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>you have $50,000 laying around

which one do you pick and why

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I literally have 50k spread equally in both :^) feels good

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chainlink because itll be 1000$ EOY

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I'd buy NEO for the GAS and the ONT airdrop. Chainlink gets shilled here, but there is a ton of coins aiming to do the same thing and none of them may ever matter.

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you realize link is just a 4chan meme... right?

nobody here actually has any link, they're just here for the memes anon

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Could you stop shitposting for just one fucking minute?
Im all in on link but these predictions are bullshit.

13,68 eoy

Screencap this.

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the market cap would be ridiculous lol.

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>not having $50k in each

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what number is that?

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t. people talking about future mcap last year

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NEO. It shouldn't even be a question. Are you tard?

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1000 eoy, screenshot THIS faglord

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Neo for short term, LINK for long term, easy

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Bro, are you really optimistic this year? We probably will end this year with same market cap or maybe less.

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I am a genius

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holy fuck is that my cousin

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>10k in LINK, 40k in NEO
Literally the safest option that allows for big gains if kek wills LINK to $1000. If not, you still have 400 NEO making safe gains and sweet GAS.

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>there is a ton of coins aiming to do the same thing

Yeah? Show me that ‘ton of coins’, brainlet.

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The one that hasn't utterly mooned yet. NEO is still a solid blue chip, but LINK hasn't even touched its potential yet.

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chadfolio right here

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When you're playing with less than $200k, you don't go for the low risk-low reward options like Ethereum or NEO. Low in crypto terms, but high in real market terms.

LINK and a couple of others are low/medium risk - high gains.

When you've surpassed $500k, you can be a fag and put 90% of your stack into the low risk-low reward options like ETH and NEO. And use the remaining 10% to either daytrade or find other low/medium risk - high reward projects.

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anon, that is almost the exact price i determined LINK should be currently worth. This would put it at about 3bil marketcap. Around shit tron and a few others.

The eoy price will be determined by overall marketcap

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All in NEO

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Price depends entirely upon the total mcap of the cryptomarket, but I'm assuming we've both guessed that it'll be somewhere around $2T, with BTC having a ~35% dominance.

I've got my number at $17-20 EOY for LINK. Lower if real world adoption of LINK is lackluster. Higher if the list of adopters includes one household name.

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hot thanks anon

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>and a couple of others

could you name a few?

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ok give me the rundown here, because none of this makes any damn sense to me

explain to me again what exactly makes link THAT under valued at this point in time, and why - if so - aren't others fucking running at it as if chased by the very stampede of bulls you are obviously predicting?

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you have a project with a small cap that's gonna enable mainstream smart contrcts, with great token economics VS "one of the blockchains" that is already pumped up
That's really a tough decision

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Just NEO of course

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Your cuz is amy Schumer?

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LINK is a meme with delusional bagholders.

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I think the only people who hold LINK are ledditfags who felt for the memes

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neo is stability
link is gambling

would put 75% neo
25% link

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other than bitcoin as a currency for anti-government/anti-fed fags, distributed blockchain cryptography has a few sustainable use cases. Link is definitly one of those use cases, most likely the most adoptable one at that

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Honestly it's kinda stupid how easy this should be. Smart phones, smart water, smart contracts. Who gives a fuck, I'm never going to use any of this shit I just know everyone else will. I'll ride the waves, operate a healthy node, and then go but a house surrounded by trees with no electricity.

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Req bihh

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what makes neo a worthwhile investment?

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The one on the right because you should never listen to biz

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NEO because it's not garbage.

Only retards waste their money buying LINK.

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because im not retarded lmao

chainlink is a pajeet shit tier meme coin just like all the other shitcoins that get shilled on biz

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>A centralized platform for decentralized apps

Why will this ever take off? Not even going to touch the stinky linky.

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>Java Python

I've got a question, why dont someone make a blockchain that can be written in html/css and make decentralized webpages. I dont even know if this is how things work, i may be retard, but why isnt it being done.

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>ONT airdrop

0.2 ONT per NEO held, and half the airdrop can't even be dumped until late 2018? wow, it's fucking nothing.

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Neo, should not even have to explain why

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>1000 usd = 3b mcap
your math is fucked m8

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I have about $300K in NEO and $60K in LINK

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You're on a website that shills link 24/7. Tha fuck do you think is going to be the majority answer here?

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Why not both? 50-50

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DeepBrain Chain (DBC)

€100,- EOY.

Proceed to make a photographic image of this statement.

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Bought ANS at $1.30, and I'm still sitting on a decent chunk of NEO. But at this point, if you're looking for riches rather than stable gains, I'd go for LINK. Or at least something like 70/30.

The only people who unironically believes it's just a useless meme are the newfags who invaded during the December bullrun. Although I'll admit the LINK threads have gotten about a thousand times more obnoxious as well, because a lot of newfags also bought into it.

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DBC is a shitcoin.... Just buzzwords with nothing behind it. I feel sorry for you

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I hold 30k DBC and you are delusional.

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Having said this, you should realize that the vast majority of /biz/ now consists of newfags who have been in crypto for less than 6 months.

Don't take anyones word for anything, unless it's tech related and verifiable. You're putting $50k into the most volatile market on the planet which is purely tech based. If you don't know anything about tech, now is the fucking time to learn.

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Stinkyyyyy linkyyyyy 1000 buckerooonyyyyyy

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I've got 77000 Link tokens and 603 Neo coins, am I going to make it to 10mil /biz/?

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link will not see 3 dollars this year retards

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NEO is the safest hold this year which is almost guaranteed to make you profit. This is assuming crypto as a whole doesn't go to shit, but if your bullish on crypto NEO is the one.

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>You're putting $50k into the most volatile market on the planet which is purely tech based
lmao no. It's 100% hype based.

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Cause you can't, that is a static language not an OOP. You could maybe with Node.js which would be pretty cool.

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So ChainLink can be used with NEO? Very subtle shill. I like it.

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>100 europoor dollars

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Are you actually considering buying LINK? It's just a meme, for fucks sake.

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There is not a single crypto that is low risk-low reward brainlet

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>Low in crypto terms, but high in real market terms.

Do you have dyslexia? You fucking mong.

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13.68 I think. Lots of european countries use commas instead of a decimal

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