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You normcucks wouldn’t know true style and class if it pooped out of your ass. I bought this custom (literally one of a kind) watch last year at the ren fest, where I also bought several other unique items to add to my wardrobe. Crypto has allowed me to amass a unique collection of clothing and accessories and the ladies love it. I take a new girl out every week and they all comment on my unique style. God bless crypto and my unique style. I love my life.

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ok, so you got lucky with investment, gotcha

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Don’t be jealous. Make better investments yourself and read up on style and how to get some.

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Falling with your hand in the toolbox doesn't give you "style"

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Well, what makes you think i'm outta style? Plus style is subjective anyway, even though i do like your watch.

Money is a whole other deal though

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You know what they say about haters...

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this is not style, this is autism
style is class and this post is nothing but out of your ass

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Is that a bomb?

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How on earth could you think that 'watch' looks remotely good? I struggle to believe any sane women would want to be with you for your 'style', probably just for your money. Don't kid yourself.

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OP got scammed because he is a giant faggot

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Well, yeah, most rich dudes think they're alpha even though they're surrounded by women purely for their money.

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>steampunk or anything related to steampunk
I want to throw up. You're larping but do you realize people buy this shit ?

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this was a test to see who gets sent to the camps during the upcoming civil war, sorry OP

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No, its THE bomb

goes well with his steampunk glasses, cyllinder and cape
t.his gf

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Op you should check out your local junkyard, you'd find all kinds of unique fashion ideas

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move along, /biz/, your and idiot if you fall for this bait

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>your and idiot
Every time. lol

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that's real cute OP, but nothing beats a classic and elegant watch like mine

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if this isnt a larp you need to sudoku

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True elegance.

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