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>0 threads on /biz/ despite main event happening next week
I guess you guys only discuss things that need shilling and noise to worth anything at all.

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Oh, I'm currently aware of it.
Getting in early as fuck.

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Same here OP better not spill the beans I'm still trying to get more

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If you think next week will be something, just wait until mid-March.

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I'm a dumb brainlet, what event are you referring to?

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Help a retard

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>He doesn't know.

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delete this thread before someone tells the normies and proles

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starts with a b

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Fuck I wish I wasn't retarded. At least I can spell.

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this anon knows

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Could you give me a hint? I probably won't get it, and I'll post memes with each guess.

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Do you mean how hard EU is going to fuck us the 26th?

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FUCK, I thought the image was a hint. Its a fucking meme.

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Something getting listed on binance?

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here's a hint for you all


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>jewish nose?
>eu is going to cuck us on 26th?????

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its bluzelle u brainlet.

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There was one post earlier today but that's it

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blue whale

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How is this a tip

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beluga pay

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Ah, of course. Bluenosecoin is a great investment opportunity, I thought everyone knew about it already.

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Is it Jibrel?

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litepay. boom

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Pls use more brain power it rlly isn't hard

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I think its Bluzelle.They have news on the 27th

">0 threads on /biz/ despite main event happening next week">>7866738

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Next week's main event Teeka shilling the best coin

This time he will shill Chainlink.

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see above

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Ok ok I’ll tell you all. Turn the be aroundand it makes a d for dragon...

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Very nice

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Being a chef at taco bell for 10 hours a day is tiring, and my brain doesn't work well anyway, does it hurt that much to be more obvious about it?

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I figured it out!

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>10 hrs
Kek. Larp harder.
Nah it's not bluzelle
The hint is pretty obvious you guys are close in some regard but im not going to give it away. volume is low and I'm still not done accumulating

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The sale is still private.Does the email list automatically get you in?

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How do i buy? The team has no li exp.

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You focused on the 10 hours? What about the “chef” at Taco Bell bit?

Oh and boldpure retards

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Okex listing DeepBrain Chain! or Dragonchain. If that aint it ima go finna buy me some ripple

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Very solid hint. I figured it out as well.

I love when /biz/raelis are secretive like this though, drives the pajeets crazy.

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I got into the sale too. Hopefully this isnt a really convincing shill. First time ive gone for something like this.

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Of course no one is going to tell you how to buy, they want max returns. Best way to find out is google. I'm iffy it'll do well due to who is backing it but it's guaranteed to go up somehow so returns are guaranteed.

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I figured it out but the team has all new profiles

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10hrs is normal for some Americans

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How long after you filled out the form did you get in? How many did you say you'd buy?

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Iz it Endor guise???? :D

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What do you guys expect for this coin? Are you dumping immediately?

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Exit scam is my thoughts. Pump and dump a large portion and leave some to see.

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Bitcoin? Bitconnect? BRAZZERS?

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it's driving me crazy. what is it?

block array?
bibox token?
bitcoin cash?
bitcon private?

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Dude, I am not smart and I figured it out. Stop guessing and think.

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use fucking google

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I can only larp so hard, most of my creativity gets used up trying to get the chimichanga fryer working.

Also, my initial look at Bluenosecoin doesn't look that impressive, what's the use case that would make investing in it worthwhile? It's defining itself in a niche within a niche.

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Ah I think I know what it is. CEO is a woman?

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Ok bro here is my hint

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Damn sucks for a burger. My apologies.
>Post deliberately shrouded in secrecy to catch your attention, call it convincing.

If you are swayed this easily I would tread carefully anon...

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You could just not be a little faggot and tell us. Or, you know, keep your "insider info" to yourself so you can feel superior to others for the first and only time in your pathetic waste of a life.

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I agree but whats a few 100?

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But it’s super secret, anon. You understand right?

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Its BoldPure faggots

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>still not a single correct guess
I thought one anon got it but he went in wrong direction. I'll give you one hint. It's on binance.
I think doing your own research instead of being shilled is correct way of separating pajeets from anons.

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>turns out I was thinking it was the other event

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I understand that op is probably an insufferable little faggot who thinks he is smarter than everyone else but in reality nobody can understand his hints except autists like himself.

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Would you say the other anons have passed over or under it?

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Both. Somehow this project is only ever talked about when it goes 2-10x and completely ignored any other time. One anon blindly guessed it starts with B. I'll give another hint, capitalization less than $50m.
Overpriced, and no.

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Good, then I definitely got it. The nose pic was a great giveaway once I figured it out.

Wish I would’ve been aware for the whitelist but whatareyagonnado. Might buy it on Binance when it lands.

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Copyright © 8,000 BCE - 2017 CE

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saying its not the pajeets shilling their shitcoin by leading everyone one
its just like those "I'm an insider, but I can't tell because my boss will assrape me'' threads

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Oh look a binance listing thread... Fuck off pajeets

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No, it’s very different.

It’s “I’m an insider because I have an IQ higher than 12 and can fucking google ICOs.”

You’d be surprised how many leddit-tier normies post on this board now.

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more like blockmason cuck protocol

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anon give me another hint, i rly need it kek

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How much you expect it to grow? I found it, but is this really going to be earthquake? Do I need to allocate 40% of mine to this?

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go buy 100k because op said it's going to moon you can sue him if it doesn't

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op is smart pajeet, dont get burned

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This is driving me crazy I can't decipher the blue nose clue.

Post the answer next week.

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daneel ico mutha fuckas. partnership with ibm nigz

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>starts with B
>involves a nose
pornhub is adding a brap tag

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googled nestle buying into some IBM blockchain > guess what its not going to be some shitcoin you can buy lol

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>falling for blue nose

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Looked through the names of top 500 coins on coinmarketcap and can't find a coin related to blue nose.

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Is it iexec RLC? Partnered with Blender.

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Shit clue

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have a (You)

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LINK $1000 EOY

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>Inb4 CPC

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No. BoldPure is such an obvious scam, lol.

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Wait, you're saying follow the Jew nose. It's BAT. But that's shilled here all the time OP, no need to hide it behind all these mysterious clues.

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BRD- at $60 million though