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Feels good lads, that was a scary correction but we're about to be back on track for another crazy day tomorrow. Shorters made a killing today. now back on track. All in BTC/LTC baby, watch how fucking high we get this week. post predictions

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15 minutes chart looks like its about to dump again

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15 min chart looks good.

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God I hate you all so fucking much. Are you not self aware? Fuck.

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>namefag spouting some empty bullshit to feel good about himself
sorry you sold low..

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The feeling good part comes from always being right.

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You sound broke, probably shorted at 6k

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this is raising too fast anon
i'm scared to buy

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>using the binance desktop app
my boy

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>tfw 4 charts at once
the chad's trading platform

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we all hate you

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I guess that's it, the bear market is over hey OP? Pack it up, we're going to the moon, no more dips. Lambos for everyone, even if you only have 0.001 BTC, you're going to be rich!

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Yes, there will be no BTC crash. Look at BTC's dominance chart, its gonna liftoff soon

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this. 50% dominance soon and altcoin massacre 2.0

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There will be no big altcoin massacre this time.

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Everyone is going to win. There is going to be a "flattening out" of the crypto landscape, meaning that BTC will be losing more market dominance this year. This year will be the year of the alt's, but BTC pumps first and kicks things off.

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lol no
we're going to be testing 6k again pretty soon

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its dumping