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>people are pinky posting about their rekt shorts
bull market ahead boyos

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>being naive enough to think the market will do what you want.

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Get ready for some pink wojaks

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>not following sentiment
the virgin ta astrologer everyone

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yes sir very much a bull market please buy more. without a doot the last time one can buy the coins so cheaply.

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you'll never be able to buy below 10k again

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Thank you based ellen

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>$11k incoming

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11k Tomorrow. 15k Next week.

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I seriously think this is what did it. I'm looking at the charts and we were supposed to have a correct about 4 hours ago, but things keep going up. This is kind of what happened around Thanksgiving when people kept buying with irrational exuberance.I have a big short play coming up at ~$11500

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you fucking fomo noobs cost me 1.8 btc. THATS HOW MUCH I LOST SHORTING. I ONLY HAVE 4.
FUck yall, eventually this is going to crash harder then you know.

first to 12k then to 5k

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4K incoming! Enjoy holding fags I sold at 7k.

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Man, Q2 is going to the biggest time ever in crypto, you lost your bitcoin get over it.

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Lol rekt! You should really kys.

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>/biz/ constantly says to buy when pinks come out during downtrends
>/biz/ shorts post pinks during rally
>/biz/ ignores own advice and calls bull market into perpetuity

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guess what guys. Shorting during teh crash put me from .3 btc to 4. So im still up more than you faggot holders. the joke is on you for real if you are a "hodler"

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>Mystery person buys $400m in btc
It was Ellen

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Q2 is still enough time for a crash and nice rebound though

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USA tax return will pump again the prices

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Power of HODL and buying right alts
>started at .2

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If you aint HODLing you lost
>eat dick

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Talking from experience, I see.