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Finally! This is awesome, finally jibrel will get some actual exposure.

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someone post the pasta about paper logo, and seed insider lol

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Jibrel have all the best contacts

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boxmining seems like a good dude 2bh

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And nothing of value was gained. It's exposure and nothing else. Nothing new was learned and he didn't actually answer any questions.

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Its 35 minutes long, hasnt even been up on youtube for longer then 28 minutes yet you have watched it all?are you a member of the xmen?

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I skipped the description of the product and introduction of Talllaallaly.

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He couldn't spoil anything that will be covered by the media announcement.

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Sure you did

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Unless you are the 390K guy I almost certainly have ten times as much JNT as you do.

It's a nothing video.

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Scam coin. Avoid

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Wrong again.

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Dear sir, thank you for your letter to Jibrel. We understand you invested in 2 million dollars of tokenized assets (mainly homes and luxury cars in Dubai). Unfortunately, those assets were held in trust at the Dubai Aklahamaladahammad Bank. The Bank appears to have sold the assets as a means to avoid bankruptcy. I am sorry sir, but the assets are gone. We will not be able to cash your JIbrel. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

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Please feel free to point out anything in the video that wasn't already known. Not commonly known doesn't count. It also includes thing he has said on telegram.

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Bank will be in switzerland.NEXTTTTT!

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Go actually watch it then we can talk.You already got called out on your lies once, its up to you to salvage your rep here.

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only jcash

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I did watch it. You called out literally nothing. You realize this is an anonymous serbian competitive bouncing board right?

Please point out everything that was learned. It's a fairly simple task if there was anything new.

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He is paid to do these bro A LOT. It means nothing.

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serious question then, when will be jcash available to everyone with no KYC on exchanges or at least on their platform?

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people are so tense about this project it's unreal

anyway I thought the interview was fine, for us autists here it's nothing new but for normies it'll be nice because they don't have to watch a ton of vids and read a bunch of websites and all that boring stuff we're used to

I don't think this will pump the price but it should make the information slightly more digestible for normal folks

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I have 20k JNT will i make it

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depends, if you're talking about this year probably not
next year or years after then for sure.

I think a lot of people will be brainlets and sell early

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Hard to say. In a year we'll see over 100 companies "tokenizing assets". Is Jibrel 'the one' that will make it? who knows.

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First mover advantage seems to be pretty important in the blockchain space.

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This chink resembles Pepe somehow

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>ITT people who are fudding a video they haven't watched

If you can read between the lines there was a great deal of information. Mobile wallets in Q1. NEO support. Regulations done for multiple currencies. Employees being deployed to national financial institutions.

You guys are literal retards.

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i'n not buying your overpriced bags idiots

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I honestly think this might be the best investment opportunity in crypto right now. If they succeed, the market cap has literally no limit, and with the team and partnerships they have, it seems like they are on track

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He also rolled back expectations... you guys are deluded. Take a look at there fucking road map and add 3 months to everything. Maybe more if they keep wasting time with invisible sheiks and meme contests.

Enjoy your 4 cent bump for two weeks

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what what happens when a no KYC required pegged source of cash is used by terrorists to hit the USA? The USA can freeze and account in any bank they want to. How can the USA freeze Jibrel's assets in a Swiss bank? Easy, the US orders the bank to do it or they will no longer be allowed to do business with the USA. So, I need these questions resolved before I invest.

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>Access to funding with SEED group is multiples and multiples of what we thought we'd get as Jibrel Network

At 32:00 he says they are already have staff in multiple financial institutions.


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> spoonfeed me info, so I will invest in something that will make me money
uh, why do we care if you invest? it's in your interest to research this

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>they are already have staff in multiple financial institutions.
WTF does that mean? If my bank had a bunch of crypto icos hanging out there I'd be concerned.

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>Enjoy your 4 cent bump for two weeks
anyone with a brain who's holding jnt doesn't care what happens in 2 weeks, unless they start tokenizing assets it doesn't matter

if the price doesn't move people will just buy more and by the time people like you and normies FOMO in the volume won't be there for you to fill your bags without jacking up the price (the volume is already shit)

people joke about the price singularity with link but I can actually see that happening with this

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>LINK price singularity
What did he mean by this?

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I'm just calling it like I see it, I don't think it's a joke though

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im glad someone actually watched the vid.someone with a reddit account highlight this in the reddit thread.

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Did you miss the part where they said they've been working closely with banks and financial institutions because they're aiming to be compliant? It's not some pajeet scam, look at the background of the team for starters.

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This is what made Antshares moon like fuck

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I suspect most countries will make tokenization of assets illegal. They will flip their shit when they see this happening. Some dude in NK or IRAN, bam they just acquired 100 million in USD? Am I missing something?

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also vechain to some extent
if jibrel actually pulls off getting $150M+ tokenized on their system (i have my doubts) then this shit is going straight up

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They do KYC/AML compliance.

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You missed the part where you don't dyor and come up with scenarios they don't make sense

jibrel will most likely never reach america but that's not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things because there's a lot of money to be made in asia alone

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if you have add just watch from 32 mins onwards, so much new info there youll cream your pants.

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this guy from reddit sums it up

"[–]kadauserer 4 points 19 minutes ago
Talal is just dropping bombs in the end, they are way ahead of what I thought."

this is huge news guys

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i wouldn't buy this shitcoin

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>Talal is just dropping bombs
>dropping bombs


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What kind of bombs

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buy my bags

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I remember that moment as well anon. Good to see an fellow oldfag

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ok so I watched the video and my question remains the same >>8039254
because if that's not gonna be available I don't see why any institutions or any sheik would want to tokenize their real money

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>Access to funding with SEED group is multiples and multiples of what we thought we'd get as Jibrel Network

Comfy holding my 390k

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I decided to put my faith in the african poos and bough some of their tokens but i can't find any wallet to store them in
There is only that official online (disgusting) wallet and i will never ever store them in a wallet that others can access where can idownload a wallet that lets me store them in a wallet.dat file that i can back up in an offline storage?

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It's an erc20 token. Any ether wallet will do

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Its an erc20 token so there are plenty of wallets you can use

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I don't understand. How can you store tokens in a wallet that is designed for a coin?

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/sultan/ gang we out here

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Your newness is showing, read up on what ERC20 tokens actually are before you buy them

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This interview is a turnon and a bit of a turnoff at the same time
not tether 2.0
but maybe the institutional money will make bigger

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a lot of talk about compliance
private sales coming later, for now institutional investors
jUSD wont be freely tradable on rando exchanges

is cool, but something a bit different from usdt

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why do you have to be so rude mohamed? i might just decide not to buy your meme token after all

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project more /pol/tard

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Which is nothing new and already a known fact.

otherwise regulated assets will never be able to buy in .

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MAYBE?think bigger my friend, institutional money is THE money, not public tether.

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Doesn't really bother me, with the type of adoption and angle they are going for with jCash we can be assured that they'll capture the MENA region at least for fiat-crypto gateways.

They know the space well. Many will gladly go through KYC/Whitelisting to have an audited and secure version of Tether with the ability to withdraw to a bank account and vice versa. This might not be the play to the reddit/4chan investors, but for getting some larger investors on board, this is absolutely crucial.

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There's no way this project will work. They intend to be KYC/AML compliant for everything and to follow ALL regulations within individual countries, smart contracting blacklists, etc. This will exclude far too many people to become adopted on any significant level and regulations of different countries are going to come into conflict pretty quickly. They don't even have a working wallet?

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DYOR - this concern has been brought up multiple times already and if you've done your research you would realize why people have invested in this.

they aren't looking to capture every market in the world. but they are definitely going to capture at least 1, likely more. and that is more than enough for this to be a very worthwhile investment.

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You are right, Institutional money aka regulated assets don't hustle to be KYC or AML compliant. Fuck the banks, they do whatever they want and the follow any laws.

Never read so much bs on this board. business and finance was it called right?

There wallet is in alpha, guess who else has no wallet - Basically 99% of the coins out there, not even ICON the biggest blockcchain innovation postponed their wallet several times.

With an alpha you have more than 99% and the wallet isn't even the core business of jibrel.

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The core business of Jibrel seems to be announcing announcements at this point

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Since you failed with your first accusation you try to switch the topic asap?

Peace out, brainlets will stay brainlets forever.

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lulz.Simply it was a logical continuation after your last point. Keep shillin bagboy

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they said early on that they had to turn down investors because they didn't want to deal with KYC/AML and they're okay with that

jnt is supposed to appeal to financial institutions and people that need to follow regulations if their money is going to be anywhere near crypto

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...Who is bagholding JNT? I've been monitoring this project closely and it's barely fluctuated 10 cents since it first started getting attention on /biz/. Lame FUD attempt.

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ironically it is behaving exactly like a stablecoin

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they paid boxmining like 100k for that vid. Fucking mafia

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>So eventually can we buy apple or tesla stock on the blockchain?
>Good question the answer would be no. We dont do any listed equities

I thought this is what they wanted to do

>> No.8041713

THEY have a good post on medium on why they dont do public equity - id post it but in too lazy rn.

But no, they are doing other assets, starting with fiat.

>> No.8041739


Talal even told you why public listed equities makes no sense right now.

>logical continuation?
You randomly throw around with assumptions and accusations and don't even bother responding. Have you even found the download button for the Whitepaper?

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why you so salty? this project is 1000% talk and promises bro. a couple photos here and a paid youtube shill there

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4th post, still nothing constructive.

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I mean you're the one coming into a thread to complain about people spending their money in a way you don't approve of lmao

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Fine your right... I just trying to get the price to go down so I can buy some. i'm sorry

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the price is down buddy
this is the dip, literally 2x ico price

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>box mining
Such an autistic name for a YouTube channel

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Please don't buy, you fucking retard. /pol/ should stay poor and salty.

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Are you retarded? Boxmining gets fuck all views who on earth would pay that much money

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talal is our man

>> No.8042981

Where can i get subs for that shit

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Nvm dont need them. Some arabian guy on TG confirmed video is general crypto bullshit, we’ve been pajeeted by Talcuckall

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Thanks, just sold 100k and went all in on Bitbean.

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Anyone here speaks ISIS?

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Im getting more and more bullish on this

If only I had more fiat lying around

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jibrel had 3 of the 4 most influential people in crypto speaking at their conference before the damn ico was completed!No vitalik to complete the set :( video proof below.The size of the conference, can you smell the money anons?Can you see why the pajeets in the jibrel telegram are so scared their 200 dollar life savings wont buy enough?

don tapscott, the don of finance and crypto


binance ceo, cz, also on the front cover of this months forbes


Da Hongfei ceo of neo


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Real talk BITB would actually be okay if it wasn't marketed in such a piece of shit way fuck I hate that coin

>> No.8043802

Liquidate crypto into it senpai

>> No.8043835

All my crypto holdings are jnt
Real estate is hard to liquidate kek

>> No.8043912

Tokenize it

>> No.8043959

If only there was some company offering that service

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Explain this shit to me.

So if the value of jrt is that tokens are backed by real money at a $1=1t rate then how can anyone make any money from this? i bought at $.5 and if the maximum value will be $1 then i will only double my investment tops which is not worth it unless you pour in millions

>> No.8043979

Nice bait. Not even trying to help you.

>> No.8043984

> jrt
wtf is this shit
>i bought at $.5 and if the maximum value will be $1
wtf is that shit

Nobody going to spoonfeed you. DYOR or stay poor.

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I already bought 10k of them because of the shilling here, i just want to know how will they make me rich

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When it gets to $1, sell everything

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Read links
You will be happy EOY

JNT market cap will be at least equal to total amount of issued tokenized assets, as JNT has to be held in reserve as backing.

So if 2 billion usd worth tokenized assets are issued, JNT minimum value will be $10 but probably much higher cause of hodlers

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DYOR lazy fuck

>> No.8044047

How in the world does this only have a 70m market cap? By the looks of what they're looking to achieve shouldn't this be in the top 50 at least?

>> No.8044052

The meme is real

>> No.8044058

Why you think so many ppl are all-in on it?

>> No.8044070

Can you give me a quick rundown? Any big announcements or partnerships coming soon? I don't think this will pump without big news in the current market

>> No.8044088

Next to no marketing and pretty much all trading volume is on bibox. You're witnessing the early days, come be a /sultan/

>> No.8044099

Supposedly :

SEED announcement coming - SEED is dubai sheiks personal investment fund

Binance listing - we dont know when but probably happening

These are what I know of

>> No.8044110

Honestly the video in OP is the best rundown you'll get. The coin itself is pretty much just tokenizing actual assets with proper auditing and potential backing from the UAE royal family.
This is a long, may see a pump to $1 in the next month or so as more people jump on board but I'm looking at ~$5 EOY

>> No.8044154

wow checked. Any reason why this has been bleeding past couple weeks? Looks to be a very new token, what are your predictions for the next month or so?

>> No.8044163

about five gorillion satoshis you stupid nigger

>> No.8044229

Seriuosly tho, why do all the boring research myself when i can let the neets here do it for me and then just ridealong

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>> No.8044401

I dunno, honestly, first big test is when they tokenize a bigger chunk of assets.
This is a long hold, but seeing how some projects have a billion dollar mcap on a whitepaper and some hype, I would be suprised if ppl didnt FOMO the fuck in once they realize its legit.

>> No.8044608

fucking exactly my thought process

>> No.8044863

Don't overestimate the intelligence of normies. Most people don't understand what the fuck they're investing in, regardless whether or not we're talking about crypto or traditional stocks. They just buy what's popular aka apple stocks, netflix stocks, bitcoin, ripple etc. They don't bother to investigate or understand the underlying buisness that they're investing in and instead just mindlessly throw their money at whatever is "in" right now. Fuck em, they deserve to be poor.

>> No.8045173

Still, its baffling. Their loss, I guess. I got to buy some more at .45 during the bleed.

>> No.8045445

>Most people don't understand what the fuck they're investing in,

The main reason why JNT is not trading at 2 dollars. This goes for many projects btw, but JNT has the advantage of not needing normie lunch money investors. It just needs adoption.

>> No.8045455

>It just needs adoption.

You make it sound so easy.

>> No.8045511

The fomo will hit reddit soon, then these prices will be gone forever.

>> No.8045617

to anyone who knows.. don't spill the beans

>> No.8045659


It's not easy. I just wanted to say I don't need to convince autistic NEETs to buy this coin. Let them spout their racism.

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>> No.8046307

Volume actually seems to be picking up these past few days, too.

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really need to get 10K of these but no cash, going to be a race against time to see if i get paid before this takes off

>> No.8046465

Boxmining is a paid shill, fuck him and fuck your coin

>> No.8046535

do not spill the B E A N S

>> No.8046642

A coin which doesn't rely on neets, clearly a gift from heaven. Keep fudding it all day /biz/

>> No.8046853

>depends on uber-wealthy institutions who can actually make more money using jibrel
>doesn't depend on mass adoption from retarded normies who are already spooked by the december crash
>elite connections and advisors
>elite token economics
exactly why i'm going all-in

>> No.8047200

do i gotta listen to you talk about your 390k jibrel in every jibrel thread?

>> No.8047235

Lol if he has strong hands he might end up beyond lamboland with that amount
That might be private jet money

>> No.8047280

when would you take profits if you had 390K?

>> No.8047310

I’d prolly cash out 50k at $10 and 50k at $100 then let the rest go where it has to