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Hey /biz/ , I believe I am too over diversified and would like some opinions on what I might do to fix this portfolio. If you guys had to liquidate 2-3 of these coins and pump it into what is already there, or shill me on something (I'm considering ELA), what would you guys consolidate down into, or how would you adjust my portfolio?


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WAY too diversified for your portfolio size, max 3-4 coins.

Keep OMG, AMB, VEN (til rebrand). Sell the rest, consolidate those, buy into ELA after VEN rebrand by which time ELA should have dipped - it's ATH now after the initial ICO hype and it's pumped today, don't FOMO in yet.

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All in all the time

*Started from £3k now I'm here*

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all your coins are good so it's actually difficult to pick which ones to get rid of.

but I agree you are over diversified. just not over diversified in shitcoins.

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Sell Nano and Nuls, Go in on MAN. Pick up some link too.

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Honestly I used to love all those, but now I'm all in on LINK and DomainToken. Those two coins will let me retire in 2-5 years. HPB and Walton are good too, but I am only holding the other two.

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I'm poor

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by end of month you will have 1k.............good job holding bags

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dont buy MAN, it has more to dip, like every low cap hype coin, it's had it's run.

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stop buying shit meme coins. Sell it all, buy LINK, your only moonshot coin

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What was your route to your current gains?

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and retarded

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This is the type of response im looking for, so thank you for that. Now the real problem is, do I sell this other shit at a loss if I decide to get out of them? I have held the bags for a while on them and have tried to wait for them to get me some gains again but it just hasn't happened.

And thanks for this response too. I'm glad others feel these are solid picks. I know im too split, but I just dont know what to dip out of =/. I also have buy orders setup right now for Nano when it dips but it may not, so technically I have about $250 worth of ETH to put into something else (Probably ELA)

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When do you think it moons?

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I want to drop CV as they said in an interview they will store data in a private DB and not on the blockchain, will buy eos or nas

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Started with 13k

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no one knows, but it's big thinking, not some small market scamcoin with all razzle dazzle.

Alternatively, wait for NEON ICO then Endor ICO and go all in on both, sell on listing, you'll make a tidy profit.

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Nice job mate!

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Thank you! It just comes down to luck, good timing, and some holding.

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It gets a lot of flack from /biz/, but Nano has a lot of potential long term if it gets adopted - solid pick imo

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Give it to me straight... Is Link actually a good pick, or is it just a joke shit meme coin? I honestly cant tell.

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>This is the type of response im looking for, so thank you for that. Now the real problem is, do I sell this other shit at a loss if I decide to get out of them? I have held the bags for a while on them and have tried to wait for them to get me some gains again but it just hasn't happened.

Yes, sell at a loss, don't hold into the floor. Nano has had a nice little pump, it will dump soon, get the fuck out of that today.

ARY is a fine coin and agood team with Sam at the helm, but it's small time right now and it won't produce enough hype to pump significantly, and is thus too risky to hold.

AMB is a fucking gem and WILL moon soon, Nestle NDA will expire soon and they're only just starting marketing.

Fuck NULS, WTC is idle and will bleed in the shadow of VEN, ignore the waltoncucks.

NEO is a great coin, but you'll only make slow steady gains, you need more than that with your current portfolio value.

ICON will moon, eventually, could be soon, could be in a a couple of weeks or months, either way SK's GDP is 1.1 trillion, even if it becomes Korea's smart contract platform of choice, there's a low roof on it.

HPB has lots of potential, but I'd prefer OMG, AMB to it.

Holding and holding is a meme, never tether and 'time the market' because you'll fuck up, but freely move between coins you believe in.

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Sell WTC, lots of other coins to buy, I won't hamper you with my biases. Increase NAS holdings, March will be great for it.

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literally flip your holdings the other way up, then sell XRP and XLM and CMT.

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Yeah even when people sound serious I remember this is /biz/ so they are probably bullshiting

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I'm holding a single GMN to get passive rewards, but after this next walton ATH I'm definitely going to sell the remaining stack for other coins.

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If it works, it'll be top 5, if it doesn't, it'll be trash. It's my second lowest holding ahead of PFR (lol) out of 10 coins.

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why do people want ambrosus over wabi?

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DYOR, different markets, different supply chains targeted. AMB also has a better team, longer history, roadmap refresh and more partnerships (announcing over the next month or two).

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Christ, selling at a loss is so difficult. Lets say I sell all my NULS and HPB, thats an immediate loss of $550. And your suggesting to sell out of ARY as well it seems. Luckily im not negative on that so I could sell it off. Do you not think its a potential moonshot? If I did sell out of it, I would probably just put it into AMB.

I just sold my WTC for a small profit so im out of that now.

Should I keep my ICX then, is that what you are saying? Thats a really huge loss I dont wana take.

And lastly, Nano. I know biz shits on it, but I mean do you not think its got some great potential once it gets over this mountain of shit its been dealing with?

Thanks for the replies!

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Rate me plx

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because they believed some larper on here claiming to be part of some swiss hedgefund.

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Dont know why, but its killing meeeee

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why? crypto as an actual use currency is fucking retarded, if it happens it'll be a decade from now, and nano's DAG tech is still broken when scaled and requires vendors to run nodes. It won't get adoption, without that, it's pointless.

ALL currency coins are bullshit, with the exception of XMR as it has a true use, but it won't grow.

The growth and big money is is smart contract platforms and supply chain primarily.

ICX - you could hold this, and it will inevitably make a come back.

NULS - let it go

HPB has potential, but it keeps you too diversified still.

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Sell turtle and wabi, never heard of AKA.

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You not actually suppose to buy turtle coin

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I agree with you on holding ICX, I am planning on doing so for it to make a comeback. Mainly because I think it'll do well and also because I dont want to lose $600.

Nuls - Consider it sold.

HPB... yeah, this is the hard one for me. I know its got potential, but as you said, too much diversification, but also im taking a substantial loss on selling it. -- Lets assume I sold it... Where would you put this money?

Also, did you have an opinion on ELA? I kinda wanted to take position in it too. I wanted to consolidate to be able to buy-in to that.

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Holding XRP for someone else. Have been thinking of selling XLM recently. CMT is pretty much worthless but i'll just hodl.
NEO/GAS makes up about 60% i think so happy with that, just trading the ratios.
Also in on AXP/MTN/Coinmetro ICOs £100 each

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I dropped CV when I had it, it's not a terrible idea but like you say, it's little things that put you off it. You do need something that'll shoot up in value a long way with how much you have though, but I don't think CV is that project.

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Put some money in a bluechip. NEO would be my pick for a safe coin with good potential to 10x this year. OMG also has nice potential.

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Who says I bought? :) Look at the numbers in the pic.

Tempted to sell my shitcoins and put more in link. Dont want to sell at a loss though.. though wabi is freefalling as of now. fml.

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Keep HPB VEN AMB and I would say omg but it's high right now. So you could sell it and buy a fat stack of hpb/amb since both are dipping. You are a smart man. I also like neo. But you have to make choices.

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Bullish af on elastos but I think I’ve missed the mooning, it’ll win binance community vote and I’m not sure if it’ll dump after or what...frustrating. Will probably but in this weekend after I see Ben and maybe link

Portfolio linked. JNT is my moonshot coin, as is PFR (ride it to 12k usd value, sold most of it after it dipped more than 80% from that, holding 10k in case it works out)

Other coins I have I believe will do well.

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After I sell* ven*
fucking phones...

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Also nevermind, I saw you commented about ELA earlier.

But yeah, NULS gone, HPB, finger over the button but considering selling, not sure. If I do, with all this freed up money, what should I do? Dump it all into ELA? Or how would you split it up?

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You aren't selling anything at a loss if you swap it for another coin that's equally much down in price.

Selling at a loss only applies if you sell it for fiat.

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You missed the mooning? How so? I mean the thing just hit market not long ago and has been pretty much constant on price except a couple times it dipped to 30. Do you not see it as having huge value in the future?

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ive looked into amb though. THey don't have any announced partners, whereas wabi was just shilled on fucking Fox and has partners with fucking wall street. Its literally too big to fail

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Thats true, but the one coin id potentially be going into would be ELA which is up, so yeah. That kinda sucks lol.

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this guy gets it

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Icon, block array, NANO

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Recently narrowed my portfolio down to only core holdings

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Yes, but I never buy after a coin has pumped. his shits gone up 15% against a dipping BTC, people will take profits over the next few days, bad time to buy right now.

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AMB has the UN, Nestle (all but announced) and various other smaller EU Food companies.

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Sell it all but VEN, buy one of the many other good coins out there, I'm sure you've been shilled some.

Sell Ven on Monday.

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The "highly diversified with small capital" meme is my favorite

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Advice and thoughts please

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Sell TRAC, more NAS.

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We arent all rich asshole. This thread has been very constructive so far so if you could fuck off, that'd be great.

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What's going down with VEN on Monday?

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rebrand, and price dip most likely.

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I know asking a price prediction is impossible, but really, what kind of price potential does this coin have if you were to guess? $100 high end? 200, 500, 1000? More?

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This was actually supposed to be a reply to you, sorry for the confusion.

I know asking a price prediction is impossible, but really, what kind of price potential does this coin have if you were to guess? $100 high end? 200, 500, 1000? More?

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>I know asking a price prediction is impossible, but really, what kind of price potential does this coin have if you were to guess? $100 high end? 200, 500, 1000? More?

No fucking idea at all.

Shit like RadixDLT and Hashgraph might fuck a lot of tokens up later, nevermind the market volatility.

All the price predictions out there are dogshit. The total crypto marketcap could be 500m still, it could be 10 trillino when wallstreet jumps in during Q3.

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I honestly dont understand why biz is so negative towards Nano. Do you guys really not think its a good coin? If so, why?

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Too late to buy now for VEN you think?

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LINK will be worth more than Bitcoin in a few years if the stars align.

I bought ETH at 30EUR, held up to 300EUR and down to 180EUR, sold at 180EUR, moved to OMG, made no gains, watched ETH recover and eventually skyrocket. At some point I bought LINK and I'll hold it for a few years.

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Its not a bad coin, we just want to make money here, whats the incentive, how can we make money if something has no fees? can someone explain? this is a legit question, how is this sustainable?

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keep omg

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I mean, BTC is a bad one to pit it against because BTC is King and the original. But what else does BTC have going for it besides being the first currency? Its just as much as it is because its first.

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anon, your portfolio is almost like mine. I dont have blockarray and hpb but icx and nebl. Hope we make it

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Good luck to you sir! I was considering picking up NEBL for a while ;)

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>tfw poorfag

Hope Sergey doesnt die in a car crash or dies of heart failure from too much hamburgers

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New portfolio I've done for my gf

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Am I fucked?
Do I have a hope?

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I would be against dropping nuls as other anons suggested, but it is upto you. Nuls and neblio arent shilled much and nebl already has been on moon once during Jan. Nuls has things coming in March and new chain in June

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Why icon for your gf?

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Why not ?

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my portfolio was 5k at ath and now 40 usd.. fuck

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Someone send help please

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Because it's a long term hold coin that's not going to do anything for months.

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It's ok as long it's a good project

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I will keep that in mind. I already sold it, but its still dropping so might not hurt to pick it back up. Im just tired of feeling spread too thin. But I do agree, its worth having. Thats the problem with crypto, just too many things I want to be in and not enough money. lol

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I forgot to ask you, you said earlier to sell VEN during rebrand then to buy ELA. Would you buy back into VEN at a lower price, or at that point just stay out of it in general?

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When lambo moon?

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All in HPB and ICX. HPB is lower market cap with more risk and upside, so decide how much risk and upside you want in your portfolio. You already hold my two favorite small or mid tier projects

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Shill me on veritaseum? Why should I hold it other than limited supply?

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This year should be good.

Tell me what you think.

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damn.. if i had your portfolio, i would buy up that cheap PPT!! fugg.. such a good deal right now..

about veri... decentralized asset exchange.. I calculated around 8 ways to make money with the veri token.. its just a start... when market crashes you can pop open the veadir (veritaseum DEX) and buy up assets around the world for cheap then flip it.. or buy apts on cheap and flip it.. its tokenized (veritaseum calls it, "veritize").. can only access the app with veri token. super cheap right now. ico holders got a fuckin deal.. 300x their investment.

also buy and sell silver in a true market (meaning of veritaseum)

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Hows this looks for long term holds?

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Thanks buddy. I am jonesing for more ppt. Would love to get to an even 100. All tapped out on fiat. Thinking about dumping my NAS into it

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I like it for the most part. Ive been skeptical about Link because of Biz shills, but maybe its a great project. Otherwise I like your other holdings. OMG, INT. Those seem strong.

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I like it. Is the ETH there for any potential quick buys on something you find? Or are you planning on holding ETH throughout the year? If that were the case (I have absolutely no idea what will happen), but I think you would be better off putting that ETH into NEO instead. But thats just my opinion.

If its being held for a potential buy, then that makes sense.

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I just got more Ether today i was going to split it up into 75% NEO and the rest in WTC.

>> No.7889651

I think that's not a bad idea.

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Not one of you faggots have DATA (DTA)

Do you not want to be rich and fuck hot bitches?

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40% BTC
8% ETH
4% ENG
12% LINK
7% XLM
5% FUN
3% NEO
3% WTC
2% OMG
12% CASH (for buying shit, will be around 20% CASH tomorrow from funding fiat)

I don't know what I'm doing but I'm focusing on accumulating more NEO/WTC/LINK/OMG now,

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After a week of heavy DYOR and combing through hundreds of altcoins, this is where I'm at.

I'll be entering with the folio around the summer time with between $250k - $1m. BTC and ETH are my rocks, with hedges allocated to potential disruptors. LINK is my hail mary, with allocation given to other projects I'm impressed by.

Goal is to hold for at least a year, if not 5. Pulling out before a year is not an option (avoiding higher cap gains taxes), so choices like VEN and ICX aren't on my radar.

Feeling pretty good, but I'm sure I'll be chided for missing some pajeet's favorite coin.

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*25% for LINK.

>> No.7890609

Was going to say you don't add up.

How long have you been in ENG? I'm in since $5 and it's been bleeding back and I'm still indecisive to stock up more.

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nice bags

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I won't be in until summer. Hoping by then the market hits a bottom and I can buy in cheap. ENG is the biggest question mark on my list. Probably the best team on paper (MIT alumn), and its already got a product that's extremely disruptive (basically Bloomberg terminal on blockchain). But it's a longer term hold. If you've got cash to park now, might as well put it in something like VEN that will be going up in the short term.

>> No.7890709

I fell for the MIT meme, why are you waiting until summer? Seems like an awfully long time to wait for bottom. Likely won't go in it again for a while, it's performing terribly against everything else.

>> No.7890739

Shoutout to this anon actually realizing if OP sold NULS before march he would be huge autist

>> No.7890777


Serious question.

How the fuck do you even take advice from biz and have zero LINK?


>> No.7890791

I have to. The money isn't coming till then. But even if I had it now, prices are still not settled, and I'm not convinced that we've exited an overall bearish market. Honestly, it doesn't really matter long-term, since I'm LT bullish. I could buy in, lose 50%, and still make an absolute killing. Timing isn't that important, but I can still be patient.

>> No.7890865

That's kind of how I feel, like arguing over ETH at $10 or $5. I agree on bearish though but not as far as summer.

>> No.7890973

Anyone have an opinion on what the bottom is on LINK to buy?

>> No.7891042

Still dependent on BTC is my opinion. So just take where you think BTC will go and adjust accordingly. Anything under .8 is good in my opinion but I would even take anything under $1

>> No.7891043

someone told me do the opposite of what biz tells me to do seems legit

>> No.7891092

If you buy link you may as well buy a rope too nigga

>> No.7891177

You deserve to stay poor if you fall for the LINK cancer.

>> No.7891273

If only I had listened about ETH... will get more, only questions are how many and at what price

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Any hope for me?