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Why shouldn't I go all in on REQ?

The current marketcap is $220 million with a coin sitting at $0.33.

Say it grew to Litecoin's current marketcap - that'd be a 57 times increasing an puts a coin at $19.

If it grew to Ripple's current marketcap - that'd be a 203 times increase and would put a coin at $67.

And these aren't out of the question, since Ripple's current marketcap was recently bigger than the whole of crypto combined a year ago.

I can't see another coin that has as much hype and potential as Req that still has a low marketcap.

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I am all in with 35k.

Fucking comfy.

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Well, the project has a lot of technical challenges. Personally, I'm going to wait until the end of 2018 to see if they can pull off most of their road map. The White paper is a little lacking in details on how they plan to accomplish the various goals.

The most important deliverable is the settlement between FIAT and crypto. If they can overcome the technical challenges, then this will probably become a top 5 project valued in the billions.

At least we're not the Omise faggots with an entirely fraudulent team of marketers who are scrambling to hire some programming talent, and totally behind on their promises despite being valued at 1.5 billion and not having anything to show for it.

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REQ is good. I'm 80% BAT, 10% OMG, 10% REQ, but slowly increasing my REQ.

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not buying req in 2018 makes you a fool. you'll be sucking dicks for 2 req later this year

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Interledger makes REQ and ChainLink obsolete. Sorry. First implementation coming out soon.

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Interledger + Codius (smart contracts)

btw, almost no one know about them, they are not priced in. Once we see working implementation, expect XRP again to moon, again, and competitors to crash (bcash, ChainLink, REQ, ...etc).

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I thought the same thing about Raiblocks, now look where I am...

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>I'm going to wait until each token costs $10+
I hope you actually have REQ in your portfolio, because you made it sound as if you didn't.

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50k REQ reporting in

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Hello, me. The dubs confirm.
t. 50k

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The Bogdanoff Trio

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the holy trinity

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The potential is great. I personally wait for mainnet to buy more.

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>a centralized contract system

even if its useful only "qualified" people will be able to use the payment system and they'll essentially control your money lol

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nice memefolio fag

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>not being redpilled

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