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>interview at really prestigious medical devices company
>everyone has really expensive ivy league degrees
>I come from this cheap ass state school
>ace all of the take-home problems
>ace all of the interview questions
>solve one of the technical problems they were facing during a 1 on 1 session
>get rejected because of """""culture fit"""""
Class war when?

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Make your own company and reject Ivy League rich kids.

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Are you whitey? They want muslim genderqueer biracial niglet-chinks these days.

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You're clearly weird and autistic, don't lie. But yeah i hate rich pussies

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Can you think of any group that is more oppressed than white men?

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None of the interviewers were minorities, just silver spoon pricks. They can't keep getting away with this.

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This was three phone screens, two week long homework assignments, and a half hour on-site presentation. They wasted a whole month of my life

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if your realyl that good youll find your way
just b urself

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Not cool man not cool

I don’t agree to anything more than a day exercise incase this dehjmasing shit happens to me but then I’m a weak