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>mfw nocoiner and know my money won't simple evaporate overnight

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What money?

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<<<<<salty faggot alert>>>>>>>

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what am i looking at?

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It won't moon overnight either

Stay poor Mr slow gainz

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money you earn by working, that actually has value and can be traded for stuff ? you probably wouldn't know, no such thing in your internet meme coins

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it doesnt evaporate, it dies slowly in years.

Wasn't talking about crypto, keep struggling stay poor.

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whats the point in mooning if you idiots never cash out... it only has value among yourselves, for now

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Cash out? I don't think you understand.

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Have already cashed out 2x my initial investment, bout 10x of initial is still in

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some of us look at the technology and see the value intrinsically.

therefore i hold.

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I cash out constantly you faggoty cucklet. Probably more than 5 years of your salary. 150-200k. And still have a little more than that still in. Cuck off cucklet.

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It won't tripple either though.

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HAHAHAHA sure you did

good luck with your 100$ investment

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>the ones who hodled through german hyper inflation got rich

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TFW when you're missing out on a financial revolution, and will be the poorest of your friends in 15 months time

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When your parents can't take care of you anymore, you'll understand.

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>mfw day trader and make more money safely than gambling my money on imaginary coins

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>financial revolution
just stop it, you all in this game for some quick bucks, not even you believe that, you just want it to be

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What a fucking clown

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Cope much?

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poor ass nerd. lol. smart people have hands in this glorious stock market, crypto, real estate, etc multiple streams of revenue boy, if you knock crypto bc it scares you you're just a fag who will be succin my tiny wang for 1 NEO in a decade. If you can't afford to gamble a few thousand dollars on what could potentially be hundreds of thousands in a decade then you're just the definition of a poorfag

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hyper inflation, wheel barrows aren't big enough to carry the money in.