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Do you faggots even know what this means?

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I don't

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It means that in 50 years we'll still be ruled by an old kike named Soros.

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He's just invested $157m in Overstock, a well-known bitcoin play.

Soros is /our(((guy)))/

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It must suck to already be insanely rich and then going into crypto after that only to realize you are just adding some zeros to the end of your bank balance. The achievement feels meaningless and empty.

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Anyone who doesn't realize all the lefty globalist want crypto to become mainstream has half a brain

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>le ebil soros


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> They know
> Pump it

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Not when you reinvest that free, easy money into 4D chess.

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Yup, which is tZero.... Which is Ignite Ratings platform.... Which is gonna basically be your Bloomberg terminal. Ignite Ratings so under the radar... ICO still open too and they're locking all unsold tokens. Their prototype demo releases next week. Their platform goes live in April. Hop on biz, easy 10x

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>>They know sage it.

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Prime Soros would have made billions from crypto.
He should be in the /biz/ hall of fame.

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