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How are you /biz/?

I am 19 and I am currently employed as a glorified sentry unit.
All I do is find ways to blow 6 hours
I am just waiting on the department of health to come by so I can do my act.
After they come I will no longer be needed and probably let go.
I have an interview for a sale associate position in a large clothing chain. How good does a retail sales associate look on a resume?

Should I dump my current job before they dump me and take the retail job?

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Fuck retail
get a job that doesn't involve speaking to customers at all

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I work in B2B sales and I also find ways to blow my 8 hours of work

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Why the fuck are you using a resume at all? You're not a corporate manservant. Start your own business.

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B-but I want to be a corporate man servant. Also I need to generate capital to start a business.

Or do you reccomend I borrow money

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Borrowing money for capital is exactly how capital is gained in the corporate world. You could see cuntbags that underpay workers for sheer profit (not revenue, profit) as the interest coming out of every worker's paycheck.
Regardless, you do not want to be a corporate manservant. You want your labors to go unnoticed and fully underutilized?

Capital is not necessary to start a service or trade. "Skilled work" starts with unskilled apprenticeship.

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>Borrowing money for capital is exactly how capital is gained in the corporate world.
See "Warren Buffett".

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Warren Buffet is just as involved in credit and loan shifting as every corporation. Debt is manageable risk.

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It's just that Warren doesn't use credit for cash. He uses the revenue stream from insurance, industries he owns and dividends from stocks. He loaned Goldman Sachs $5b at 10% in the Great Recession.

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Warren Buffer declared bankruptcy 3 or more times.

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You have no grasp on reality. Credit is not for cash, it is for the capital.

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Looking very seriously into auto sales. I sat down at a dealership the other day to talk with the sales and finance managers. They were very clear about it, and presented no bullshit; it's hard, but if you hustle you can make 70, 80, even 100k a year. But there's no safety net.

If you have the balls for that, and the social skills, sales can be great.

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You have been sniffing your armpits too much. "Cash" is "capital". Spend less time looking at yourself when nude and standing over a mirror.

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As far as I can tell, the only people that give a shit about retail experience are other retailers. I've had no luck breaking out of entry level jobs because all I have is retail and call center experience.

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Retail is easily the best type of job to put on a resume. You're literally dealing with any businessman's source of income.

Customer service (a big one for most jobs, and also for PR jobs if you have the qualifications for them)

Dealing with stress

Working with counting / keeping track of money and numbers

Doing other labor jobs when you're not busy (mopping, sweeping, making coffee if it's like a 7/11 or something, whatever)

Basic insider knowledge (depending on where you work, could be dealing with lottery and cigarettes, very large businesses in the West)

I mean it doesn't get much better than that for a pleb who didn't go to post secondary and who wants to make money while also adding something useful to their resume.

Imagine being a waiter or some shit and handing in your resume to a business-type. Yikes. Go retail, young anon.

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But remember. Although He>>>784718 is right. When you work retail all you do is trade your precious time to make someone else money.

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>When you work retail all you do is trade your precious time to make someone else money.

And? What's wrong with that? You're being paid and you're gaining valuable knowledge. And you'l ALWAYS be doing things that make other people money; even the leaders of the world are making other people money just by breathing. Even big time CEOs make other people money.

One day, hopefully, both of us will be the ones owning businesses, and at that time won't you want there to be people "trading their precious time to make you money"? You need to have humility. Work as a dog one day so that in the future you can be the master, knowing full well the pain of the whip. If you know the feeling of the bottom you can better lead at the top. That is my opinion, anyway.

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