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I am from Romania and have 20.000 euros to spend.
What business should I start?


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camgirl studio

i hear those are popular there

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yes they are but girls aren't making any money

I've looked into it and it's money wasting

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You can't start anything with such a small amount of money.

The most popular way to start a business in a post-commie country "in transition" or "post transition" is to be in good relations with a political party or the mafia/economic gangsters, so that you can get a massive loan, start the business, and then with various political/economical machinations, never have to repay the loan. This is if you want to start it now.

Of course, everyone important already got their wealth in the 90s and early 00s, during privatization and the rise of the tycoons. This is mostly how their kids start their little toy businesses now...

So basically... if you can start a business (have the right connections), you don't need the money in the first place. If you don't have the connections it will fail anyway.

Do you have an income already and those are savings, or is it just something that fell in your lap and there won't be any more coming anytime soon?

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Romanian taco truck go

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there's plenty of food trucks here

i don't have any connections and most gangsters in my town will just steal all the income if they know im starting a business
the money is savings and i dont work anymore to get more money

is there nothing i can start with them? how much do you need for a good startup?

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Best investment with 20k? Buy a one way ticket to Freedonia and start a life there.

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>i don't have any connections
Then you have a problem.

If you had twice as much money, I'd tell you to just buy an apartment and fix it up yourself and start renting it out on a daily basis (for tourists, not monthly rental), but that's something you have to actively do, it's not a passive income, and it's not the best return compared to the investment.

I'm in a similar situation in a similarly crappy country btw, no connections or anything, and that seems to make the most sense to me, but I'm extremely bothered by the low return. Still, without other people to start something with... what else can one even do? It's of course much easier if you're in a country where you can get a business loan and which has a good economy so your business actually has a decent chance of succeeding.

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Buy up shitty items from poor people, refurbish the said shitty items, and sell them for twice the price you paid for them.

Hell, you could probably sell all of your shit on Etsy for good money. "Romanian antique dinner tray" $50.00

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Well, if his situation is the same as it is in my shitty country, which it probably is, the problem with doing this is:

a) incredible amount of bureaucracy and bribery that you need if you want to do it legally, making it completely unprofitable
b) stupidly high shipping and similar costs

Again, not sure about Romania specifically, but in a lot of EE, it's just more practical to fucking throw away the item than sell it on ebay and pay for shipping to America or wherever the hell.

Meanwhile countries that actually want to create a good economy for themselves and are allowed to do so by the world like Hong Kong have free shipping worldwide.

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buy Monero

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you can buy up old soviet stuff in your country and sell it for good money on ebay to the rest of the world. Gas mask, communist medals, helmets, uniforms etc.


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kek you don't do it legally. I sold for thousand of bucks on ebay many years ago and never paid a single cent in tax over it.

Just buy it cash from people and on ebay you sell it via paypal. You can transfer ithe eceived payment from paypal to your own bank account..

Hong Kong doesn't have free shipping costs. they tell the customer, but the shipping cost is already included in the sales prices. So a sort of trickery.

Also as I sold a lot of stuff on ebay. Customer pays and if he really wants it he will pay it. I've had customers in Japan who wanted a 100 euro item signed delivered.. I think it costed them 40 or 50 euro in shipping costs and they paid that without complaining or nagging

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Change your euros to dollars. Get on a plane to America and buy a small business. You can buy a convenience store or gas station in some parts of the Midwest for $10,000 list price

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Shipping is never free, you think the mailman is working for the good of the people?

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I've got a question for you. Are you asking for a way to spend or make money ? Keep the 20000 in the bank and try setting up a middleman type business for the start, once you'll find out what's profitable and need growth, you can invest.

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I need a visa

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Why don't you sell artificial Persian rugs with your other gypsy friends?

Maybe ransom some stolen babies? Gypsies gonna gyp

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>Change your euros to dollars.
This is probably the easiest short term investment.
Buy now, sell in a week or two. You'd probably make a few hundred.

The post-Communist eBay thing would also be a good racket.
A way to generate sales: become a regular poster on a militaria forum.
Link your ebay in a banner in your signature.
Don't shill every post, just chat normally and your signature will do the shilling for you.

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Also, /g/ has a bizarre fixation on Soviet era wristwatches, especially commemorative ones. They think they're chic.

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buy dollars lol do you even keep up with the news

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You're an idiot.

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Trips confirm

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what about imports? anyone know anything about that?

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The only thing that comes to mind is importing bulk bullshit items, such as phone cases or similar from alibaba and other cheap sites, which sell for an extremely high markup, but for that, you'd have to have a connection at the border so that they can let it in the country without import duties and taxes and shit, and you'd have to have someone who has a related store or other means to sell it.

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Problem with this is that I'm pretty sure he will be trading them at a 10% premium at his bank or even worse at an exchange office.

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bump for interest

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Maybe, but he's right. That's exactly how it works in eastern europe.

Of course in theory you can make a living as small businessman, but shitty environment can fuck you over. It really depends on how happy people are with corruption with the area and if you can turn to someone for help if they get fucked over.

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oh also if you have already appropriated (stolen) large enough business and got rid of any possible obstacles (like small shareholders that might have had the funny idea of taking part of privatisation) by diluting the stock, you can happily extort the state into giving you subsidies, or else you'll fire several thousand people to make their families mad at the government.

Or if you don't actually own the company you can lend company's money to yourself and use them to buy the company from its shareholders, or you can transfer all assets of the company to your private company and then let the company you're managing go bankrupt...

well it's not quite as bad anymore, people have learned to watch out for some of the tricks, and understandably people who got rich by using them are on guard to not get fucked over in the same manner.

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Are u me?

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are you romanian with some money?

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almost.. I'm your neighbor with some similar amount of money, looking to invest in something