a good one as they also offer the most powerful native adblocker with one click. The adpocalypse has seen demonetization, paywalls and rise of donation/stream systems. BAT fits well to all those systems.

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Neither of you remotely understand it, which begs the questions why are you invested in it? It's a good coin but you dont know it.

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Remember the YT larp...

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I understand it just fine. I was answering the guys question as to "who views ads in 2018".

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Everyone that fell for that is going to be very happy by mid year.

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Well it's incorrect, adblockers are ubiquitous and even chrome has just updated to have a significant native blocker. The purpose of BAT is that a free internet is impossible so the current system is unsustainable. In my posts i listed the various emerging solutions and BAT fits into all of them whilst also repurposing advertising.

BAT may understandably appear useless when users can run ad blocks with no issue but those days are over as Brave itself knows seeing as they offer the best blocker going.

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TBF it held it's value very well during the crash. I believe in the long term viability of the project and have been dollar cost averaging since Mid Jan.

Comfy as fuuuuuuck.

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If you fell for that you are a pajeet. "Huge partnerships going to be announced soon" is a shit tier tactic used on different coins, it was a shame to see it used on BAT and was depressing to see it work.

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you're saying the current system is unsustainable because of adblockers, but you aren't mentioning "banner blindness" and diminishing returns advertisers are seeing per dollar spent on mobile and web advertisement.

At the end of the day the real winners in all this are Content Publishers and Advertisers who have a real incentive in seeing BAT succeed as it reduces their expenditures while at the same time increasing their bottom line.

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There's that too, i haven't mentioned all the ways in which BAT solves a problem because there really are quite a lot.

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agreed. comfiest hold of 2018

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>"banner blindness"
lol you really did swallow the kool-aid.

here's the problem, BAT/Brave is an ICO. Brendan sold tokens in exchange for tens of millions of dollars. He will have to prove in court that this was a donation and not an investment.

Tezos is trying this and they are being sued, badly. At the end of the day it's a losing battle. Nobody is going to be managing all of these "tokens of the future". There is Bitcoin and there is everything else.

BAT is going to zero. It's going to hurt a lot of people but that's the world we live in. Not this fantasy land where everyone (so many people are holding huge bags of BAT) is going to be driving lambos and Brendan fucking Eich is going to be the ad king of the world.

Randall Rothenberg and the IAB and all the other Jews simply will not let that happen.

Buy BTC before everyone switches over to the Bit as the standard unit of account. Once Normies see that they are holding 10,000 bits instead of .01 BTC they will flock to BTC.

Oh yeah and the overnight jump from $20k to $80k that's going to happen in May will help convince them.

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The outcome of the ICO scandals will have to be seen but out of all of them BAT was done in the most professional, safe manner so im not worried.

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Also banner blindness is a real, quanitified thing. You can read pages on methods advertisers and websites have gone to to increase user engagement. I'd be surprised if you haven't experienced trailing banners, pop ups, timed ads etc.

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>but out of all of them BAT was done in the most professional, safe manner so im not worried.

I can not emphasize enough how negative the SEC's statements have been this month. On multiple occasions the SEC has said that all ICO's and all utility tokens meet the criteria for a security.

Being quiet and having Perkins & Coie on retainer IS. NOT. ENOUGH.

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Look the reason I quoted "banner blindness" is because there are many solutions that do not require a token/blockchain. The only thing the token offers is a lawsuit and eventual fines/penalties from the SEC.

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Just gonna leave this here:


Give it a look when you get a chance. No pressure.

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I know more about this than you do.

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True, but we've briefly gone over numerous problems with online revenue and whilst for each one there may be many solutions, BAT is an elegant solution for most of them.

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When people say they'll get paid for watching ads it reminds of the hundreds of get paid to click websites we had ten years ago, and probably still do. Only pajeets or children engage in that. A normal person quickly realizes he can work 10 minutes and earn the equivalent of an entire day's worth of ad clicking.

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ah, i didn't have that loaded up while i was replying.

Also i disagree. I also don't think you know better than big brain brendan. where's your solution to the advertising problem?

Instead you're sitting on a mongolian basket weaving forum, arguing with strangers at 2:00 AM PST

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I've been FUDing a lot of BAT threads because after studying the project I can't seriously see it going anywhere, but if it succeeds, I'll be glad to have been wrong. Good luck Batters.

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>BAT is an elegant solution for most of them.
Not at all! We don't even know if it can function yet. Jennie is claiming payments will be batched monthly but there is no technical specifications for how this will be done. The ETH blockchain certainly can't handle it. Not to mention payments aren't going out and people's wallet balances are vanishing.

Tokens are NOT an elegant solution. It is, in fact, the opposite of an elegant solution and is very much NOT anti-fragile. BAT has none of the strengths of BTC and ALL of the weaknesses.

Brave and Brendan will probably still go on with their browser but the token is getting removed.

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The emphasis really isnt on earning by watching ads. Eich said from the start that doing so would earn you about a coffee a week. Instead it's to be used to reward publishers, pass paywalls or access streaming services. You can buy BAT as well if you desire or even just adblock and ignore it.

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Payments monthly are not hard and most have gone out, the payment issue is due to the browser and system still being alpha. My payments went out with no issue.

The only issue there will be scaling it to instant donation, which people will want eventually.

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Publishers aren't going to pay Brendan 30% of their publishing budget. Just won't happen.

Imagine you are a publisher. You buy BAT at $.50 each. You want to give these BAT to users so they pay attention to your shit. But you can only give 70% of the tokens you bought to users. The other 30% has to go back to Brave.


Not to mention that this is illegal according to the most ICO friendly legislation out there (Wyoming). See pic related.

You guys really need to listen to me. If anything keep some fiat/BTC on the side to buy the coming dip if you really believe in the project so much (which is weird, you don't invest like that)

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The publisher never buys BAT. Even with brave's share the system costs much less for advertisers conpared to google's.

At this point it's clear you have no grasp whatsoever of the product.

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>The publisher never buys BAT.

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My nigga, i'm going to bed. It's clear you're just grasping at straws now.

>Muh publishers will never pay for it
>Muh ICO's are illegal and will crash to 0
>Muh we can engineer a solution using the current broken system.

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You're comparing the goals of a product that literally doesn't exist (anyone can promise to work on everything) vs the actual capabilities of a product that is proven and released.

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Imagine misunderstanding a product this badly and still FUDing it.

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Yes, the publisher quite literally never buys BAT. You have a very fundamental misunderstanding.

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