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Alright homos, how do these cards work in practicality? I'm interested in getting one, or a TenX/Monaco instead if those are better.

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anyone use shift card?

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I don't understand why we would need these. A merchant only needs a tablet and the consumer reads the QR code with his smartphone to pay the product.

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I'm trying to buy something off Amazon is why.

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you can't use any of them in the US

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These will be cool as fuck. Great way to cash out tax free

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Fuck. Guess I'll have to be patient on the wire transfer then.

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Ordered tenx back in september...

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I have Shift and it works great.

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I think visa/mastercard halted and stop issuing cards to any crypto related businesses

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what about canada?

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>land of the free

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My Shift card works here in the USA

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How is shift overall? Buying? Transaction speed?

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Just as fast as a credit card. They "hold" an additional $10 after each use as insurance, but that gets returned to you once the Bitcoin price and transaction is finalized

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One other thing, Shift cards are only available in certain states in America. There's a list of them online somewhere if you use google

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Sweet, TX is eligible.
I'm assuming I can use ETH with it right? Should be able to anyways.

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A card where your balance is never constant and ever changing each couple of seconds, that makes things interesting to say the least.

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buy amazon gift card with bitcoin

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