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Who else here stuck in Los Angeles traffic, driving home from their wage cuck job and passing the time by shitposting?

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dont text and drive wagecuck

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literally me, la brea makes me wanna kms

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Fuck you mom
I know that feel bro. I am stuck on the 5 south in dtla. I usually take the carpool lane, even though I’m the only one in the car. Cops never catch you for using the carpoool lane.

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That's fucking illegal

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Why are you 4channing and driving nigger

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>living more than 15 minutes from your job in LA

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I used to be wagecuck and drive an hour in traffic 5 times a week to Irvine.
God damn, i dont miss it one bit.
Feels good to be a NEET

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>Fresh Air
yeah, try harder LARP fag

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where do you work fgt

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You don’t drive in LA traffic

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Fucking phoneposters ffs

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skirball fuck west LA bunch of hippies and overpriced real estate

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I work on wilshire you cucklord

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wilshire has so much traffic why do you inflict pain upon yourself?

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NORTHERN California, bitch! I would never even consider living in that crowded hellhole you call home, it makes me sick to my stomach every time I have to drive through it. I'll take my small town college sluts, $1 Sierra Nevada Pale Ales, pristine river running right through town, and $1000/mo for a whole fucking house, thank you!
And no I won't tell you where, if you can't figure it out then you are not welcome.

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traffic is for plebs

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I have a 5min walk from where Iive to work (DTLA)

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lmaooo I work at a film studio, literally living the fuckin dream. bitches cream themselves when I tell them I make decisions for movies and shit

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Humboldt county represent

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You sound like a real piece of shit. Post a picture of your haircut, I bet it's fucking ridiculous.

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I'm a second-gen euro-centric carribean spic, I literally can't lose at life sociologically speaking

it's hard to not be a piece of shit when life is easy

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Haha, maybe you're not so bad after all!

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>Chico state trash

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I vacationed in California in October. Dan Diego county was awesome, but I love deserts.

LA made me near homicidal. I have NO FUCKING IDEA how you deal with that in a daily basis.

I’m from New England and we have fuckingbterrible drivers, but I’ll never complain again...and I’ll nevef visit LA unless I have a fucking private helicopter.

>90 minutes to travel 15 miles.

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It really is hell. Also, consider the fact that most people have to drive in rush hour traffic with the blinding sun in their eyes BOTH WAYS to and from work as the smoggy dust makes their windshields impossible to see through.

There have literally been times driving in LA where I cannot see in front of me because of how bad the smog and sunlight is here.

Thousands of people every day are literally driving blind in traffic and it's just a normal accepted part of every day life.

I see probably 7 out of every 10 drivers looking at their phones going 60+mph on the freeway. Everyone is addicted to their fucking dopamine machines, and half the beaners in this town don't have car insurance. Any attempts at fixing infrastructure are superficial at best and just exacerbate the problem.

Living here compared to NYC is only good for how much space you get per $, but even that isn't worth it when you consider how much fucking time you waste in traffic trying to get anywhere.

I'm starting to look for jobs in other states just to have an excuse to get out of here before the fucking Aztlan reconquista starts and they start scalping white people by the thousands. I'd suggest any self respecting white man to do the same.

>pic related is all I really want these days

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>the most mature and self aware shitposting all day

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what do you expect out of the capital of degeneracy?

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Nailed it!