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Salesforce seem to have this in-house blockchain already, it's called dapps.ai:


They use Hyperledger

At 13:56 in the video he talks about a "listener" that they built which sounds a lot like an oracle. Is that what he means?

So I guess chainlink/salesforce is off the table....

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Yeah, kinda, but it's a salesforce specific oracle thing.

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Well then it means Salesforce have no use for chainlink?

Seems weird that they would have so many connections to each other and not be using LINK.

Oh well.

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Chain Link still requires heavy users to build their own interfaces, etc..

So this doesn't rule out that they are using chain link at all.

Each different use case will be custom built, but still using chain link under the hood

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not if he's using a "listener", if listener=oracle, which was my question. what does he mean by this?

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who knows. bumping for interest. doesnt make sense with all the connections desu

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you are making assumptions. We have no idea what the listener really is.
Their blockchain is irrelevant
Hyperledger is using chainlink, they will be used heavily in the coming smartcities, they will be used by colonies on Mars

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We're already pretty sure Hyperledger will being using Chainlink between the fact they recoded it to use Golang, the leaked IBM doc on oracles and the fact Assblaster says they will.
Now, let's take a look at them saying "our" listener. Each Chainlink node is a listener/oracle. If I'm running a Chainlink node, I would refer to it as my oracle, not Chainlink's oracle.

Conclusion: It's possible they are running Chainlink nodes on Hyperledger and those are their listeners.

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Is the guy speaking at 13:00 the same guy that's sitting next to Sergey in this pic from years ago?
Can someone tell me what conference this pic is from or better yet confirm who those people are?

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when was the IBM doc made? This video is from november so if hyperledger wasn't considering link at the time then salesforce probably has their own solution already

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doubt it's the same guy, also photo was faked

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It wasnt completely faked ffs they just changed the seat position sergeys in to be next to vitalik

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Don't remember the doc date but the PoC with SWIFT was way before November so it's possible a PoC with Salesforce was too.

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forgive my autism you're right

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You know, with the IBM document being released it's pretty safe to say that anything using Hyperledger Fabric is going to be using ChainLink as their oracle (assuming that's what IBM goes with).

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Plus there's the fact that Salesforce needs the oracles/listeners to be decentralized in this case. If they use their own private oracles, the distributors can just deny the accuracy of their data and we're back to square one. Only when the oracles are decentralized does it become trustless and indisputable.

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