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I don't believe in kek

sergey is a fraud and LINK is a scam

maybe if this post gets dubs ill believe

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Checked those singles, and who the hell is this faggot from twitter? GTFO normie

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guess he doesnt want to be rich oh well. everyone knows the beggining of everything starts here

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Never seen such a retarded community applies very well to stinkies.His instincts are good on that.

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you just posted this like an hour ago

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guy is a literal xrp jew shill wtf do you expect

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Ripple's coin is completely seperate from everything else they are developing. Its like buying Chuck-E-Cheese tokens while thinking youve bought stock in the franchise. Terrible investment for misguided people.

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This fucking board has ensured that /LINK/ will never be successful. You autistic fucks scared everyone away with your shit memes. /biz/ got in TOO early, 2/3 of all link link transactions are done between /biz/ members

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maybe it will follow the path set, sergey will abandon the project, it will get picked up by another group, then actually gain value.

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Just like bitbean, signatum, chancoin, magacoin, turtle etc etc?

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fuck off normie nigger

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while bitbean was being shillled so was xvg

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Bitbean went from 12 sats to 180 sats, Don't shit on Bitbean :(

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