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Linkies please explain to me what the fuck is this Price Singularity and why is it meant to be happening with link? Please don't be cunts on this, just explain it to me would be nice, thanks linkies

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It's a meme from the new cult of celebrity LARPer faggots who have popped up in the last couple of months.
/nubiz/ who can't be bothered to actually read anything need tripfags with "muh secret insider knowledge" to tell them bedtime stories about magical ChainLink events.
In other words it's /nubiz/ cancer and you should ignore it.

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its when chainlink becomes the top market cap with ethereum 2nd and bitcoin 3rd

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Nobody knows the time of the price singularity.
But when it happens, everyone will know.
All across the world, voices will echo "..what's wrong? Is everything ok?"
A few vehicular accidents will occur seemingly for no reason.
Several pilots, delivery drivers, and one pajeet who forgot to close a submarine hatch will all last be seen yelling at their phones.
Binance will crash. Everyone scrambling to buy LINKs will see 404.
Etherdelta will become so overwhelmed with traffic it will slow to a halt. It will become unusable.
The only orders that will happen will be buy orders that have already been placed.
LINK will reach unimaginably high prices within minutes.
Every noLINKer's eyes will watch. The tiny LINK cube on coinmarketcap will be reflected in their eyes.
However, the ones who knew...the ones who had heard, but didn't listen...
their cubes will be distorted by tears.
As these tears fall onto rapidly moving fingers that are refreshing binance or etherdelta multiple times,
Haunting music rings in their ears infinitely.
The harrowing noise of the bells causes the noLINKer's soul to shiver..and scream.
Biz will be filled with LINK memes. All threads will be titled "You had your chance."
Monitors will be smashed. Laptops broken in half. Weddings, family reunions, graduation ceremonies, and other social events across the world will be plagued by the audible cries of noLINKers who knew the path but didn't take it.
Their hopelessness crushes them inside, but they keep having to wageslave, and forcing a smile on their face every day to avoid ever being asked "what's wrong?" again will eat away at their sanity.
This soon becomes a worldwide phenomenon, and noLINKer syndrome will be added to DSM-V and heavily studied.
Most normies will continue enjoying their playpens.
But the ones who knew..
they will become uncomfortably intimate with despair..
For they know they missed the opportunity of a lifetime, and another precious path to freedom has disappeared forever.

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LINK is basically the coin for the boomers that believe in Q-Anon. So if that's your thing, then by all means, believe this bullshit too

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wrong. you just made all that up then thats just been the meme for a couple days, biz is hungry for memes atm and are getting attached to things strongly. this bear market is playing with peoples minds

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LINKfags believe that since the 2-man team led by a philosophy major addicted to Big Macs will not release any news until they have a working product. They have been duped into believing that any announcement of partnerships will not be allowed until the release of working mainnet, and network of decentralized oracles due to NDAs. Nolinkers will then FOMO in hard, but all low sell orders will be pulled, so they have to keep placing buy orders at higher and higher prices, until they hit the LINKfags' desired sell point. This will apparently happen within a short period of time.

Of course, this is all moot, as the price of LINK will never exceed the price of a Big Mac, as that would defeat the purpose of this coin.

Praise kek and Jason Parser

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>trump likes LINK

thanks just sold 100K

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So I am not even going to get an answer, even if it not real or going to happen, what the fuck is it for fuck sakes?

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Sorry did not read all of this because just seen the big Mac shit at the start, didn't it have something to do with banks buying a bulk of link at a higher price before it hit exchanges with fiat or some shit?

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Assblaster's deluded worshippers believe that all involved institutions and big speculators bought LINK under the counter from exchanges, reducing supply and causing the December spike. This reduction of supply and the subsequent FOMO by both large institutions and nolinkers upon release/announcements will both contribute to the theoretical price singularity.

This is ridiculous as it has all been priced in due to Assblaster's larping and the shadowfork in mid-January.

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The Singularity will occur only if SWIFT or large financial institutions publicly announced their use of the network. This will cause rampant FOMO and speculation to occur providing an overnight 10x.

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Checked and kek'd
also adding to that, the LINK used for staking or pooling would decrease selling pressure. So the fabled price singularity is based on a number of factors coming together, over a period of time. But linkies like to have fun and shill that it will be like this fucking overnight singularity to $50-100

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It is when it drop to 'single' digits or near zero when people realise that smatcontract nodes can use ethereum to stake instead of a shitty token sold as link as an ico funraiser and made a fetish object by new fags after old fags shilled them into buying their bags of shitcoin that failed to moon because its actually irrelevant to smartcontracts

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sounds about right

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what is this new fangled fud today?

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True, but like Trump there’s now value in the brand. That might be enough

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salty cucks spreading FUD who missed out on refilling their bags with more LINK not thinking it was going to take off. The are preying on stupid nubiz poorfags to panic and sell so they have more