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Let’s have this thread again. Which other wage cucks here are currently stuck in LA traffic and going home right now? I’m currently on the 5 south in Santa Ana (right by the big cube).

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>in the year 2018

I would kill myself if I had to do that again

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We cant all be as fortunate as you, buddy

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Have a webm

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I'm really good at keeping my NEET status, somehow I always come back to being a NEET. Commuting is one of my 4 nightmares.

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unless your job is paying you for your hours commuting each week, you are being fucked out of a significant portion of your life

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Nope, sorry OP. It only took me about 20 minutes to fly across both bridges from long beach to san pedro today at 4:50 pm.

Also, OC isnt LA. You're in OC traffic. Dont tell me you work in OC but live in LA.

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Stop reminding me ;_;

I was coming from south county LA. Also, LA and OC are inseparable.

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You mean you don't have a remote job???

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LA and OC are inseparable? Fuck off, the only time I have gone to LA is for weed. LA is an absolute shithole in comparison to south OC

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Used to live in LB and as much as I miss Southern California I do not miss the traffic

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>Fuck off, the only time I have gone to LA is for weed.
You sound like a loser.

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OC is like a strange mirror-world version of LA. I hate it. If the uncanny valley existed for places all of OC would fall inside it.

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I think I see you OP

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holy fuck

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Just got home from the west LA san fernando commute. Thankfully, I will be out of here in 10 months.

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hopefully you're moving to a real community somewhere, where you can walk/bike/bus/train to everything in under 20 minutes.

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OC is garbage, only someone not from LA would say that they are inseparable.

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hi op,
im the samefag from yesterday that would commute to irvine when i was still wagecuckin
spent all day sitting on my ass playing vidya and watchin anime

also dont use your phone and drive. its bad :(

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every single faggot in that webm thinks they are important, that their life matters, and that they have somewhere important to be

yet they willingly throw themselves into this nightmare scenario just because of a job or a house or something, and refuse against all reason, to GTFO and go somewhere with less people

so fucking sad, and more people move to the bay area every year despite traffic infrastructure not matching the pace of growth and there being no money for new infrastructure besides

what a broken state

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>what a broken state
more like what a broken country. USA is car culture, not just CA

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Crazy to think everyone in those vehicles has an anus and probably has a bunch of shit in their rectum after a day at work. Sick fucks.

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tfw always home and comfy during these threads.

Sucks not living in Pasadena, I guess

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Oh shit nigga I drove past there a few hrs ago. Endless shitwaves of assholes in my way. Every fucking time I have to drive through OC and LA and SD.

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is that california?

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Looks like the good ol 405 to me.
Trust me, when you come down the grapevine and see those brakekights...
Mmmmm just so comfy I love it

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i hope you all are paying 5 bucks a gallon for gas there