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Anyone know where I could get Bitcoins easy, without hassle?

And another thing while we're at it, what the fuck is the point of this system?

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>Baby's first shill thread
That's adorable

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throw yourself head first into a fucking wood chipper you fucking faggot

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I thought maybe it was a legit question and I thought it was ironic that someone was advertising on this very board what OP was apparently looking for.

If it was such an obvious shill, why did you faggots both bump the thread?

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The shilling is so obvious, it doesn't matter.

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1. Bitcoin ATMs if you live in a big city
2. Localbitcoins
3. Circle, Coinbase
4. Exchanges

>what the fuck is the point of this system?
Point of what system?

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>And another thing while we're at it, what the fuck is the point of this system?

The point of shitcoins (to include buttcoin) is to prey on the natural tendency of people to be illogical about 'free' things. Behavioral economists have shown that people stop making good economic decisions when things are or appear to be free.

If you tell a sperglord that he can have free things that one day might be worth something, but only if other sperglords also want the free thing, he will begin mining shitcoins and also begin evangelizing everywhere on the internet to encourage other NEETs.

It's a nerd pyramid scheme.

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Wow this sounds like an informed post made by a top quality poster

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>I don't have a rebuttal but still need to feel better about my emotional and monetary investment in something with no value, The Post.

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If you don't understand a system don't answer retarded questions and try to learn it if you have the intellectual capability, you retarded faggot.

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This man is right. Face it, 99% of people who went into BTC (myself included, for the lels), didn't do it cause they're so amazed by technology. 99.9% didn't even bother to check out a single line of code in the source.

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Bitonic if you're dutch.

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>I don't have a rebuttal but still need to feel better about my emotional and monetary investment in something with no value, The Post Part Deux

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>ywn be an early adapter in a ponzi scheme

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in short, they're used to fund online crime and transactions cant be tracked because theyre not governed by banks

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Nobody ever said Bitcoin was free you fucking imbecile. It costs $240 for one BTC right now and a lot of electricity costs to mine that BTC.

The only people who criticize bitcoin are morons who don't understand how amazing it is.

Enjoy your jew banker overlords

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It only matters if you cash out in time to get rich. Anyone still shilling buttcoin has long since missed the boat to sell their coins.

Your arguments are extremely persuasive. I'm really seeing your point of view.

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This is funny because you're dead serious.

Bitcoin won't disappear anytime soon. It's usefulness coupled by scarcity will force the market to determine it's price. As it becomes more useful because people accept it for goods and services or people program with it more people will want it.

Add the magic; decentralized, peer2peer and free to participate. It's the perfect currency for the internet.

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