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What are the bank advantages to use chainlink instead of ripple ? explain to brainlet

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there are none

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Unlike Ripple, Chainlink is already a finished, worked-out product. It reached perfection to such an extent that there's no need to update GitHub anymore.

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Ripple is a shitcoin. Chainlink is a data protocol.
Here you go, faggot.

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jesus christ op

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>finished, worked-out product.
lmao kys

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pretty sure he was being ironic pal

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They have different use cases you fucking brainlet

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none, that's where mobius comes in

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XRP is a shitmetal, coinlink is pure gold

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None its a worthless shitcoin

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its not a meme

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You should research coins before making yourself look dumb. They are COMPLETELY different. ChainLink thrives with or without banks.

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I don't think that anybody who owns Ripple should own Link and vice versa. DYOR and make your bet, I'm not helping you here.

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ChainLink is a blockchain-agnostic middleware designed to allow the usage of smart-contracts, but with the ability to utilize off-chain external data API for inputs to the smart-contract, and then be able to send tamper-proof payment messages as the outputs: hence secure, end-to-end, tamper-proof smart-contracts with the ability to automate the majority of financial agreements, and perhaps a broader range of agreements in the future.
Dig further and do what you will with this summary.

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Yep. That's basically it. Now nolinkers just need to understand what has been summarized here and get on the gravy train.
5k poorfag here, not planning on buying anything else till this moons.

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and soon: Interledger

ShitLink is obsolete.

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No one should own Ripple to be fair

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and forgot about Codius (coming this year)

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/biz/ doesn't deserve to know. Please keep such news private.

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Thay can use their own systems and platforms without having the install new software and revamp old tech.
It is that simple.

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No one should own Link to be fair

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None, ripple already has partnerships and isn’t a shitcoin. Link is seriously just a fucking meme. Link is about $.10 high then it was 4 MONTHS AGO. The only reason this coin hasn’t dumped to $0 is because this board is memeing the shit out of it.

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ripple is a centralized bank
the rest you can figure out yourself brainlet

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