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Fuck.. I took a few days off from crypto and find out my largest god damn holding is LIQUIDATED. I can't even sell my PFR anymore because if I sold, it would take out the whole order book. What the fuck did you telegram scammers do??? I'm DOWN TENS OF THOUSANDS IN THE RED BECAUSE OF YOU PND SCAMMERS.

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"Pay us to get on KuCoin" Should have been your cue to exit

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This makes me more bullish on PFR from all this FUD. Literally trying to drive down price to accumulate more nodes. If I wasn't out of FIAT I would go balls in on PFR

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it was mine for sure

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do these digi's look like lies? >>7691777
PFR is dead.

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Yeah sell when they're about to release their product

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I messed up. here's my position before telegram shills call me a FUDer, I hope you scammers get what's coming to you.

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Pajeeted & Depleted

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I'm biting right into it but it's because ED is down and idex is a shitstain on PFR's overall volume.

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Greater fool theory is real. Don't give up hope, OP.

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Sell it for a penny, and I'll buy it. May as well right since it's a scam.

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>being *this* tired of pushing your own agenda

Dude go balls deep in it or just hang yourself. You’re not accomplishing the FUD discount were hoping to.

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Retard, I cant sell because I would wipe out the order book, this fucking scam coin is dead, and the devs are scamming their community out of even more money by making them pay for an exchange listing. and the shills still come out of the gutter, pathetic.

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You stupid fuck, he's saying he'll buy OTC for a penny.

I'll buy OTC for 2 cents.

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>new target for A loan the childfucker's shill group
>rather than just tank like UFR, IT ACTUALLY FUCKING DIES

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*Alpam the childfucker

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are you fucking kidding me, this is why it died huh? it was targetted by a fucking pump group. great. I got fucked by shills again, and this time they won't even let me sell. Thanks faggot PFR shills.

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Where did you go OP? I want to buy OTC for 2 cents. Lets figure out an escrow and do this. I'll even throw in an extra almost $100. If you're right and its dead, you can salvage $5300 from this, at least.

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> and this time they won't even let me sell


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FUD on 4chan is a bullish sign.

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theres no buy orders faggot, I can't sell shit. you dumpers left me with nothing, go fuck yourself for shilling this dead piece of pajeet trash.

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Not just any pump group (though they're not technically that but a shill group) but the one which shilled UFR to death a while ago.

Yup, everything they touch turns to shit and dies so they basically lose money shilling at the behest of a self-admitted pedophile. Sorry you had to be collateral damage.

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it was shocking to find out this way that these guys are dumping on me, in the future I'll know better than to invest in a shitcoin that was shilled as hard as PFR. Learning lesson

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Holy fucking shit.

Have you never done and over the counter trade before? We set up an escrow and we trade off exchange. the funds pass through the escrow... PFR is literally trying to be a decentralized version of this. How tf can you own PFR and not understand this?

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Where is proof of this group ? Some random on 4chan? I want screenshots.

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an escrow for worthless coins? the fuck. hey brainlet, these tokens are worth next to nothing. go shill your next pump and dump. You shills fucked me over, so fuck you.

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Jesus OP you are a fucking dumbshit. Just sell low when ED starts working again and complete the cycle.

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Stay the fuck away from LINK,REQ,NANO
Same shit will happen soon

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hell, if we're going to trade OTC I'll want this anyway so: send your PFR to MEW and sign a message by following these instructions:


If you do that, verifying your holdings, I'll sell a bit of my portfolio and post $5k of buy orders at ~$0.02 on IDEX. Then you can just sell into me.

I want proof of your holdings first, though, because I don't hold hardly any ETH and I don't want to sell into ETH just to have it sit on IDEX.

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This way we don't even have to find/agree on an escrow.

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fucking hell, a PORTION of my tokens would clear the order book and I have some faggot trying to buy these worthless shitcoins from me at 2 cents. what a fucking nightmare, stay the hell away from payfair.

I should have sold when the devs told investors to pay for their exchange listings. i fucked up.

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look at the order book for fucks sake. i cant sell they already exited. I can't believe i was so stupid

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List it for sell on idex for $0.03 and I'll fill it right now.

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I am telling you that if you sign a message with the wallet you have PFR in, I will pad the order book with enough buy orders for you to sell into at $0.02.

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How much do you want for them???

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I was in the group you nigger. Go in #bot and type ?balance

Still got enough shill points? Daily 20 point deduction still active? 150 for the blue name and 300 for the green?

Lol you sad cuck

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LOL for .02 cents ill fuckin buy your entire stack too

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10k holder here still waiting on that trust node...

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What i fucking paid for them. you scammers took a LOT of people's money, and now everyone holding this pajeet coin is in the red. I jusy want my eth back from you russian scammers.

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And what did you pay??

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OP, you have 4 people here who have offered to buy off of you. You can salvage $5k RIGHT NOW from this """"pnd scamcoin"""" if you just verify your fucking holdings, and then move them to IDEX. I will happily let you sell into me.

You've received several other offers in this thread as well. Stop dicking around and start coordinating with your potential buyers, you complete fucking moron.

And yes, that's me wearing my Halloween costume. Good jorb, you're in the telegram.

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dude micro mcap = micro investment

keep your heavy invests for omg/eth/neo/icx/eos

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Either OP is retarded or larping hard

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30 cents, before the last pump and dump occured, I'm not sending you shit though because I know you just want to scam more eth out of me, even after ive been wiped out by pfr. i should have known when the devs started exit scamming but i held like a sheep

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Sell your stack, pussy. Buy high, sell low you fucking moron.

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If OP doesn't sell to those who already offered, he's FUDDING to lower the price, to buy more for cheap.

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Hes not going to sell to you because this same guy has been creating fud threads every single night now

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dude i got dumped on by a pump group not much i can do here, now the scammers want to buy from me at 2 cents. I think i'm the most JUSTed anon ever.

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Just stop your acting suck's... Post your address then..BTW the guy in the bee costume is not me

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You don't have to send anything to anyone. We'll handle the trade through the exchange. Obviously I'm not going to pay 30 cents, but if you really think this is a scam, then why are you making it so difficult for you to salvage $5k?

Seriously, why wont you coordinate with anyone who wants to buy off you?

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hahaha this guy is full of shit

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What about ED though?

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ED is down right now, or depth would be much better, yeah.

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This is actually true.
There was also a bot wash trading the price to crazy low levels in order to get cheaper

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Okay, that's where everyone was buying iirc. I don't use idex.

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OP is a larping faggot who likes dicks in his mouth

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Yep. Though its a shame as IDEX actually has a stellar UX. ED is so terrible, and it makes decentralized exchanges look way worse than they need to. I really wish IDEX would take over.

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You have only yourself to blame, buying during a big pump. If it's obvious to you now it was a PnD, it should have been obvious then. You had access to the same information, I feel nothing for you. Now complete the cycle and sell low.

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>guy gets shilled into losing thousands of dollars
>shills now offering to buy his "investment" off him for pennies on the dollar
Just a friendly reminder of what you're getting yourself into if you trust /biz/

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I'm willing to buy too

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Lol good job fudding I’m going to scoop up this dirt cheap payfair!

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>guy says he got shilled into losing thousands of dollars
>someone offers to buy his """worthless""" tokens for $5k if he just signs a message with his wallet
> ignores request for signed message, makes up excuses as to why he can't/won't sell

If this is actually a shitty scam coin I'm fucking doing this guy a favor. If this coin has no buy side order book, and no future what in the world would I have to gain by buying his stash for $5k?


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I will buy your PFR for 0.00012 ETH each.
I know you won’t sell it this is to prove everybody you are a bullshit rudder full of shit

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Yup, never listen to /biz/ or you'll have a gang of PnD group shills trying to buy from you for pennies. no faggots, I want my scammed ether back. Payfair devs wont even allow anymore exchange listings till stakeholders give them another $100k so everyone stuck holding is fucked. ffs

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Payfair is literally unstoppable. This went down simply because the market did, when the profits from btc trickle down to low cap coins this shit going parabolic.

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live and learn op

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rekt hahahahhaahahaha

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You're not getting all of your ether back.

You can, however, get $5k of your ether back.

Think like an investor, not a child. If this is a scam coin, you're cutting off your nose to spite your face by not selling to me.

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You won't even sell for 0.0002ETH which is way above market price lol

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Bears are exhausted, only way is up from here.

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>Payfair is literally unstoppable
I fucked up so badly buying this pajeetshit

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The whole market went down you fucking idiot, look at every low cap coin!

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> literally just ignoring buy offers and recycling the same generic FUD over and over

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Ontop of that ED is down, wow you are an imbecile.

>> No.7693203

im about to buy some more now, damn this guy is a noob

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same, looks like a good sign

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Guys if you haven’t realised OP is simply trying to drive the price down to buy more before the next pump.

>> No.7693279

Amen to that I’m stocking up

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if you actually want to sell your pfr and get out of this scam, just throw a sell wall up for a bit, let some people at it, and take it down later so you dont crash the price.

repeat until ur out

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I'm 50% in atm. planning to buy more soon.

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Sell me your payfair 0.0003 ETH each lol you fucking FUD dickhead

>> No.7693330

Sell it to me :)

>> No.7693337

next.exchange listing March 1

>> No.7693346


No one uses idex are you fucking retarded? Look at any coin on idex. I'm not saying idex is bad or ED is good but the fact is ED has literally 100x the liquidity of idex.

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I knew better

Same thing is going to happen with link

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I was in the shill group you dipshit, save it for some newfag

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Telegram shills are all over this thread, when you hear anons saying "hurr I'm about to buy more" after a shitcoin already crashed, THEY'RE TRYING TO DUMP ON YOU. There are no buy orders so they're forced to shill in order to get rid of their bags. I got fucked by the pnd but I won't let other anons be scammed too.

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we fucking give you 5 buy orders

>> No.7693577

Sell them for a penny each. I'm doing you a favor, to help cut your losses, and since this is a scam, and the tokens are worthless

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faggot shills trying to take more of my money, fuck off. go put up an order for 30 cents and give me back the eth you took from me before devs exit scammed.

>> No.7693599


You are literally going on an exchange that no one uses and saying there is no buy orders. Look at any coin on idex, they all have no liquidity. Once ED is working again it will resume trading ~10 cents.

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Take "more of your money"? I thought it was a worthless scam coin? If PFR isn't worth anything, then what am I getting out of buying your stash for $5k?

>> No.7693619

This shitcoin isnt on any exchanges fucktard, it's on smart contracts which ANY SCAMMER CAN LIST ON. I could list PFR2 and scam you like you shills scammed me and countless other anons.

>> No.7693653


if its a scam coin then take my $5k

>> No.7693654

You stupid fuck, you're fudd will only keep lowering the price. If you want it to go to .30 start shilling dumbass, not fudding you moronic bitch

>> No.7693709

Chill out op. Every fag has fallen for a shit pajeet coin here once or twice. It's the price to pay for the lolz on biz. You know how many ppl bought dbc lmao. Literally half of biz and they all sank with the ship besides a few.
I bought CANYA thinking it would have 1 pump then I could sell my bags. I've lost 80 percent on that shitcoin. I also bought TEL lost another 60 percent on that coin.
I now know how dumb I was to trust everything ppl say here.

>> No.7693764

learn to spell faggot, such an obvious russian PFR shill. the order book for your scamcoin is at about 4.1 eth now, down from hundreds when I bought in. such an obvious exit scam. pathetic.

>> No.7693825

adding another order now pls fill

>> No.7693835


Why wont you clear out the order book and sell me the rest?

Why wont you sign a message with your PFR wallet?

>> No.7693879

Dumb fuck, just put a sell order. Not everyone interested in buying, will already have a buy order up, you dumb shit.

>> No.7693890

Will buy 10,000 PFR for $0.05, I just want 1 trust node. Op don't worry, I'm not any pump n dump pajeet trying to scam you, I still have yet to buy any PFR cause I'm a semi poorfag

>> No.7693921

Because he's a stupid ass bitch, that refuses to sell at a loss, and instead of actually shilling it to raise the price, he's continuing to fudd it to lower the price. He's probably normie redditor

>> No.7693936

Instead of being an idiot and holding bags you will never sell. Why not take a gamble and sell to one of these anons for a loss you dumb fucking moron. How do you not get that logic. Some money vs bag holding NO money for life. Take it

>> No.7693941

>18 posts by this russian shill trying to scam me even hard than I've already been

>> No.7693950

I sold like two hours after I bought this shit.

Definitely a scam

>> No.7693980


Or hes trying to reduce the price so he can accumulate cheaper. He's really fucking bad at it, though.

>> No.7694055


Damn right I posted 18 times. I'm posting every time you post more generic fud so that anyone who starts reading at any point in this thread immediately knows you're full of shit and trying to manipulate this market.

If this is a scam coin, then sell it to me, or one of the many others who offered to buy off you.

if this is a scam coin, then clear out the buy side of IDEX right now.

if you really have all that PFR stashed already, then sign a message with that wallet.

This is very simple.

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I hope you or anyone else here doesn't believe that. The miniscule amount of money on biz that would either but or not buy that coin won't effect the price.
Especially large coins like btc. I always love when ppl think fudding will lower it. If 50 ppl were to sell their btc from biz which would never happen it would not touch the price. Maybe a few cents at most...

>> No.7694122


I'm not saying its effective. This guy clearly set himself up for failure by claiming he had a huge amount of PFR and then claiming that his issue right now is the thin buy side. That's an easily resolved problem when you have people willing to pad the buy side for you. Not a smart cookie.

I don't really see any other motivation to FUD like this, though.

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>hurrr a single thread on /biz/ can manipulate markets
or maybe its a fucking scamcoin and that's why it crashed. go get more marching orders from your exit scamming "devs".
pic related, its you

>> No.7694160

Payfair is about to go parabolic.

>> No.7694199

> He's really fucking bad at it, though.

Bitch, can you read? I don't think you're successful.

>> No.7694483

This is the funniest shit ever, obviously none of the retards that bought into A FUCKING PUMP bothered to see what they were investing in. PayFair will be listed on a NEW EXCHANGE in 2 fucking weeks! Dump all your cheap coins then. You’re all fucking shrimp dicked pump buyers who don’t realize you got scammed *not by the devs* but by the fucking pump leader! This project will launch its main product at the end of March and you retards will be wondering why you ever sold. Have some fucking patience whiny bitches.

>> No.7694486

bump so more anons dont get scammed.
this isn't a "steal price", they actually exit scammed and stole eth, tanking the price. The telegram agreed to dump it as well I've now learned. sad situation for a lot of us

>> No.7694520

fucking put up your´sell order and we will buy your "scam" coins

>> No.7694538


If its a scam then clear out the order book and sell the rest to me.

>> No.7694642

The team posted their names and identities last weekend you absolute retard, yeah its for sure a scam. You fail to realize it wasn't the team who scammed you but a PnD group. How shitbrained can you be?

>> No.7694693

I know you're in their telegram saying everything they tell you to. filthy scammers. You must feel pathetic shilling so hard to try and pump your dead PnD shitcoin

>> No.7694734

LMAO, join the fucking telegram idiot, they've been offering to buy your "heavy bags" from you, plus once this is on NEXTexchange on March 1st you can dump all you want, I guarantee you there will be plenty of buyers.

>> No.7694889

>I g-guarantee someone will b-buy my scamcoin bags
>They s-showed us pictures of some random russians so they c-cant be scammers :(
Enjoy being bled down to nothing. good choice of coin fucktard.

>> No.7694923

we told you trillion times that we will buy your tokens

>> No.7694957


I have been offering to buy your coins this entire thread. You've ignored me or made up some shitty excuse every time.

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Yeah, random Russians who match exactly with their profile pictures as when the ICO ended and with the fucking PFR logo on it

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It was your choice of coin too, remember? Try and stick to your story, bitchboy.

>> No.7695166

Accumulating for trust nodes myself.

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>It's a volume on a barely used exchange is an argument episode

>> No.7695706

kek, i got a 3x from CAN
seems to me that you get too emotional with your investments and will not take anything less than a 100x

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here's a tip, OP:
start again with only $100 and learn how to not be a fucking retard
and you clearly take 4chan too seriously so i recommend not to use it anymore

>> No.7695952

your a noob, you don't know what your on about.. Since your a beginner ill give you a lesson, don't invest what you cant afford to lose

look at the PFR price at the end of the year, ITS GOING ALL THE WAY UP !!

>> No.7696129

You got it OP. No use as a means of exchange, too volatile to be a store of value, more expensive per transaction than credit cards or PayPal, and unregulated exchanges that go down at a whim and are 95% scams.

Some whale may pump or wash trade those numbers up to some big value, but the asset has no intrinsic use and loses value with every exchange or transaction. There is nothing behind crypto but "the blockchain", a technology with no inherent use besides wasting energy.

>> No.7696326

Smells like minerium in here

>> No.7697228