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Get in now!

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If there's anything that crypto has taught me, it's that what goes up, never comes down.


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Do it faggot

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Reinvesting Dividends - Enough to do twice in a single morning? Sweet!

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I had a rule...only re-invest or pull div's once every 24 hours so I could see how much they grow. Yesterday HAD to do it twice. Today...sheesh! Team and community are amazing.

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You'll have to do it more soon. People are definitely out there contacting YouTubers and other social media promoters to get this on their viewers' radars. This is going to explode very, very soon.

And you're on the ground floor right now.

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True, can't wait for it to EXPLODEEEE

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Warp speed now. Can only go faster and higher

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very thank snek

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I'm now rerouting my mining income into the pyramid. Now I'm getting dividends on the ETH I mine.

This is the best fucking idea ever.

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As one of the top 6 holders today in 12 hours I have made 0.22 ETH in dividends.

Keep em rollin' don't miss out on this.

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That's fucking insane.

Get the fuck in here boys this is better than all your shitcoins put together when we get normie money

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Can you do this with hashflare?

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>more buy volune than sell volume

That doesn't make sense, op.
An equal amount has to be sold, or who are the buyers buying from, huh?

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Can't... tell... if... serious

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where can you check volume by order type? for big exchanges or aggregate preferably

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If it's mined to your personal ETH wallet, you would just need to convert that ETH into the contract.

I'm mining ETH myself, so it'll get paid out to my wallet from the exchange and then I swap it for EPY tokens on the website.

I think there was some discussion about mining directly to the contract on the Discord.

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Hahaha...true dat. It's better than all my shitcoins already. By far. Faith in crypto space restored by the sweet, sweet snek.

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The tokens are internal to the contract so they cannot be listed on any exchanges.

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May want to update the website before it gets promoted on Youtube. (Also make sure they reference the .io rather than the .com URL)

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I'm not one of the developers but I'm sure they'll read this.

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>4chan memes are making me more money now than reddit memes


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waking up this morning to a bigger, fancier contract balance than last night. best feels ever, i've officially broken even and now am raking in pure profits boizzzz

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I may be a brainlet but what is buy volume and sell volume? Isn't anything that's sold by anyone bought by someone else?

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When you buy, your ETH is converted into EPY tokens.

Whenever someone sells, their EPY tokens are destroyed and 10% of the resulting ETH is distributed as dividends to the remaining holders at the current sell price of the tokens.

There is no trading involved. Buy and sell volume in this case is simply the amount of ETH that entered and left the contract.

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no, coins are created/destroyed upon buy/sells, and there is a dataset showing volume somewhere, iunno where exactly atm...

tho anecdotally, i've been making about 0.5-2% ROI a day, and rolling it over into the contract

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All sells are bought by the contract, the tokens are destroyed.
All buys are purchased from the contract, which spawn tokens.

In both cases, 10% of the buy / sell price is distributed as dividends to the current holders of tokens.

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It's an insane level of return considering volume only started picking up recently. The ultimate ETH no-brainer.

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This is a smart contract, so it works a bit differently. When you send ETH to the contract, it creates new tokens at the current price, which you then own. The tokens are still held in the contract though.

If you sell, your tokens are destroyed, and the 10% dividends are divided among the remaining tokens. So, each sell actually makes the tokens more valuable for the remaining HODLers.

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You aren't buying from someone who's selling, you're buying from a smart contract that generates the coins.

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> is dev
> am reading

We're working as fast as we can on a 'what time we can afford' basis. We all have full time jobs as well: the weekend gives us some much needed breathing space.

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The true irony of you being a wagecuck is you've created the ultimate neetbux tool.

Who's the smart one now, anon?

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If you buy EPY tokens u buy it from the smart contract, if u sell them back to the smart contract they get destroyed forever.

There is no token pool, only the ones bought. Ones sold they will be destroyed.

So ya u buy and sell from the smart contract

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Look forward to it happening even more, anon.

If one person gets one youtuber to make a video, we're going to fucking pluto.

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i do concur, i nearly 3x'd on PoWH, so i know the tech works, now im just waiting for people to realize that the new contract is waterproof and here to stay

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That contract only had dividends on buys too.

Holy shit. Anons why aren't you in this and making money RIGHT NOW? Get out there and spread this free money around and bask in the glory of divsnek.

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> ... shit

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From the other thread:


>You're looking for a compound interest >calculator - which might be cool to get >the devs to put on the site. Hmmm....
>Anyway here: >https://financialmentor.com/calculat>or/compound-interest-calculator
>So lets assume I chuck in one Eth and >only one Eth (no additional >contributions). I make an average of >1% in divs daily = 365% interest. I >reinvest them each day so it >compounds.
>In one year I'll have 37 Eth.
>In two years I'll have 1413 Eth.
>So to get to 1000, it's 1.9 years >basically.
>Sound better than a shitcoin anon?
>Obviously there's other factors >involved - like how much the EPY tokens >are worth. Plus Ethereum itself is >gonna keep going up. Being an Ether >bull, I'm of the opinion it's got >another 10x left in it.

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You're looking for a compound interest calculator - which might be cool to get the devs to put on the site. Hmmm....

Anyway here: https://financialmentor.com/calculator/compound-interest-calculator

So lets assume I chuck in one Eth and only one Eth (no additional contributions). I make an average of 1% in divs daily = 365% interest. I reinvest them each day so it compounds.

In one year I'll have 37 Eth.
In two years I'll have 1413 Eth.

So to get to 1000, it's 1.9 years basically.

Sound better than a shitcoin anon?

Obviously there's other factors involved - like how much the EPY tokens are worth. Plus Ethereum itself is gonna keep going up. Being an Ether bull, I'm of the opinion it's got another 10x left in it.

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There's a rough prototype we're looking at using for a simulator model. *Not* a calculator, and specifically with no promises. Just a modelling tool.

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The Devs have been killing it! The whole idea is Dope!!! And working great. Almost what 50 eth paid in so far today?

>> No.7708482

35 ETH in and 3.5 ETH paid out as dividends to current holders.

This is fucking incredible and we're just getting started.

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Love it

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I put in 1 eth yesterday and of course I have .08 eth after the buy in. With the buys today I am now back at 1 eth my buy in amount and I have have $11 divs

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Nice. What if you had put 10 ETH in? Earning $100 a day with no effort whatsoever. Top kek.

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Almost not a single sell today with this big volume.. wow can't wait for the upcoming days

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Pyramid growth is exponential. Tomorrow I'll possibly be expecting 50 ETH into the contract. People should probably get in now before that happens.

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Nice. Just bought 100k.

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Thanks, just sold 100k

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Awesome, u both contributed with Dividends to the holders, thanks.

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Nice. Just bought 100k.

>> No.7710586

Look out below.....

Incoming ETH:


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We are fucking MOONING.

Holy FUCK.


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If this keeps up the contract balance will double in 4-5 days

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Nice. Just reinvested 100k divs

>> No.7710941

yall we are printing money

>> No.7710946

Yeah. And we're all getting money all the while.

Get in here anon, 1% compounding interest a day will make you a rich fucking man.

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Just broke 250!

>> No.7711029

You mean 243

>> No.7711052

250's the next stop.

That's 50 ETH in like 12 hours.



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>my divies just went from a couple pennies to a few dollars

what the fuck

whales in town?

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/Biz/ are finally realising they can make a huge amount of money by extending the pyramid beyond this forum and into the internet as a whole.

Neets making money from normies fomoing in. It's fucking happening.

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It's a good day. 1.5% div's in last 12 hours. All kneel to the glory and benevolence of the almighty snek! I love the Snek. Praise be unto his Name. Get in or stay poor.

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If a whale drops 100 ETH in this I'm going to go fucking crazy

>> No.7711133

About 24h ago the contract broke 200 ETH.
Now it just broke 245 ETH.
Big gainz?

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>/Biz/ are finally realising they can make a huge amount of money by extending the pyramid beyond this forum and into the internet as a whole.

You mean

>biz is finally realizing that in order for the pyramid to continue at all more people need to buy in

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Nah senpai. This pyramid works even if they all panic and sell.

>> No.7711215


That's pretty much exactly what I said. What? Get in and shill to normies or stay poor. We're the lucky ones that heard about this first. This shit is going international, and it can't be stopped.

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oh yeah baby

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FOMO kicking in now, the pyramid is on the rise!

this is price chart just minutes ago, notice how we are about to hit a big upswing...

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The amount of ETH pouring in right now is INSANE. Oh my god I am actually making so much right now, wish I had bought more

>> No.7711514

hahah, you should been in OG PoWH, that was insane, i 2xd in less than 24 hours. but this is getting there, people are realizing this is a free money machine if you play it right.

>> No.7711559

I was in OG Powh and got fucked by it.

This contract is secure. I'm going to 2x in like a week at this rate.

So will everyone else who gets in right now. This is real. This is secure. This is Ethpyramid, and it's making me a fuckload of money.

>> No.7711589

until next pyramid comes alone and everyone bails on this so EPY price crashes

>> No.7711656

Why would anyone move from this tried and tested project with genuine security to unproven code cooked up by a pajeet? You're incapable of thinking remotely long-term.

1% compounded interest for a year means you more than 3x any Eth you put in here on dividends alone - not counting what the tokens will be worth in a year if this reaches a 10 or even 100k ETH contract value.

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You're... welcome, I think!

>> No.7711827

You can buy more you know

>> No.7711883


I'm tempted. This shit is insane.

>> No.7711975

I'm about to buy more with tax returns

>> No.7712073

the absolute state of biz.

Thanks, just bought 100k.

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Bulltrap you fag

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So did u guys seriously figure out a working communism?

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guize, i made it easy for you to conceptualize your gainz, check out this chart that was produced by the top economists the internet has to offer

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Oh god I hope not

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you bought a chanpass???

this thing really IS mooning

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feels fucking excellent to be an ethpy holder today

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I've been replying so much lately that I got sick and tired of asking to point out bridges and storefronts.

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Get in or stay poor, we're going to normieland. You thought Herbalife was big. Wait until Chad and Stacy want to sell you EPY tokens and you're living off them.

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if any shitcoin was up 25% in a day /biz/ would be frothering at the mouth FOMOing in, well we are better than 99% of shitcoins, we get divies, and the only downside to this game is if you have weak hands

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How do I get in on this?

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Go to website.

Buy coins.


Watch the money roll in.

Taking part in the project and promoting it is optional but recommended.

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go to ethpyramid.io, there are instructions on the website. you will need a browser plugin called MetaMask, which interacts with dapps like this one. have fun!

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well im up nearly 4% with divies today, cant wait for the end of the week

>> No.7712785

i'm literally earning 1% a day or more

this shit gonna hit 800 eth like the original POWH

>> No.7712817

It's gonna go beyond that because the code is fucking safe.

Lmao at these people shilling shit like Etherdungeon. I can do fuck all and earn more than they do an hour, and for life.

It's crypto social security and a crypto bank all rolled into one

>> No.7712844

Yeah I love the fact that I don't have to shill to make money, unlike MLMs and shit

>> No.7712900

yeah, honestly the best plan for this thing is throw in some spare change, and forget about it for 6 months, until one day you're watching TV and they start talking about this crazy internet pyramid scheme and you remeber you bought in, and you'll have 5x what you started with. true story anons, im a time traveler

>> No.7712918

>code is fucking safe

so far anon, so far... but I agree, it should have been hacked by now if it was gonna happen at all.

I better not lose more in this fucking shit. I lost ETH in the shadowfork debacle AND the original. I get the feeling those cunts have hampered the growth of the pyramid... but I have faith.

>> No.7712933

Dubs confirmed it.

Get the fuck in here, the numbers have spoken.

>> No.7712940

As long as some noob buys in after yoi, he'll still on your behalf

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>> No.7712942


m e t a

>> No.7712944


thank you based time travel anon

>> No.7712955


stop dubs of truth pls, it's getting weird

>> No.7712970

checked again motherfucker

>> No.7712984


Check 'em.

Ethpyramid 100k EOY.

>> No.7713018

even you could not escape the power of dubs

>> No.7713021


I can't win, I'm done here

>> No.7713064

Hey yo I wanted to post a pic of a white wojack with a tiny brain (brainlet wojack) but I realized that I haven't saved a single one of those pics. Do me a favor and You me one of those wojacks. Thanks a lot based faggot. Love

>> No.7713067

Definitely happening

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>we mooning boys, dubs of dividends have spoken

>> No.7713240

3 moon dubs... that's lucky

>> No.7713247

$trx mooning boys it's happening!

>> No.7713255


Get the fuck in anon, we're going to the moon. POWH got to 800 ETH before it fell.

This contract has 250 ETH. Easy 4x from here. WITH DIVIDENDS. ON BUYS AND SELLS.

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>> No.7713289

I haven't got a (You). Is it because my business card aint good enough. HUH? Well you fuck. It's in Sicilian grail you fucker. That's top quality shit. I fucking hate Paul Allen he's worse than me.

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folling for based dubs of profit

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Can you imagine if someone went on a Chinese forum right now and shilled this? The sheer amount of fomo that would occur? Ethereum dividends. Forever.

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someone learn chinese quick!

>> No.7713735

Anybody here speak the chingchong?

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>> No.7713754


>> No.7713778

In High School there was a student who's name was literally 'Ching Ding'. Copied his final in French class, he helped me pass (he didn't know it though).

>> No.7713790


norsefire go fuck yourself. fucking discord piece of shit

>> No.7713796


There's already a Chinese translation ready to go right here:


Throw that shit into every Chinese social media outlet you can find and watch the fire start.

>> No.7713852

already got burned panic selling when it crashed from 600 eth to 170. if i buy in now i just know its gonna crash

>> No.7713855

I'm the yellow holder (#3)

>> No.7713869

Then you've got weak hands, faggot, and you don't deserve the money you'd have gotten if you'd held.

>> No.7713922

yup, i literally cant hold coins that aren't constantly going up.

grats whoever held, you deserve it

>> No.7713986

There's still plenty of room in here.

This is still tiny compared to the goals the team has for this.

If we get one YouTube video it's going to blow up.

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haahah, im not norsefire bro, stay mad tho :)

>> No.7714052

we are all daddy norsefire on this blessed day

>> No.7714194


What on Earth did I do to you?

>> No.7714265

didn't let him buy in low enough, the salty cuck

>> No.7714340


didnt let me suck that dick kissey face.

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fresh off the meme press bois

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