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Is having hands of iron synonymous for not setting a stop loss?

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same level of lazy greed

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nice ass, now im forced to fap because i got horny

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Synonymous with bagholder in a lot of cases desu

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let's say you do the most rudimentary analysis of an asset. Price might go up, down, sideways - you don't know. You set a 5% stop loss, you take profit at 10% and over. Assuming you're not constantly fomo-ing in at ATH's or spewing into obvious, long term downtrends, you should ultimately be turning a consistent profit over time - regardless of what's happening in the market...right?

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Is she taking a pic with a shower gel bottle? What in the sam hell is going on with teh youth these days?

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I do not have iron hands

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Iron hands = retards trying to justify their shitty trading strategies

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>using stop loss in crypto
Fuck off, newfag.

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That's a lot of assumptions. It's pretty easy to make money in a bull trend. What really tests your skills is making money in uncertainty.

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>stop loss
Enjoy getting your bags sold in a swing and immediately missing out on +10%

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10% profit isn't always easy to come by lmao