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where can i get a fucking loan /biz/? who are the biggest kikes out there that charge the highest interest rates, someone has to be willing to take money from a faggot like me

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>mrw i'm literally going to have 0 dollars in my bank account this time next week

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Get a job

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What are you going to do if you do get a loan? You understand that having 0 dollars in the bank and no income, as horrible as that is, is still preferable to having a huge debt that you can't pay because you still have no income right? Unless you have a specific plan to change the loan into income (doubt it since you're on /biz/), you're better off just being a fucking wagecuck to earn the money you want to be loaned.

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generally you'd be correct. but i'm in a weird situation. i have a massive windfall coming to me at some point this year and i need a loan to bridge the gap. so i'm literally broke right now but will be set for decades at some point in 2018.

lenders do not give a fuck about that, even though i have documentation proving i'm getting over half a mil this year. i've had no luck with any of them.

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where u from faggot?

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Payday loans. But Jesus are they expensive

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This guys would but he's in prison kek

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the payday loans i've researched are for smaller amounts of money. i'm looking for a bigger loan so i don't have to worry this year and can just pay it back once i get the windfall.

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You’re betting on crypto gains for loan repayments? You deserve whatever you get! Godspeed.

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Lol you're lazy and will lose your windfall in like 2-3 years.