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Is that from Peaky Blinders?

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bump. need some more bat memes for my folder to look back on and laugh at when im rich

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>when I'm rich
>holding bat
>implying you won't be a jar of ashes by the time bat is 2 dollars

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>he doesn't know

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>he doesn't know

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checked and keked

will buy more

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Add a BAT to that.

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gay niggerjew

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Do any of you people really believe in BAT? There seems to be constant threads, but why not shill a project that actually has potential? Wouldn't all these efforts be put to a better use this way?

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are you an actual retard?

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I get that less serious coins are better to create pumps, but if some of you spend all day posting about a coin, wouldn't it be better to shill a coin that has a future, so that you profit whether or not you manage to convince other people to invest in it, you'll still profit somehow?