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Hello /biz/, i'm shilling for payfair. Not in a bad way, but I'm here to tell you why you should buy payfair at the moment and what it can be in the future. So let me explain:
PAYFAIR is a decentralized Escrow platform which ensures the paramount security of all Cryptocurrency transactions made between two parties. It's enabled with PayFair tokens (PFR), which is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. It provide extremely low fees for all transactions in a safe, private and decentralized environment. PFR tokens are an essential part of the ecosystem. Tokens create Trust nodes to ensure a safe environment for the transaction to take place. With tokens, you can buy and sell other stuff with them, however, they have another use: Trust nodes. Basically, a trust node is very useful to the payfair network because it performs the important job of maintaining, updating, and securing the PayFair ecosystem, and the best part is, YOU GET PAID FOR RUNNING THEM! You currently need 10,000 PFR tokens to secure a trust node, and you can buy more to increase your monthly income from the work. More people using the exchange=higher demand and reward for trust nodes=more valuable PFR tokens become. The exchange is set to be released by the end of Q1, so buy while it's still cheap!

Currently, Payfair is listed on 2 exchanges: IDEX and Etherdelta. I recommend IDEX, as it is much simpler than EtherDelta.

Tl;dr: Payfair allows you to run nodes for it's exchange for 10,000 PFR. In return, you get a monthly payment (about $1,200 a month) (RELEASES END OF Q1 SO BUY THEM NOW!!)

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This coin is fucking garbage. fuck off indiain nigger

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Repeat after me /biz/

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>entire buy order book wiped out in 4 ETH

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What has this token got?

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why should i trust trust nodes?

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Why don't we like it?

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alright. You don't want to HODL the tokens? Fine. Just spend them on trust nodes and make thousand or two per month just by running nodes!

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PayFair is a great investment but you sound like a fucking idiot trying to explain it

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I wouldn't bother making threads OP. Let them FOMO in next month or April as we make money on the people who actually fell for such weak FUD.

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lol so salty

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You don't need to shill this, for the love of god please stop.

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You'd be giving your money to these shmucks working in a 1dollar/month rent office

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This reminds me of the minerium scam

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> rent amount = product quality
You really can't think of any examples of fucking huge companies that started in cheaper conditions?

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well, at least they are working and not spending money on god tier computer

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Atleast spend that money on the heater. That guy far left has his head tucked in his sweater. Fucking unbelievable.


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What's wrong with this poos? They seem to always choose the shittiest coins to shill man.

I guess only retards join to those discords, anyway everyone is talking about pfr coin aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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You wanna rewrite that in English, pajeet?

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I actually own this coin and you're fucking biz cancer dude, this coin is actually legit and your shilling it to shitsville because you can't shut the fuck up for a month until it's product is released. At least have an IQ above 10 if you're going to shill, you're giving people the wrong impression with your retarded claims. Let the team market this themselves in April.

The coin's value isn't going to change regardless of how many times you post the exact same message, its on the shittiest exchange known to man

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nice fud retard. Payfair in itself is an unique idea and doesn't really have any competitors that are close to a working product.

They could have easily went for your typical 30m ICO, and blown a fuckton of money on some shiney whitepaper and marketing but instead they went with a 500k ICO. Have constantly been delivering, their tokens are locked up for +1 year.

these guys are as legit as it gets, but /biz/ doesn't deserve the easy gains. You'll just FOMO buy this shit when it has 30x after an great bullrun and sell after the correction :)

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Holy shit finally someone who gets it. 11K PFR here and my bags are fucking heavy but I reckon these guys will pull through (they've had plenty of time to exit scam anyway), but biz fucking destroys this token whether it's with the shill or the FUD and it's getting pretty boring now.

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If I sell someone 1 bitcoin for USD 10k fiat, walk me though how that transaction works. Who verifies that I received the 10k in my bank account. Noone has ever explained this to me.

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same. I bought in because I actually want to use the product when it's done but all these fucking pajeets copy paste spamming the board is making me nauseous

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You don't get to know for being a dummie

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Keep holding dem heavy bagz

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Its a pretty simple question that isnt covered in any materials i have read. also, its ok to go back to redit fagut

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Go ask the community manager on Telegram , or wait 3 weeks and see when they post it in the whitepaper

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Bought 10,000 at 6c during the dip unlike the fudders who buy at ATH the /biz/ way kek

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Does this mean you guys have invested in this without knowing the answer to this question? It's fundamental to the whole project. How do they manage the wet space trust issue - fiat transfers?

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I got into ICO so I'm not worried in the slightest about price and im waiting on the whitepaper to update it. Its based in Russia so you can expect them it to be a simpler issue to address

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Wow this picture hasn't been posted like 12 times already. Kek

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I love how some retards think a node will net them 1large a month. Giggle my ass of when they realize they’ll get paid some binance dust.

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I want OP to tell us about his bags. How heavy are they? Do they keep you up at night. That market looks very iliquid.

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i have 7 nodes

am i fucked or will i be the one to do the fucking?

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Whoever thinks this is retarded, I agree. But theres no denying this isn't a scam and it will be adopted by plenty of users later this year. Shit takes time

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This issue of how you verify that fiat has changed hands as part of a decentralised escrow transaction is at the very centre of what they are offering. This is far from trivial to solve and you are putting a lot of faith in the developers here. Good luck anon.

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Obviously, I am aware its not trivial, I was saying it will be simpler to solve in RU as it is in US. They are releasing that information along with the technical details of nodes and setup a couple weeks prior to launch. They wouldn't have attempted the project without knowing they'd be able to accomplish it. See you in a month

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Not a scam I spent a fair amount of time researching them. They’re just unknown comeups without any partnerships and connections. Plus they seem to deliver on their promises (demo, advertisement video).

Having said all that they’re literally just creating a webpage. Any mongoloid can hire webpage developers to build this type of site for them.

Would not advice anyone buying into this project. Wouldn’t recommend selling at a loss now either, price will surely bounce back up with time and as the team delivers.

This coin has the most pajeet following ever, sullied it’s reputation.

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>it will be simpler to solve in RU as it is in US

Ummm ok. If the solution involves people sending money to Russian bank accounts this will not turn out well bro. God speed.

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I think that's oversimplifying things, eBay is "just a website" in the same way, same with Amazon. There's a lot of technical details to get right when it comes to payout from the nodes, escrow, and incorporating BTC on an otherwise decentralized exchange.

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>imagine being this retarded
>literally a five second Google search

Escrow with PayFair

In our system, let's assume: we have a group chat. Person A and Person B are trading. Both ask Person C to send them an escrow identifier, Person C generates one (through his wallet) and pastes it in the chat,

Person C also gets a unique hash password to control the outcome of the transaction. Once both parties are happy, Person C releases the money. If either of the parties are unhappy, the transaction is held in escrow during the dispute process. It will be held there until a resolution has been determined. Person A binds the transaction (coin-cli generate payment [amount] [recipient’s address] [escrow ID]) to the escrow identifier who gives them the payment hash which can be seen at the blockchain explorer. Person B sends the item to Person A.

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Should I drop an eth into this when it dips more?