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Im literally fucked. My father, who was supporting me and paying my bills all this time is now dead. Im in college full time, so i cant work.
I only have 400 dollars i was trying to save. What should I do? Can someone here help me?
God help me.

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>My father, who was supporting me and paying my bills all this time is now dead
Erh, if your father died you have bigger problems than college money right?

Jeez, and I thought I was autistic.

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What year in college are you? If you're a junior or about to become one, just take on loans. You'll be far better off. If you're a incoming freshman or sophomore you best get a job. Why would you let your father support you like that anyways? I, personally, would feel like shit.

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No, you guys dont get it. Here where i live, the college is free, but i need to pay my house, water, eletricity, food, these kind of things.
I dont care about my father, he used to beat my mother and suddenly he started to pretend he was the nice guy.

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You can use student loans for that. That's part of your education.

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Get a job, faggot.

Work 20-30 hrs per week and eat cheap food. Practically everyone that I knew during undergrad had a part time job.

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Who gives a fuck what he did.
That's your fucking father.

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I dont want to take loans but i cant work either because college takes all my time.
There is no other solution?

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I cant, man, i have classes all day long.

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I think I found a picture of OP. Explains a lot doesn't it?

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He stabbed my mother in the belly when i was 3 years old.
You have no idea how much i hated him.
He is the reason i dont trust people.

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Then work nights lazy faggot

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>He stabbed my mother in the belly when i was 3 years old.

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>that's your father
just because he used to fuck OP's mother back in the day, that doesn't make him automatically a respectable person above judgment. If my father had hurt my mother, I wouldn't give a flying fuck about him.

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/biz/ is not -

Social security, etc

Try those.

Post sob story there, but leave out part about hating him, etc for maximum sympathy.

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>There is no other solution?
What fucking place do you live where your schooling takes up 40 hours? "Official" full-time in the states is around twenty hours max (assuming you don't go above and beyond).

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And who is asking you to give me money, faggot, im only asking people to give me advices about what to do.

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No inheritance, OP?

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>Im in college full time, so i cant work

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Here in Brazil we have this "Full time college" which means basically that we have no fixed time for the classes, they change every week and there is something like 2 or 3 hours between every class.
Its impossible to get a job this way.
I dont want to drop out because im a 3rd year already.

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Sorry for ya
I wouldnt be here posting in /biz/ if I were you

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Hey OP, what about inheritance? Will you get any? Any family you can turn to?

What are you studying? Is it possible to get a remote job where you work from home with your own schedule?

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Brazilian faggot here also. Where do you study, OP?

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Also, yeah it sucks. I study engineering in Brazil. It's full time with no time left to work anywhere. You basically just start working in the last year as an intern (that if you can get a job) or in one of the university's lab.

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get a part time job. It won't kill you. In fact, you'll be a better, more well adjusted person by the time you graduate.

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read >>765715

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So, you don't want free money, but don't want a job, but don't wanna drop out?

Online work or online business or side business.
Met a lot of Brazillian bitches who lap up that Herbalife bullshit.
Make fucking empanandas or some shit and go door to door, Veado...

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haha wut?

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better start sucking dicks by night.

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Empanadas. Fucking spellchecker...

Failing that, go to Brazillian beach and film assessment in G-Strings all day erryday to put on youtube.

How big is the house?
Can it be part rented to gullible western faggots like me who don't know what a good price is on Airbnb?

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Did your dad leave any money? Will you be getting an inheritance? You could try and finish up the semester by leaving your living situation right now and couch surfing, then taking some time off from school until you get your inheritance.

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1.bet your $400 on Barca winning the UCL.

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>Im in college full time, so i cant work.

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I go to school full time and work part time too. Don't be a little bitch.

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All of this.
I'm not sure if you've been paying attention, but unless you had the fortune of being born into a rich family, it's pretty much a given that our generation has to work and go to school full-time.

Why don't you tell everyone in your classes about how you don't have time to get a part time job, you'll probably get laughed right off campus.

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Do you retards know how to read?


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Switch to part time you poor fag.

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Hope he doesnt have a mortgage, sell the house for what you can get, finish college with whats left. survive for 4 months after selling, move in with someone.... Work full time faggot it aint that hard

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Also claim you used the money you got from the house to pay off loans...

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>i dont care about my father
>doesnt have a problem letting him support you
>cant afford a free degree
you dont deserve to go to school

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work fucking nightshift. yes there are places who need workers at 3AM. sleep between classes. take out loans. dont fucking whine about it

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>Here in Brazil we have this "Full time college" which means basically that we have no fixed time for the classes, they change every week and there is something like 2 or 3 hours between every class.

If you have 2 or 3 hours gaps then use that to take naps and get a job working at night when there's no classes, you don't have classes at 2am , right? If your Full time college 7 days a week? what' about weekends, you can work on those days too. If that means no time to play, then too bad.

I have worked over 30 hours on the weekend alone between 2 pt jobs. It wasn't easy but doable.

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Jesus Christ fucking spellchecker.

'film asses in G-strings'

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sell the house, move in with other people. the money should last until you finish you education.

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It doesn't work like that.

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You're just being lazy. Get a job in the evenings or work out times that suits you. You know, instead of just coming home and posting on 4chan

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Jesus fuck, go get a job dude. Maybe buy a cheap beater car and park it on campus and live in it, until you get your shit straight.

The fact you don't give a fuck about your old man, when he was supporting your worthless NEET ass speaks volumes about what a piece of shit you are.

Can't be a NEET watching chinese cartoons forever. Gotta grow up sometime.

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Dude.. I understand being a full time student means that you are really busy. But I've held down a job through half of high school and all of college. It can be done.

Do you have any other family members in the immediate area who can take you in? Did your father not have a life insurance policy?

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This. >>765687 You are an absolute fucking idiot.

I've worked with brazilians before they're shit.

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If you put it this way, you will be dead far earlier if you don't get a job to pay for living expenses
the college don't have to do shit for you

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As Tyler the Creator once told me, "Going to college and being all miserable and shit when at the end, who's there? You."

Or something like that. You were too dependent on other people, OP. Now you gon learn today.

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>no savings
>no life insurance
kek, your dad was a mong

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Hue hue, never had a problem. I'm sure they thought the same of you.

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