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What's the best place to buy gold?
Is it better to buy coins or bars?
How easy is it to re-sell privately after 10 years, and how much can I expect to lose?
Looking to invest around $20,000

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bumping thread
also inquiring gold vs silver

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Smiling crocs, mate

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I use Apmex and you can re-sell back to them. Who fucking knows what price will be in 10 years, but it’s due for a bull run.

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Silver more volatile than gold. Go 50/50.

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It's not expected to have a massive crash like in 2008 though is it? Like I'll lose at most 10-15%, not half?

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I just buy best spot price, normally it’s bars, but sometimes it can be coins. I don’t care about collectibility, just weight.

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We are living in transitional times, seems like fiat is dying around the world-should be a very bullish signal for metals, but like fiat, the metals can be manipulated, no guarantees hombre.

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>95% of BTC held by 4% of addresses

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it's stated that metals may be used to cover losses & could see big drops. I like silver because it's allegedly not really being used "speculatively" like gold as a "store of value." I'm looking at gold and determining that crypto and silver seem like better choices until there is a gold price drop or a stock market correction.

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lol fucking bitcoin

why would you buy that shit

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Hey, not claiming BTC is some sort of savior for masses to find freedom from the debt slavery fiat represents to their countries. It’s an incredible carrot to lead us into further control structures.

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You never know anon. It should go up but it's being manipulated heavily to move together with the market when usually they're opposite.
>Maket goes up, elites dive up the price of gold so it's price doesnt get too appealing
>Market goes down, elites sell off gold so you stay in the market

I like SD Bullion for prices it seems very good but JM Bullion is similar and they accept BTC.

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I read somewhere that gold may crash in the short term if stocks continue to "correct" due to people selling gold to make up for stock loses...not sure how true this shit is though

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Because apmex excepts it....

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do you have to pay taxes for transferring bitcoin to gold to bank account?

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Price of gold will never go below 15% of current value as of now. Doesn't matter what you get, just get weight.

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the local gold redistributor should be bale to give you a great price ;)

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Gold will never drop below 15% of what current value is now. If it does we are all fucked.

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So if I'm not mistaken, you get taxed for making any gains on gold/silver you sell. But let's say I turn all my crypto gains into gold, then turn around and sell it for the same price, or maybe a small loss, for cash, would this work? I can't see why people aren't doing this. Gold/silver retains its values, so why not just solidify gains in precious metals and sell that shit for cash?

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Always get government issued coins,

Much easier to sell. Retains any markup

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Well, gold won’t go into bank account, but I’d ask a professional, which will likely be an answer you don’t want to hear.

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Yeah when you buy the gold with crypto, that's a taxable event

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...15% of current value? you mean like 200 bucks?

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I’d agree with this, but I trust major exchanges like Apmex, so just go for weight.

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Fuck tax. Buy tangible gold. Hodl for as long as you want. If you wanna sell some for cash then go sell it. You'll always find someone that will pay cash.

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But I thought you don't have to write off taxes for purchasing gold/silver

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Is this a picture of you, anon?

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What do you mean write off taxes?

that's just saying that most precious metal purchases are private if it's under $10,000. The tax laws still apply to any gains.

Now if you're saying that your gains are coming from precious metals that no one knows you have then of course you have a little leeway there. The law still applies but no one can apply a law to someone that they can't find

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Yeah $300 Or there abouts. It won't dip more unless something earth shattering happens and usually that makes the price skyrocket anyways.

I like Krugerrands

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I'm just trying to understand how people aren't drooling over this seemingly easy way to avoid taxes. Since buying gold isn't reported if you buy under 10k, then you can literally sell off your gold for spot value or maybe a little less, that way you didn't make any gains on the gold, yet you were able to convert gold into fiat. This is fucking awesome

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What I mean Is, you buy gold with crypto, it's not reported, then you sell off the gold for fiat, for slightly less than it's worth so you aren't left paying taxes on gains

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Half of the response in this thread are silly poor children who prob don't even know what diversification means.

Buy from Apmex OP and hide that shit in a floor safe.

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Look FBI man, it's not rocket science.
If you buy/sell under specific amount there is no reporting. People don't wanna report and make paperwork for themselves with possibilities of audit if they put up a flag.

>This is fucking awesome.
Yes, yes it is.

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i use provident

coins are slightly more expensive, but eagles are easier sells. bars are usually better bang for buck. buy a mix of both

Gold is inflation insurance. NOT an investment. It's a very long term hold, is heavily manipulated in futures, but central bank fuckery seems to be on its last leg. currency crisis may finally happen. don't be an idiot and sell at a loss.

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I'm definitely making it sound more complicated than it Is. Anyways, what's your preference, silver or gold? Bar or rounds?

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What ever is available under market value.
If you're using cash never pay asking price. Never.
You use crypto, people may still cut a deal.


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bought one of these a week ago. Pretty cool to have around. I had too much cash in my safe so I figured id buy one

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How retarded is it to keep 20k in gold on Uphold? I trust them as an exchange but is there a better way to go about it? Not really trying to keep anything physically on hand

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Look into silver as well. It is the silver of metals.

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Mining stocks outperform the metal during a bull market.i hold long-term call options on AUY, SSRM, AG and JNUG.