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can anyone convince me that LINK won’t be $10k+ in 4-6 years?

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$1000 wasn't ludicrous enough

Now we are wishing for 10k.

Fucking hell

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4-6 years from now the crypto market cap will be thousands of times larger.

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Kekkkkkkk as soon as it goes over 1 dollar the top wallets race to dump

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It's already been over a dollar and none of the top wallets moved at all.

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Buy walls are going back up.

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you're fucking retarded man

3.5 trillion+ market cap

50 to 100 billion marketcap makes sense and we will revaluate later on.

best to take the gains and rebalance at that point tho

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Yes $10,000 seems insane, but what you're failing to realize is that this isn't some shit coin that's SOLELY bought and sold for taking profit on it's appreciation.

It has an actual purpose.

Most of the LINK out there will be used to stake nodes. If you are holding, people wanting to host nodes (Hundreds of thousands) will buy it up until it's at a price of your satisfactory...they Will have it at some point.

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that is the most stupid fucking meme chart ever created...and it was made so retards like you make it a self fulfilling prophecy...playing right into the big money's hands where they REALLY control the market.

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this could not be any more inaccurate at this point

funny thing is a lot of my friends work in big banking, and they have been sending this to me in group messages over and over. from the beginning i told them this simply does not apply to crypto, specifically bitcoin.
they are seriously pulling their hair out at bitcoin approaching 10k again.

i didnt sell, didnt panic, just waited. feels so fucking good man. feels so fucking good.

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wtf has ETH been doing for the last hour. Go somewhere already you sack of shit I need to link up

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You guys are morons. This thing will max out at $10 which you should be thankful for. Sergey did not make this token to become a $100 financial instrument

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Mommy Linky

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No, no one can convince you because you're a delusional stinky linky.

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>You guys are morons. This thing will max out at $10 which you should be thankful for. Sergey did not make this token to become a $100 financial instrument
18 decimal points

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not convinced

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4-6 years? 10k is conservative, 70k is very real.

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You LINKfags are fucking deluded. The price of LINK will never exceed a Big Mac, as that defeats the purpose of this coin.

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screencap and share this with your friends

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Im gonna commence a dump of precious ETH fud from 2015-2016 for my link bros. Enjoy.

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Check the date. eerily similair.

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My question for those who know would be, was ETH shilled just as much back then? I'm in LINK no matter what happens, but even I know the board is swamped by us.

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Thanks, just bought 100k

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I'm half in link, but direct comparisons are obviously ridiculous, most 'success stories' are idiosyncratic in their own way & that's a desirable trait in the product.
I can't imagine anything has been shilled to the extent that LINK has, but that's mostly because LINK has attracted the best/most diverse memes, it's unstoppable in that regard - dozens of threads at a time for months on end has failed to exhaust the humor of link-related things, in fact the shitposters have only become shrewder in this time.

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yup. Thread after thread was Ethereum and "the future of smart money."

Instead of how people call sergey a "two man team incapable scammer" people where calling vitalik an "autistic Russian scammer".

A lot of it is eerily similar. DYOR, vaporware scam coin, memes about the creator, and dreams of the coin hitting $1000 each and becoming rich if you hold for a few years.

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ETH had a large team of developers though with constant updates...LINK only has two people.

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How was biz when ETH blew up to andromeda?

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Back to the street, pajeet

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There was so much FUD around Ethereum during the DAO hack that most sold their bags during it, and it led to a bear run lasting around a year. People just began to lose faith, calling vitalik and his team incapable, and only the strongest hands remained during those times.

When it blew the fuck up, the whole atmosphere of /biz/ kinda changed. Cryptos where getting a lot more popular as a whole and a lot of new users flooded the board. I mean it really just happened recently but alot of it was just blown off because everyone was making good money during that bull run so every early crypto investor had a level of smugness to them.

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Hmm...do you honestly think LINK can have the same success?

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I honestly do have high hopes for it, but nothing in this world is for certain so its tough to deal in absolutes.

We are the earliest investors into this tech, without an actual product released to the public, you would be buying right now on pure speculation the team can deliver on the tech promised in the whitepaper. If they can, I have faith that LINK can see a great level of success.

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Thank you.

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>shitposters have become shrewder in this time

Kek. It’s honestly amazing. It’s like watching psyops assasins be born in real time

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What if the price singularity is actually the price predictions on /biz/ and AB is actually a performance artist?

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Why the fuck do chainlink threads get so many dubs?

You fuckers are up to something, aren't you.

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chaos levels high

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i don't know how dumb are you?

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Sure thing, quadquad

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How do I convince my norm ass friends chain is the future? I don't want to be the only millionaire, enjoying my vast wealth in silence, I want my table filled with comrades and merriment.

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nice digits bro

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These digits don't lie. I believe!

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is this a screencap of the crypto market? why bdoes it look so fucking familiar

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uh- guys, unironically still no one has said anything to convince me it won’t.

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okay motherfucker, if LINK really has the potential to go absolutely parabolic and reach the lofty ass price of $1000 then I'll buy 12 right now. And im gonna hold them. but i'm gonna screenshot this and come back to biz in 2020 to call you a dumb faggot.

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You can’t. I told my friends about link and they still chase green candles of shitcoins. They care more about what will be posted on coinbase next instead of fundamentals.

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deal, satan

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might want to get on that

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nobody can OP. LINK is the ultimate investment right now.

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I ran into Sergey in the bank yesterday, it was not what I expected. Before I realized it was him, I was standing behind him in line, he was on his phone. He was talking really loudly, especially for being in a bank. People were giving him looks and I saw an elderly woman roll her eyes and shake her head right at him. He was next in line, the teller called "Next!" - but he didn't hear her since he was on the phone, and he said something like, "Well, tell those fucking losers on biz to buy more Chainlink then! We'll do another fucking fork if we have too." I did a double take, he made eye contact with me, and said, "Sorry, important business matters, you wouldn't understand." By now the teller had come to the other side of the desk to tell him to come over. I noticed his bottom buttons unbottoned, and his stomach hung out of his shirt as he bent over to pickup his lunchbox. As he lumbered over to the window, he was breathing heavily, starting to sweat. He had a Big Mac wrapper stuck to the bottom of his shoe, and snubbed an elderly man when he tried to tell him. He got to the window, I heard him ask, "So do you guys take deposits in Bitcoin?" The teller looked at him weird, and replied, "No sir, we don't." He scoffed, threw his hands in the air, "Well, you'll be out of a job soon I bet! As he took his iPhone 4s, "This is going to take your job Chang Lee!" She was disgusted. I saw her name tag, it clearly said Emily, and she tried to ignore him. She put a paper on the counter, and said "Have a good day sir." He snorted, "Yeah, I'll have a great day, since I have more money in Bitcoins than you'll ever see." And he started to lumber out. I saw security at the door with his hand on his gun, watching Sergey. Sergey looked up and chortled. He saw I was watching him, and he gave me a smirk and said, "Hey kid, you want some real investment advice? Buy Mobius." And he left.

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teach me

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I missed out on ETH because I honestly thought 16 was the highest it would ever hit, but I'm not going to miss out again.

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somebody check me

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You can't even move them out of a wallet with 12 nigga

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Why would literally any reputable firm trust some shitcoin developed by a complete nobody for "muh decentralized oracles" when centralized data providers like Google are likely 100x more efficient/skilled at delivering the necessary data?

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You realize Sergey is literally the second coming of Christ right? You're only proving my point by persecuting him.

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If this shitcoin died for 3 days 90% of you linkmarines would panic sell anyways you complete faggots.

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You know nothing of our brotherhood

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It already has newfag...

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this is all irrelevant anyways because LINK is going absolutely nowhere lmao

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But anon I've never done anything but buy more...

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You think someone that has held steady through the days of DGB will simply sell?

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no, but asserting that there's an overlap of DGB and LINK holders really doesn't do much to bolster your credibility among the wider cryptocommunity

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What if you're a faggot and LINK will be unironically 10k by 2021?

Marketcap is a meme. Crypto having a babby 3 trillion marketcap is a meme. Crypto will be 10 trillion Marketcap soon.

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It's honestly only shilled on an Albanian Cookie Baking forum. Outside of this place it is unknown.