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>OMG is a good coin, 100$ EOY
Read these, the coin is a SCAM!



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lmao that guy got sued

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That would explain the total silence since ICO in terms of development and GitHub activity.

They actually have no developers.

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No, I'll read them when you inevitably post them for the fifth time today.

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lol I did not fall for this pajeet coin

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Can anyone confirm if this is good FUD?

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Moron trying to make a name for himself with very little research. Doubled down and is going to get fucked

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Their whitepaper is plagairized

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I can confirm its not

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What's happening

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Omise is was a operating company way before crypto. They're not scammers.

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Thanks for warning me mr midget. I missed the first 2000 post you made.

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Not sure, but these relentless omg fud threads this weekend have me thinking something good is on the horizon. Wallet sdk open beta is supposed to be released soon.

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>he's comparing OmiseGo to Confido

That's just plain stupid, even if it *is* a scam.

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Those are their self-claims which cannot be independently verified.

They claim the parent company Omise has been in the FINTECH business since 2013, but there is no proof that they do ANY business at all. I have not seen a single customer of theirs. Seems it's a shell company setup strictly to support their own token, which would appear fraudulent.

Furthermore, no one of their team has any industry credentials and their histories disappear after 2013.

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>Omise is was a operating company way before crypto.
Find one thing about them from before 2017. You can't the company is a farce.

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Okay man sounds good lol

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>Fobes Thailand

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>Currently, ETDA have established a cooperative partnership with, Omise, a strong player in the online identification and e-payment service field to initiate the National Digital ID project.

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>Fintech rockstars
>No Fintech experience
>Forbes Thailand

How's that McDonald's Thailand partnership working out? How much did it cost to bribe that franchisee who owns ALL twelve McDick's restaurants in Thailand to use your name?

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>this guys a nobody

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Eight parties have already joined the first phase of this project:

Revenue Department
Student Loan Fund
Thailand Securities Depository Company Limited
Thai Bankers' Association
Association of Thai Securities Companies
The Thai Life Assurance Association
Thai General Insurance Association
National Credit Bureau

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fuck, donnie is an absolute unit

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>Some literally who organization

Everything in Thailand can be bought for a few thousand dollars. Including the whore in that pic.

There's a reason these scammers decided to operate their scheme out there. Zero oversight, very opaque market.

Once it is time to exit-scam, they simply vanish.

Can we go back to my original question: is anyone even able to verify that Omise is a REAL BUSINESS WITH ACTUAL CUSTOMERS?

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B-b-but they have a cool skate!

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Ah, the typical OMG-scammer deflection strategy. Posting remarks from people who are tangentially related or proxies, instead of actually proving there is development, or code, or having any fintech experience.

OMG is showing all of the hallmarks of fraud, starting with the so-called "team". None of whom have Fintech or software development experience. That Sanjeev guy doesn't even exist.


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Jun and Donnie would both be able to cuck you.
Maybe even Vitalik too.

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donnie is that GORILLA DICK nigga

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Why is this posted every day multiple times?


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"OMG-style staking", not OMG itself, learn to read better.

Also OMG staking still won't be ready for 6+ months (you can see this on the roadmap) since the wallet isn't even released yet.

So OMG is a do-nothing ERC20 token that doesn't stake and has no working product after EIGHT MONTHS of being available. EIGHT FUCKING MONTHS and still not even close to being an actual coin.

Just look at http://plasma.io/ which is also 8 months old. It is the most absolute basic HTML piece of shit site, and it's supposed to represent a multi-billion dollar idea. They can't even pay a webdev $10K to make a shitty wordpress site over the weekend to showcase Plasma, which you all claim is so key to OMG and ETH future.

>Wallet sdk open beta is supposed to be released soon.
The delusion is unbeliveable.

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jun has no time for wordpres or your bullshit. easy cruising to the milli boios

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Xd. How autistic do you have to be to FUD this hard.

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>Buy into a scam
>Accuse the people trying to help you of being autistic.

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pfffhahah :D i love this fud, jesus im going to be rich

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"OMG Style" refers specifically to one mechanism employed by OMG, which is no coincidence, because they used Vitalik's expertise in their White paper. He has no stake or no input into OmiseGo and in fact has distanced himself a few times like when he asked "have we really unbanked the banked", taking a swipe directly at the marketing hype and fraud perpetrated by the Skateboard fags.

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nigga on the right looks like a drunk with down syndrome picked off the street and hastily stuffed in a suit 5 minutes before the photo op

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>Doesn't do any due diligence before "investing" his own money

>When others points out OBVIOUS flaws and signs of fraud, he shits himself and accuses people of FUD

I hope you one day wake up to these melodious words:


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He's the core programmer.

Really makes you think..

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Paid FUD rat is awake.

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me on the right

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This is probably a good thing, if he isnt retarded then hes probably autistic as fuck.

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Jun looks baller in this pic.

Hes like, how can I be a financial superpower in a short time?
Realizing he can fulfill that in the same timeframe in Japan he decides to move his plans to Thailand.
There he can gain influence over the government and banks.
Make sure all the money flows through him.

Hes a real strategic fucker.
God bless him.

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So many coins are scams nowadays. Your arguments apply to lots of others too, so I don't really care. Being in crypto is risk.
Why don't you go and FUD ChainLink (which is a clear scam), so at least thy stop spamming the board?

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>Why don't you go and FUD ChainLink (which is a clear scam), so at least thy stop spamming the board?
The LINK FUD is really getting out of hand, stick to the link threads, jesus. We get it, you're full FOMO, get over it shit.

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this is actually worse than Tron / TRX.

and I'm not even joking.

at least Justin streamed himself with the core developers

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"While this isn’t too difficult of an idea to wrap one’s head around conceptually, it’s the technical aspect that will probably be the most confusing part to understand." - miglet
"Blockchain in itself is already a somewhat confusing monster, so the idea that one could essentially launch a decentralized exchange on said blockchain is an ambitious undertaking to say the very least." - miglet
"A few things that are confusing/vague to me from what I see at this point in the whitepaper is: how will they get people to use this coin and how does this settle on the blockchain?" -miglet
"I’ve even suffered through some of Vitalik’s blog posts (which are the wordiest, most technical things you’ll ever read in mankind)" - miglet
"If what I just typed sounds complex and confusing as fuck, that’s because it is. " - miglet
"From what I’m seeing, it appears that Joseph Poon is one of the primary founders/creators/workers of the Lightning Network.\" -miglet doesn't even know who poon is.
"I can only guess that this means that it essentially is performing the duty of atomic swaps?" - miglet
"Confused? Don’t worry I was too." - miglet
"I’d be lying if I said I even fully comprehend what they’re going for here with $OMG." -miglet
"After reviewing $OMG, this might be one of the shittiest ideas for a coin that I’ve ever reviewed in my entire life." -miglet
"Once again—10,000 $OMG to the person that can read this and decipher what the hell they’re even proposing at this point." - miglet

Miglet seems a bit confused about crypto in general. Maybe he should understand what he's talking about before he starts reviewing coins.
The comments are also pretty good, and I don't see the miglet responding to them for obvious reasons.

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"If $OMG is 700 EOY I will eat my own shit." - miglet, Medium article

Goyims, I hope we will make this miglet eat that shit.

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They're desperate OmiseBros

They will look back on posting these threads instead of buying and will want to legitimately kill themselves for missing out on the ONE opportunity to actually make it in their sad lives. Keep FUDing boys.

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Take just one look at the advisory board and tell me its a scam again.

If OMG is a scam, then literally ALL of crypto is a scam. You don't get a more big name team than that

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Omise have over 100 devs lol, nice try

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Jesus Christ this FUD is pathetic
If you guys didn't get stocked up on OMG too Fucking Bad
You're not going to get my OMG because I'm not Fucking Selling no matter how shitty your FUD is KYS Faggots

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>Omise have over 100 devs

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Shoo shoo tiny black fud man.

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HAHAHAH and you faggots call TRX vaporware?
stay poor nigholes

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>Omise have over 100 devs

Can you prove that?

If you're making shit up, why not up the ante? Omise has 1 MILLION devs.

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How much business have they done since 2013?

Is there a single public filing showing revenue?


Fuck off.

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I traded half my stack of omg for nuls a few days ago, was that a good move or should I go back now?

>> No.7797100

Poor people who can't FOMO into OMG will always try to cope with this sort of fud…it was responded to almost immediately.

Back to your hole, you street shitting pajeet. OMG is the most exciting prospect in crypto of 2018. It'll be worth at LEAST $1000 EOY.

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sshh, quiet fudders. listen to soothing autistic plasma dev asmr.


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Yes, watch the video, look for this guy chewing gum and talking confusedly. He's 99% of the plasma MVP code contributions right now, a meager 1700 lines of python and some solidity so far

Most of the code was written a month ago with almost no activity in the past 3 weeks.

Most of the work is clearly unfinished, and watch the rest of the video to see them struggle just o explain to each other these unsolved issues and questions.

This is the multi-billion dollar Plasma future you believe in for OMG.

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>privately owned
>public filing

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Nigger Manlet fudding this hard
He is also recruiting others and paying them to do the same

Buy omg, get rich, donate to nigger Manlet leg extension and skin bleaching charity

>> No.7797973

Most alpha guy in crypto

And lol at the niglet spamming his same shitty fud all the time

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I literally assess cognitive ability on a daily basis. Each hour costs my clients $150. But the level of retardedness going on in the paid FUD threads that have emerged lately - is beyond me.

To make the FUD rat go away - say with me: Shoo shoo black and tiny FUD man

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The guy is totally right, but there's going to be a pump regardless and I'm here for the money

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Imagine being this desperate that all you have to defend your token are racists remarks about someone that isn't even in this thread.

>> No.7798283

Can’t stop laughing fuck

>> No.7798693

Imagine being a nigger Manlet who has to fud omise to pay for your bills

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>1 post by this id
Interesting how many of these personal attack posts are all just new ids showing up to spew nonsense then leaving the thread.

>> No.7799295

I've actually posted several times itt, phone in and out of reception means new ip address each time
Strange how the fud is all copy pasta and comes from different ids as well

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>Privately owned business registered in Thailand in 2013 by people with no industry fintech credentials

>Not a scam

>> No.7799562

>partnership with MUFG
>received 30m usd funding from MUFG
>a scam
Can you prove any of your claims so far itt?

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There's nothing that I've posted that is copypasta.

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>ICO raises hundreds of millions of dollars
>They still need an extra 20 million from some Thai bank loosely related to MUFG
>Still have not delivered a single line of code

How many millions of dollars does it cost to make a few scripts in Notepad++?

>> No.7800476

vitalik is wrong every single time he opens his mouth on twitter

>> No.7800515

Ico was capped at 20m

>> No.7800569

The ICO raised 25 million, and I'm sure you knew this because nearly all of the fud posts are written in the same way where they distort an easily referenced fact.

>> No.7800624

Yeah but can you prove were not all just brains in a vat imagining this?

>> No.7800734


Doesn't matter, because they held millions of premined tokens which they could use to finance hiring people. Instead, they invested into printing stickers, designer clothing and getting their little dicks sucked by south Asian prostitutes.

Why don't they have any programmers on the team?

>> No.7800788

>damage control and deflection
Nice try fudster

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Holy shit. Someone paid 1.5 BILLION dollars for something that looks like a first year university computer science homework assignment?

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yes sir u rite sir misego is scam sir i read from blog and show that it scam. plesma is scam i read and dev even say mise tocken not used is scam i agree sir plz help people sell misego i sell my 4000 tocken once i read about scam i send to LINK instead now. thank u sir

>> No.7801785

>15 posts by this ID

Just imagine a grown man sitting behind his desk all day and night pushing this disinformation.

This is his life. This is what he does with his time.

He has absolutely nothing better to do. He will go to sleep giggling, thinking about all the posts he wrote today.

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Would be nice to hear more from Vitalik or the ETH team on exactly what their relationship with Omise entails

>> No.7802119

sir plz vitalek butterins is scam and misego tocken not needed is scam and i read plesma is scam and not needed for echosystem when will ppl stop invests in scams

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It doesn't require much effort at all to post on 4chan, not sure why you think it requires all day and night. It took you what, 30 seconds to type that bullshit that contributes nothing to this thread about OMG?

>> No.7803057

>6 posts by this ID

>> No.7803103

And I'm still giggling

>> No.7803197

You're posting with multiple ID's and making the same threads over and over again. It's so pathetic, man... Get a life.

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>You're posting with multiple ID's and making the same threads over and over again.

>> No.7803230

another one

>> No.7803341

Not sure there is any reason to keep chatting with you since you're just continuing with your own delusions.

If you would like to talk about OMG please go ahead, you can see my posts earlier already, it was the same ID since I didn't lose cell signal like the excuse some other phony gave me in this very same thread.

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If you fell for this pajeet shill coin kys you'll never make it

>> No.7804072

Because these fags want it to dip so they can continue accumulating. They dont hate the coin, they are just sad they didnt get in around $11-12

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